Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Episode Nineteen: Late Realization


It was just today that I realized that I only have one subject in the morning. It was only theology. After Theology, the Kim group went out to eat at Mabsy's again. Yummy food I suppose ^_^. After that we parted ways without even knowing ourselves O_O. Anyway, I saw Syntia just standing there.. sad ^_^. We sat for a while, with a few friends around, and played the word game again. ^_^ After that, I invited her to go to the Library, to the Filipinana section. Well, when we got there, she grabbed a book about some poems, and I started writing Episode Fifteen and Sixteen. I needed to go by 11:30 to go to the SSHS little reunion. We went down to the Music Library. As we entered the Music Library, I saw Kim and some of his friends on the second floor. We climbed up, and I helped Syntia find the book she needed for our assignment in Music Listening. After that, I went over to Kim's and chatted with them for a while. After that again, I went out to go to the "party" already.

The "Party"

I was walking towards McDonalds because that's where the party is supposed to be. But good thing that Kristine and Anabelle was there, and they told me that the party venue was moved to the place where there was the dynamic fountain. After buying food for lunch, we headed over to the place, and we saw a lot of friends. Well, we chatted a while, and I ate a while. The party was short -- maybe because I came in late, 1 hour late. Anyway, when it ended, I went back to the Library and didn't find Kim anymore, but Syntia was still there. I sat down there and chatted with her. I left when P.E. was drawing near. I first went to our building, and found some classmates. We chatted a while and then I went to the Annex Gym already. I was kind of late.

The "P.E."

P.E. wasn't P.E. It was the orientation of the students to the IPEA dept. Then, we went over to the Gym to practice the cheers because we are the host for the upcoming UAAP. It was so hot in there, my handkerchief got absolutely drenched in sweat. T_T Anyway, after the cheer stuff, I went to buy Zagu and went home.

In Conclusion...

Today, God has been always there, thinking of me, and always there to support me. I thank Him for that wonderful opportunity to meet Him, and I hope more people will meet Him too and turn to Him.

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