Sunday, June 3, 2007

Episode Three: The Big Day

Ack, I shouldn't have practiced!

I woke up early today just to practice my offertory piece for the two services of the church today. Well, as soon as I finished my practice, I felt very confident of my playing, or so I think I was confident of my playing. >:) Anyway, I ate my breakfast and quickly went to church -- to practice once more. When I finally got to the church, I opened my bag to look for my score -- Lo, and behold! There was no blue clear book, there was no score! I started panicking by -- well, by practicing it without any score, trying to memorize it. When achi pat arrived, I swiftly told her without hesitation that I forgot my score, because I practiced at home! After a few words of scolding, she went up to get the original score from her sister's office (I think). THANK GOD!! ^_^ She told me that it was a good thing that she didn't take it up to her room at the 4th floor, because if she did, she wouldn't know where it was. I told achi pat my many thanks, and practiced once more. After which, we started to practice for our anthem today in the worship service, "Know My Heart".

"I'm going to be late for our practice!"

I told these words to Jerry Hia, because I have to play in the offertory later, and we also need to practice for the Singspiration on Joy today. After I have spoken such words, he made pretty awkward and funny grin, which got me quite confused. He replied, "It's okay, I'm going to be late too, see? (Pointing to his polo)" Yeah! It looked like he was going to be in the offertory today as a messenger ^_^. Well, I guess I won't have problem on that part now.

No Tenors? >_<

When we were about to sing the anthem, I suddenly noticed that there were only 2 tenors. That's bad! Ack, I don't want to sing tenor without any practice >_<. But thank God, I still sang the bass part. ^_^

Offertory: 1st Try

My first offertory was quite bad. I skipped about 3 measures, but I was actually reading them! O_O Maybe because I was thinking about some other things while playing, such as the tempo, the balance of the left and right hand, and the pedal. And I think the biggest factor was my friends.. LOL. They made me more nervous. ^_^

CareGroup Confusion

After Joy Fellowship, there's always a gathering of people called as the care group. It's where people meet with their Counselors to discuss on their problems and other things. I am a member of Anthony Hia's group. And frankly, I wanted to join them, but actually, I'm avoiding him, I don't know why. Maybe because... I don't trust him yet. Unlike Dino Hia and Jerry Hia, I haven't spent a long time with Anthony Hia, making me shyer to open up. Oh I suddenly remembered something. We were asked to draw a "unique" family tree. And I drew a Fire type of family tree -- my parents being the center of the fire, and we, the children on the outermost fire. Our group counselor told us that while we were drawing our "unique" family trees, we don't know that we're thinking subconsciously about what kind of tree we are to draw. And he was right. After a few moments, I finally thought about what the fire meant -- it was hard to be 'close' with us, most especially me! ^_^. It's like a fire, if you're not like us, you'll burn! >:)

Offertory: 2nd try

My second offertory was very smooth. I played it nicely and how I wanted it. And it proved my theory, that my friends were causing me all the nervousness therefore making me lose concentration and commit mistakes. >:)

In Conclusion...

Today is a day of surprises, and doubts. I should have talked with Anthony hia about my doubts, but I only kept it to myself. Sigh, I surely hope that God will help me find people that I can trust and people that I must avoid.

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haha di na pala buzz group tawag dun? halata tagal ko nang di nagjojoy... :D