Saturday, June 30, 2007

Episode Thirty: Today's Events & Summing Up The Book of June

The ''Today's Events''

Today, we only have 1 class, and that's the Large Ensemble. We were the ones who chose to transfer to the other section. I thought that we will have a very strict conductor, but it turned out to be the other way. Our professor was kind, and he was graduating next year. He told us that if the Coro Tomasino, a Chorale group in our college, will not accept his request, we, the transferees from the bigger group, will go next year to Boracay -- all expenses paid, to sing in his graduation stuff thingy! Nice, huh?! ^_^ good thing we changed classes. A thing we hope for is that we will be chosen. (\\Side comment: Sorry, I know it has too many commas; but all the information was flowing so fast so... I couldn't get rid of the commas.) That's the most significant event for today. ^_^

Summing Up The Book of June

Man, it was very hard for me to continue writing daily for my blog when classes started; but with God's grace, I was still able to write in this Blog. I hope that in the Next month, I'll be able to have more free time -- a real free time, so that I can keep on writing episodes on The Adventures of... Mondie!

In Conclusion... The monthly conclusion ^_^

Life is so unpredictable. You'll never know if you'll forget something and lack something. I hope that in the next book, I will learn a new lesson. ^_^

\\Side comment

Man, this episode is so... short T_T Doesn't matter, at least I get to share my insights ^_^

Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode Twenty-Nine: Freshmen Walk

I totally forgot...

Ack, I forgot that there was going to be a test today.. T_T I only remembered when I remembered what our first subject was -- Filipino. Sigh.. I super crammed my way, and well, I sort of remember a few things. When our teacher went in, I felt fear deep within: what if we're going to take the test now? I'm not yet ready!! T_T She started announcing stuff about a concert next Friday, telling us that we have to pay 150 pesos for the ticket. I thought she forgot about the test, but she didn't. She asked us to get a whole sheet of paper, and the test has already started.

A very bad distraction

While we were taking the test, I looked at the questions -- I remembered all the answers. As I was recalling the answers that I have inside my brain, I heard a very familiar tune from outside -- it was the mario overworld theme. I totally forgot what I had inside my brain, and started remembering my mario moments. T_T BAAAAAAD!! Well, at least I still got a few answers out of my head, but that distraction was very distracting. T_T After Filipino, we waited for the next professor, but she didn't arrive. We went out to eat then.

Aww, No Mabsy's!

Sadly, we didn't eat at Mabsy's. We ate at the expensive McDonald's. The food was.. oh so expensive. 60 Pesos only gives you a cup of rice, a small chicken fillet, and a big soft drink. I didn't feel full T_T. Anyway, I won't eat there again.. i hope. ^_^

The Freshmen Walk

I thought the walk would really start at 3:30; it did, but we were second to the last in line. It simple means that we started walking more than an hour later. T_T It was so warm, and the people were noisy. But at least we got chairs, and I got an umbrella. ^_^

The Mass

I didn't want to attend the mass. I'm a Christian, not a Catholic. But I respect whatever they do, I just don't want to join in on their ritual stuffs that contradict with our teachings. I didn't want to have communion in a Catholic church, but me seatmate keeps on inviting. I thought he knew that I was a christian, and so I just said no without a reason. ANYWAY, I got absolutely hungry when it was the time for the mass; I was so hungry, that after the mass, I was running while walking, rushing to SM San Lazaro to meet my mom at Kenny Roger's to eat food.

In Conclusion...

Today, I have failed God. I didn't tell my seatmate that I am a Christian, and that I am devoted to our church, a christian church. A song actually made me remember: "I'll tell the world, that I'm a Christian, I'll take Him with me, everywhere." I hope I can take Him with me everywhere and tell all the people that I'll meet that I'm a Christian, without any doubt.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode Twenty-Eight: I'm All Out of Cash


According to our vice president, Harry Santos, as in Pinoy Pop Superstar Harry Santos, the LCD projector installed in our class is functioning. It did work, but when we have started discussing, the LCD projector was malfunctioning. Sigh, I thought I'll just be copying today; but then again, I did the listen-write method. It was so tiring that I was already sleepy before the class ended. Oh, I forgot about the good news, no Theology this Tuesday!! Yay ^_^ As we were waiting for the elevator to go down to the first floor, where our classroom in English was located, I noticed that there was a lot of people waiting for the elevator, so I asked a few of my classmates if they want to join me as we walk our way down the stairs. They didn't want to join me, telling me that the elevator was faster than using the stairs. We argued for a moment and ended with a competition -- the person who gets to the first floor first will win. Well, I started walking down the stairs (literally) and when I got to the first floor, they weren't there yet. I won!! ^_^ They were shocked that I was first -- and I was only walking! ^_^

