Saturday, June 30, 2007

Episode Thirty: Today's Events & Summing Up The Book of June

The ''Today's Events''

Today, we only have 1 class, and that's the Large Ensemble. We were the ones who chose to transfer to the other section. I thought that we will have a very strict conductor, but it turned out to be the other way. Our professor was kind, and he was graduating next year. He told us that if the Coro Tomasino, a Chorale group in our college, will not accept his request, we, the transferees from the bigger group, will go next year to Boracay -- all expenses paid, to sing in his graduation stuff thingy! Nice, huh?! ^_^ good thing we changed classes. A thing we hope for is that we will be chosen. (\\Side comment: Sorry, I know it has too many commas; but all the information was flowing so fast so... I couldn't get rid of the commas.) That's the most significant event for today. ^_^

Summing Up The Book of June

Man, it was very hard for me to continue writing daily for my blog when classes started; but with God's grace, I was still able to write in this Blog. I hope that in the Next month, I'll be able to have more free time -- a real free time, so that I can keep on writing episodes on The Adventures of... Mondie!

In Conclusion... The monthly conclusion ^_^

Life is so unpredictable. You'll never know if you'll forget something and lack something. I hope that in the next book, I will learn a new lesson. ^_^

\\Side comment

Man, this episode is so... short T_T Doesn't matter, at least I get to share my insights ^_^

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