Saturday, June 2, 2007

Episode Two: A Close Shave

Searching for the Best DSL internet provider

Yep, that' what officially started the day. I looked for information about two ISPs, Globelines, and PLDT. And somehow, globelines is winning. There are less "(name of ISP) sucks!" topics that I'm getting from Globelines, well, maybe because they are just new in the Internet business... but i guess they're really good according to a lot of people, especially their Customer Service stuff ^_^. Later on, i found out that BayanTel also provides a good service. PLDT, on the other hand, sucks as they say it, but according to my sources -- a very reliable one, the reason why they "suck" at the moment is because they are changing from optic fibers to NGN fibers -- an extremely powerful kind of wire, which will be able to bring internet speeds to more than 2mbps ^_^. But sadly, their Customer Service sucks, and their repair crew is only few, so if you are having problems with your connection, it's going to take a LOT more time than others.

Allergic Reaction...

I had an allergic reaction (sneezing) for about 5 hours today, and I almost didnt want to go to school. The reason for the allergy? I don't know. And I dont want to know ^_^. Anyway, it got worse when i was about to get to school, as i get a glimpse of myself through a side mirror, I see a face that seems to be crying for more than 3 hours (LOL) and i can't stop looking at myself... Actually, people were looking at me as i was sniffing and sniffing -- they thought i was crying O_O. But anyway, i felt a little embarrassed. ^_^;

Ivan Arlantico... AGAIN?

I came to school early(just as i planned), and decided to go to the internet shop to play. So... i told the cashier how long i was going to play and sat down. After a few minutes of o2jam -- actually, 30 mins, I wanted to play Dance Battle Audition next(also called as Audition in our place ^_^). I looked for the icon of the game, but i found nothing; so, i stood up, carrying my bag, and went to the counter. And guess what? Ivan's there again, playing! But he's playing FlyFF(Fly For Fun Ph.) now. And this is what I did -- it's pretty awkward for me to do that, but i did it: I pushed his head as if I'm pushing a wall O_O;. Why did I do that? Maybe because, I don't want the same thing to happen again(calling him a few times before he actually responds) so... i think that's the reason ^_^. And so, i played audition and met this female character, and we played a few games as partners( I forgot what mode that was ) But anyway, I had a great time playing. After an hour and 30 mins, I'm done playing. I was contented and ready to leave the place. And so i did -- after paying for my game-time. ^_^

Practice Makes Perfect!

Well, as I left the internet shop, i noticed that my allregic reaction had already dissipated. There was no need for me to *sniff* at last ^_^. As i was heading towards school/church, i wanted to buy a Banana Cue -- it's a Banana deep fried with brown sugar sprinkled on it. But sadly, I wasn't able to buy one T_T. Anyway, i arrived at the church, and Achi Pat started to listen to my offertory piece, "Sun of My Soul". She told me that the only part that sounded quite wrong was the last part -- and she was right. I'ts very hard actually, because of the octaves that you have to press with your left hand, and the 4-note chords with your right, but with God's grace, I was able to play it nicely -- just once though ^_^. After that, we headed on to the music room.

"Secret" Practice

When we were on our way to the music room, i really, really wanted to tell achi Pat that i want to practice at the yutiam hall, but i was too shy to do that. -_- Well, while I was in the music room already, I went down, discreetly, to go practice at the Yutiam hall; but all i did was to furnish the new composition... After the "secret" practice, i made my way to the music room in a discreet manner again. It was so hard to get unnoticed by people! I had to hide as i saw them -- and i started to wonder myself why i was doing that. But anyway, i had a nice time of playing "spy" for a few minutes.. LOL

In Conclusion

Today is somewhat a close shave, i might have not been able to go to choir practice today if my allergic reaction didn't disappear, but praise God, it faded away like a bubble. And God has made me realize again that I should trust Him, and He will guide me. ^_^

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Charmaine said...

That is SO true... PLDT's customer service really does suck... as in halos one month na kaming nag cocomplain tska nila inayos... hay, buti n lng working na internet connection namin ngaun and it doesnt suck so much anymore kaya we wont be switching... :D