Friday, June 1, 2007

Book Two, Episode One: Things Didn't Come Out as I Have Expected

Aww, i thought i could download something!

After all the hardwork that i have done just to have the opportunity of borrowing the mp3 from my brother, all of it has gone down to the drain! T_T I borrowed the mp3 so that i could download sibelius 4, a music notation software -- to encode my compositions, and try it as soon as i get home, but when i went into the internet shop, plugged in the mp3 to the USB, i waited for something to pop out, but there was nothing. I tried in the other port but there was still nothing. I just planned to play but then again, there was something missing, its the headphones -- there was no headphones! But there was one thing that i was happy for -- i only got 30 mins of usage time, but i should've had an hour and 30 mins. Maybe because when i told the cashier on how long i was going to use their services, i think she only heard the 30 mins out of the "1 hour and 30 mins lang po(1 hour and 30 mins only please)" -- Good thing! ^_^ After all those 30 mins wasted, i payed for my time, and went into another shop.

How come they're here?

As i was waiting for the computer to start, i heard a very familiar voice. And just as i have expected, it was Ivan Arlantico, with his friends, playing pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online) It took me a few "Ivan"s before he noticed that i was there. O_O After that very coincidental event, i finally started playing. First was o2jam, then audition. When I was done playing, i watched Ivan play for approximately 1 min and 23 secs, and went to school to practice piano. Or did I? >:D

"Piano Practice"

I went to the Yutiam hall to practice for my piano lesson that i was going to have later, but I ended up editing my newly composed song -- the very sad one. Well, it turned out pretty nice, and i had no doubts whatsoever about editing it. After which, i practiced my offertory piece that I am supposed to play on Sunday. And just before i was about to go up, i practiced the Bach two-part invention that i was going to play later at my piano lesson.

The Piano Lesson

Achi pat listened to my offertory piece first in the church, then we proceeded to Yutiam hall for the Piano lesson proper. The lesson was quite short today, well, because she was needed upstairs by Mr. Ong, so, i had time again to edit my composition. But after a few moments, a new kind of song popped out of my mind. I started to play it and it sounded quite nice.. ^_^

Extreme Hunger O_o

I was suffering from extreme hunger when i was playing this new song, luckily, i had food in my bag ^_^. It has given me enough time to make the structure of the first theme of the newer song, and enough time to buy an Iced Tea from Wendy's -- i missed it's taste so i bought one even though its quite expensive.

In Conclusion...

Even if things didnt come out as i have expected today, they turned out to have good effects, thanks to God again for this wonderful miracle, to all those who are suffering from things not coming out as you have expected, i hope that God will also turn those events to a greater one -- a greater one that you can't imagine. ^_^

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