The Handsome Boy Named Kim by Willy Valois

We were discussing about how books are organized in the library today. Kim Cruz was the first to answer, and so, he was the star of the show today. All examples, side comments, re-enactments, and jokes all direct to him. One example is the usage of his name in an example of a book -- that's the subtitle up there. As we were making high-pitched noises, the professor made a side comment that's something like this:"There's a lot of people in the world named Kim. (Then he looks at Kim) Oh, your name is Kim?! What a coincidence!" And all of us laughs. One more good news from this class, no class on Saturdays because its the day of the proclamation of gov't officials, and our professor is actually a gov't official, so he won't be able to teach us on Saturday; he gave us an assignment though. Anyway, after the class, I headed over to Shoe Mart to buy an Internet card.

No Money!!

After walking around SM San Lazaro for a few times, I finally found a place where I can buy an Internet card. After buying it, I decided to go home; but as I looked inside my coin purse and counted the money, all I had was enough for 1 jeepney trip -- I need 2 jeepney trips in order to get home. I was very problematic at that time, thinking if I should walk the 2 kms just to get on 1 jeep home or if I should just pay 5 pesos on each ride; after approximately 8 mins of mental arguing, I decided to go to my mom's office instead. I walked 45% of the way, and it was scorching... T_T But anyway, at least I got to my mom's office, got money for me to go home. whew! ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today God taught me a lesson -- always check before you buy. I didn't know that I only have 110 pesos today, and I thought that the Internet card was only 90 pesos. I shouldn't have exact money; I should always have an excess so that I won't walk home. ^_^ Thanks God!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode Twenty-Seven: Philippine History

He was 'Present'

It was 10:30, the time for my minor. I went up to the 6th floor, because that's where my minor was supposed to be. I saw no teacher inside our room; instead, I see two students practicing. I went down to ask the office if he was around, they said yes he is present. But I can't find him anywhere -- the studio, the faculty room, even the dean's office. I finally gave up, since it was already time for our next subject, Philippine History.

Acting Dean

I actually thought that Ms. Fulle will not teach Philippine History forever, but I thought wrong. She came in, and all of us stood up. She complimented that -- good thing. Well, we sat down, and she started explaining what were were to expect from the subject, and what she expects from us. This was the rule that made me drop my jaws a bit: Do not talk. She wanted peace and quiet, I suppose, but that was too strict. :( After the class, I went out to eat.

You see?

As I was waiting for the elevator to arise from the depths of our building, I saw 3 of my classmates. I invited them to come join me eat at Mabsy's; they didn't want to go there first, because it was too far for them; but because of my nudging and please-ing, I actually took them there. Well, we ate yummy food; and, well, they liked the place -- just as I expected. While I was ordering, I saw some of my other friends: Jason, Joshua, and Justin (WOW, All J's!) already eating. Food was yummy as expected. After eating we went back to our building for our next class, Rudiments of Music.

Another Early dismissal

Yesterday, the early dismissal was a bad thing, but today, it was good. I went to school and practiced a lot; now, I can play the passage without stopping. All I need to control the speed, and I'm finally done. ^_^

In Conclusion...

God gave me a strict teacher for a reason -- to make me study hard at her subject; most of the time, I do not listen to Philippine History, because the topics just keep on repeating through the years. Maybe this time I will listen, I just hope that I don't sleep at her subject. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Episode Twenty-Six: Aww, what a waste!

Lucky Me!

For the past 2 weeks, it was only today that I realized that I only have 1 subject in the morning. I thought there was another subject after theology, but there was actually none. Since there was a LOT of time before my P.E. class in the afternoon, I decided to practice my piano pieces; but lucky me, there was not a single studio available for me to practice. T_T Sigh... I just sat down for a while, and I finally decided to go to the Library.

