Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode Twenty Four: That was a First!

Offertory Day

Yeah, today's offertory day; and because of this specially unique event, I am obliged to awaken from my slumbers earlier than I usually do. I should also arrive earlier for me to be able to practice yet once more. I got to Yutiam hall about 15 mins before people started coming in, so i had the chance to "perfect" my offertory piece.

Offertory No. 1

This was the first time I played clean on my first offertory. Well, maybe because I gave it all to God, not thinking of the comments of my friends, what they'll say to me. Good thing! I was happy for myself that I did a great job -- performing for Him. Well, anyway, after that, I proceeded to Joy.

Distracted, or Nervous?

I went to Joy early to check the Singspiration stuff. Aaron was having a hard time with asong, so I tried to help him out. Well, As it turns out, I feel somehow that I am the one causing him to commit a mistake. Aaron, if ever you read this, please comment on it. LOL Anyway, the Singspiration was quite off-atmosphere -- could it be my fault? I guess I shouldn't help; instead, I will just sit down with the audience, and sing along. :) But nevermind, at least, I helped - I think. After Joy, Anthony Hia then dragged me to Care group.

Care Group - we love to care ^_^

Our care group this time is unique; we have visitors in our group. The first one was Vanessa -- we just invited her to join us, and good thing she said Yes :). The next visitor was Kristine.. she went to us just to say hello, but we invited her in.. >:) Joshua came in late today, because of his "school works". Oh yeah, I remembered laughing at him, because he has a lot of "assignments" while I don't. Anyway, we talked about the verse for this week -- ack, I forgot the verse. Anyway, Anthony hia was discussing about the First few verses when I needed to go back to church for my 2nd Offertory Session.

Offertory 2nd Time

Before I was to play my Offertory piece, achi pat showed me the work of Emmanuel Limsiong, and as I looked at it, it made me think about my compositions: Why don't I write my compositions? -- This was the biggest factor of my failure in my second Offertory Play. I had lost my concentration, the zeal, I even got absent-minded at some time. sigh... bad. :( After playing, I proceeded again to Yutiam Hall, just to find out that the Joy Melo Practice has already ended because I only see Aaron and a few people.

Practice for the Next Offertory

Aaron played the Offertory song that I was going to sing in the near future, and well... I sang along of course. Even if he sometimes stops in the middle of a very interesting part, it's ok with me because I know that that piece is hard to play and that he is doing his best to play as I sing. I pray that God will help him to master the piece as soon as possible, and to be able to play it how the composer would like to play it.

In Conclusion...

Today God has been rampant in everything -- because it's a Sunday. Sigh, this week, the devo's are not stable, I'm now not having time to have quiet time.. That's VERY BAD!! :( I hope that God will help me, and that he will give me chances to have quiet time -- that I may know more about Him, His commands, and what He wants to happen in my life. ^_^

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