Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode Twenty-Eight: I'm All Out of Cash


According to our vice president, Harry Santos, as in Pinoy Pop Superstar Harry Santos, the LCD projector installed in our class is functioning. It did work, but when we have started discussing, the LCD projector was malfunctioning. Sigh, I thought I'll just be copying today; but then again, I did the listen-write method. It was so tiring that I was already sleepy before the class ended. Oh, I forgot about the good news, no Theology this Tuesday!! Yay ^_^ As we were waiting for the elevator to go down to the first floor, where our classroom in English was located, I noticed that there was a lot of people waiting for the elevator, so I asked a few of my classmates if they want to join me as we walk our way down the stairs. They didn't want to join me, telling me that the elevator was faster than using the stairs. We argued for a moment and ended with a competition -- the person who gets to the first floor first will win. Well, I started walking down the stairs (literally) and when I got to the first floor, they weren't there yet. I won!! ^_^ They were shocked that I was first -- and I was only walking! ^_^

The Handsome Boy Named Kim by Willy Valois

We were discussing about how books are organized in the library today. Kim Cruz was the first to answer, and so, he was the star of the show today. All examples, side comments, re-enactments, and jokes all direct to him. One example is the usage of his name in an example of a book -- that's the subtitle up there. As we were making high-pitched noises, the professor made a side comment that's something like this:"There's a lot of people in the world named Kim. (Then he looks at Kim) Oh, your name is Kim?! What a coincidence!" And all of us laughs. One more good news from this class, no class on Saturdays because its the day of the proclamation of gov't officials, and our professor is actually a gov't official, so he won't be able to teach us on Saturday; he gave us an assignment though. Anyway, after the class, I headed over to Shoe Mart to buy an Internet card.

No Money!!

After walking around SM San Lazaro for a few times, I finally found a place where I can buy an Internet card. After buying it, I decided to go home; but as I looked inside my coin purse and counted the money, all I had was enough for 1 jeepney trip -- I need 2 jeepney trips in order to get home. I was very problematic at that time, thinking if I should walk the 2 kms just to get on 1 jeep home or if I should just pay 5 pesos on each ride; after approximately 8 mins of mental arguing, I decided to go to my mom's office instead. I walked 45% of the way, and it was scorching... T_T But anyway, at least I got to my mom's office, got money for me to go home. whew! ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today God taught me a lesson -- always check before you buy. I didn't know that I only have 110 pesos today, and I thought that the Internet card was only 90 pesos. I shouldn't have exact money; I should always have an excess so that I won't walk home. ^_^ Thanks God!

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