Saturday, June 16, 2007

Episode Sixteen: Absolutely Tiring

Showcase Of Talents

Today was just like other days -- no classes. The sadder thing is, Today's class was supposed to start at 8:00am; so again, I woke up early just to find out that I don't have calsses. But anyway, I met new friends again today; sorry, I forgot their names O_O;. Nevertheless, I kept on talkingto them, asking what their majors were, how long were they studying, and many more. One of them -- Medz was her name, I think, went off to play the piano. Wow, she plays really good! All the notes are.. clear O_O. I had a great time watching as she played on the piano. Oh, how I wish that I can be able to play like she does. Medz asked me to play something, but I didn;t want to play anything because I'm shy yet once more. After a few nudges and pleases, I gave in. I played the crappy Turkish March first -- It's crappy because its not clear, i have inconsistent tempo/speed, but fast. Then I played the Polonaise Militaire; after which, she was amazed. But I wasn't happy with how I played. I don't want to boast or anything, I just want to criticize myself. ^_^ Again, I played on different tempos; I hit the correct notes, but I don't have dynamics in them; and also, I'm not following the pedal marks pretty much. A few minutes after playing, some person went in and shooes us away, telling us that there was no class today; Oh WAIT! That was the one who told me yesterday that we have classes for Today! How nice O_o.

Problem: Where Do I eat?

I really don't know where to eat today. I'm too tired to think on where to eat, so I just went to school. When I got there, I saw the Eat Fresh Hong Kong style Noodles; so, I bought one and decided to eat that for lunch. I went to school today because I have a choir practice for the 90th anniversary again. Well, I just sat down at the Yutiam hall and played a while. I also edited something on my 2nd unnamed composition. A few moments later, my batchmates started coming in. Well, we had a few words with each other, and we somehow updated each other with our own college lives. A few moments later, we headed over to the music room and practiced. Nothing interesting happened after that.. I think. ^_^ I'm so sorry, I just don't remember anything already, It's been more than 5 days already!

In Conclusion...

Today has been very tiring, but I have to go to all of my commitments. Sigh, I wish my commitments wouldn't be on 1 day; It's very tiring. I hope that God will bless me throughout my life. ^_^

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