Friday, June 15, 2007

Episode Fifteen: Aww, They Did it Again!

Just as Expected

Just last Wednesday, the first day of classes, today was like no other -- it was worse than I expected. When I woke up today, my brain still feels tired; but I had no choice -- I had to go to school to attend my classes. When I got there, I saw Synthia sitting all alone(Aww, How sad) Anyway, I talked to her and we were actually having fun chatting. About 30 mins later, our teacher finally came. She was quite excited to teach if I'm not mistaken, but as she looked again in our "room of distress," she just looked and told us that we'll just have our Filipino subject next week because she doesn't want to go into the Recital Hall 2 again -- which is actually warm inside. After telling us the very tragic decision, we rejoiced -- and felt bad at the same time. Why, you may ask? Because it's another waste of time. All of our efforts of waking up early have gone down the drain -- for the second time. We then went to the conservatory of music office to ask if we have Philippine History, Rudiments of Music, and Solfeggio(sight-singing stuff). They said that there will be no Philippine History, Rudiments of Music, except solfeggio. Oh man, my man!(Black American Accent) That was about 5 hours away from the current time at that time! What am I going to do? T_T Well, after a few seconds of mind-blowing, breath-taking, and cereal-killing thinking, I decided to go eat.

The Search for A new 'dining' Experience

I invited Synthia to go eat - a place where we will have a new 'dining' experience. After nearly being lost outside the University campus, we ended up at 7-11. As we scavenging for food -- to buy and eat of course, I noticed the Slurpee machine. It's magnificent, elegant design, the rubberized -- or was is plasticized lever; and finally, the oozing red-colored Slurpee, carrying the name of: "Mountain Dew:Code Red". Ack! Enough of the Slurpee machine! O_O We grabbed food - it was Tocino, my favorite, and went over to the counter to pay for it; After that, we heated the food and started eating. After eating while standing for about 2 minutes, we found a better place to eat. I finished eating 7 mins earlier than she did, so I sort of looked around -- and found nothing of interest.

Overcoming Shyness

This has always been my problem when I'm just new in some place. I always get shy on asking people -- and that has happened today. I needed to ask the office on when was the scheduling of brass majors/minors. I got really shy, and it took me a lot of time before I actually went in front of their office and ask the question. After just a few mins, this guy handed me a paper for me to sign. I actually wanted to take the 10:00am - 10:30 slot in the morning, but I ended up signing for the 10:30am - 11:00am slot. Anyway, because I was so happy that I have already scheduled my minor subject, I forgot to ask who was my teacher, and what room were we going to meet. Silly me @_@

In Conclusion...

Today is another one of those days wherein I needed God. My, I remember Him only at times when I need Him -- that's bad. I must be way too excited to meet new friends that I forgot that at the end of the day, God will be the one to decide if I will have a new friend or not. I must trust Him, I must believe in Him. "Go mondie! ^_^"

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