Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode Twenty-Nine: Freshmen Walk

I totally forgot...

Ack, I forgot that there was going to be a test today.. T_T I only remembered when I remembered what our first subject was -- Filipino. Sigh.. I super crammed my way, and well, I sort of remember a few things. When our teacher went in, I felt fear deep within: what if we're going to take the test now? I'm not yet ready!! T_T She started announcing stuff about a concert next Friday, telling us that we have to pay 150 pesos for the ticket. I thought she forgot about the test, but she didn't. She asked us to get a whole sheet of paper, and the test has already started.

A very bad distraction

While we were taking the test, I looked at the questions -- I remembered all the answers. As I was recalling the answers that I have inside my brain, I heard a very familiar tune from outside -- it was the mario overworld theme. I totally forgot what I had inside my brain, and started remembering my mario moments. T_T BAAAAAAD!! Well, at least I still got a few answers out of my head, but that distraction was very distracting. T_T After Filipino, we waited for the next professor, but she didn't arrive. We went out to eat then.

Aww, No Mabsy's!

Sadly, we didn't eat at Mabsy's. We ate at the expensive McDonald's. The food was.. oh so expensive. 60 Pesos only gives you a cup of rice, a small chicken fillet, and a big soft drink. I didn't feel full T_T. Anyway, I won't eat there again.. i hope. ^_^

The Freshmen Walk

I thought the walk would really start at 3:30; it did, but we were second to the last in line. It simple means that we started walking more than an hour later. T_T It was so warm, and the people were noisy. But at least we got chairs, and I got an umbrella. ^_^

The Mass

I didn't want to attend the mass. I'm a Christian, not a Catholic. But I respect whatever they do, I just don't want to join in on their ritual stuffs that contradict with our teachings. I didn't want to have communion in a Catholic church, but me seatmate keeps on inviting. I thought he knew that I was a christian, and so I just said no without a reason. ANYWAY, I got absolutely hungry when it was the time for the mass; I was so hungry, that after the mass, I was running while walking, rushing to SM San Lazaro to meet my mom at Kenny Roger's to eat food.

In Conclusion...

Today, I have failed God. I didn't tell my seatmate that I am a Christian, and that I am devoted to our church, a christian church. A song actually made me remember: "I'll tell the world, that I'm a Christian, I'll take Him with me, everywhere." I hope I can take Him with me everywhere and tell all the people that I'll meet that I'm a Christian, without any doubt.

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