Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode Twenty-Seven: Philippine History

He was 'Present'

It was 10:30, the time for my minor. I went up to the 6th floor, because that's where my minor was supposed to be. I saw no teacher inside our room; instead, I see two students practicing. I went down to ask the office if he was around, they said yes he is present. But I can't find him anywhere -- the studio, the faculty room, even the dean's office. I finally gave up, since it was already time for our next subject, Philippine History.

Acting Dean

I actually thought that Ms. Fulle will not teach Philippine History forever, but I thought wrong. She came in, and all of us stood up. She complimented that -- good thing. Well, we sat down, and she started explaining what were were to expect from the subject, and what she expects from us. This was the rule that made me drop my jaws a bit: Do not talk. She wanted peace and quiet, I suppose, but that was too strict. :( After the class, I went out to eat.

You see?

As I was waiting for the elevator to arise from the depths of our building, I saw 3 of my classmates. I invited them to come join me eat at Mabsy's; they didn't want to go there first, because it was too far for them; but because of my nudging and please-ing, I actually took them there. Well, we ate yummy food; and, well, they liked the place -- just as I expected. While I was ordering, I saw some of my other friends: Jason, Joshua, and Justin (WOW, All J's!) already eating. Food was yummy as expected. After eating we went back to our building for our next class, Rudiments of Music.

Another Early dismissal

Yesterday, the early dismissal was a bad thing, but today, it was good. I went to school and practiced a lot; now, I can play the passage without stopping. All I need to control the speed, and I'm finally done. ^_^

In Conclusion...

God gave me a strict teacher for a reason -- to make me study hard at her subject; most of the time, I do not listen to Philippine History, because the topics just keep on repeating through the years. Maybe this time I will listen, I just hope that I don't sleep at her subject. :)

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