The New Composition

I went inside the music section, opened my music notebook at the back, and started drawing all notes and figures pertaining to the latest composition. Well, it was quite hard because I didn't have a piano to play on, but I somehow managed to wrtie pretty accurately. My momentum in writing the composition was already high when someone texted me.

Distracting Woman

This woman who texted me was Eliza Chua, my high school friend. We were supposed to eat lunch together today; so she texted me and asked me where we will meet. I told her to fetch me at the library because I was busy doing something, but she wanted me to go back to our bldg. She made we walk back to our building -- how evil. I was really into writing my composition and here comes this woman, who asked me to go out of the library, because I thought she was already outside, but I was actually the one who waited for her -- outside our building. How nice. Anyway, we met up with a few more friends (2 only actually). We ate at this very warm place on top of Mabsy's. Sad, we weren't able to eat at Mabsy's, but the food there was pretty much OK anyway; their problem is on sanitation i guess. ^_^

Sepak Takraw....?

I was very excited to have this P.E. today, since I didn't do anything useful in my free time (Well, except helping Leslie finding a xerox machine. ^_^). Man, our professor possesses a very soft voice, making his lecture about Sepak Takraw hard to hear. After his discussion, we went out. Sadly, it was raining so our teacher didn't let us play or even learn the basics. He also made us go home early. What a waste T_T. As I was about to go to school, I saw Gillian and we both went to school, on a different route - a route I did not know. But anyway, I had fun practicing at school and I actually made a good progress today.

In Conclusion...

I believe that my compositions are based on what I usually feel. This latest composition had a very interesting start, with all those noisy stuff, but it ended very calmly. This must be what I'm feeling about my college life? I hope I can make new compositions in the near future -- compositions that are about the joys of living, not the sadness of being lonely and lonely.. LOL ^_^ Also, God has made me learn a lesson today -- I must further manage my time wisely, and also my MONEY. :) I hope I can and will do in the following days. ^_^

Monday, June 25, 2007

Episode Twenty-Five: It's now on FIRE!!


First of all, thanks for the people who are reading my adventures, I hope that you can leave a comment or two, so that I may know what are your insights :) Anyway, back to today's episode!

The Terror Begins...

Today was the day again of my piano lesson. As I was about to enter our building, I saw Leslie seated at the rocky chairs in front of our building. She waved hello -- or I think she said hello; nevermind, what's important is that she said hello. ^_^ She asked me why I came in so early, I then told her that I was going to have my major today(in extended language, I was going to have my piano lesson today); she too, will have her major at the same time as I did, so we went to the 3rd floor simultaneously. As we were waiting for our time, we talked about something that I don't quite remember now. A few minutes later, I saw the door of studio 6 opened -- the studio where I'm going to have my major, and I felt happy and quite nervous as I see the face of the person -- my teacher. She called me in, it was 7:50 at that time; it means, I'll be having my lesson 10 mins earlier -- conclusion: I will end 10 mins earlier ^_^. Anyway, as we entered the studio, she accused me of bein absent last week(Sorry I couldn't find a lighter word for accuse); and of course, I told her that I did have my lesson last week, and I handed to her the notebook where she writes my assignments and remarks. She then remembered that it was the student after me that was absent last week -- I just hope that student will come in now, so she wouldn't make me absent and make him present ^_^. After the puny, tiny, little, miniscule argument, we started the session. At the Czerny Op. 299 No.5, I did a great job, she said; but she told me that I have to let my wrists be flexible, so that I won't get tired so easily. Well, I'm going to try that on my next practice. ^_^ On the next piece, the Bach Op. 633(I think) No. 1, I did not do any good. But she just laughed at me.. good thing. Anyway, after the lesson, she explained again what I will be going through: She explained that I am already advanced in my Bach, but quite late in my Czerny; so, she gave me another assignment for Czerny Op. 299 -- No. 10. As I opened my book to the number, my eyes became humungous -- it was hard by the looks of it T_T. She also said to me that I must play it fast on our next meeting -- now that's hard. Playing an unknown piece, with Sixty Eight Notes on the left hand continuously (imagine a quarter note with 3 lines in the shaft or the vertical thingy) fast. That's terrorizing. Oh and I remember her telling me that I should be able to do that next week -- or I will be slapped(in Tagalog, papaluin kita). Sigh.. BAAAAD!! ^_^

The Room is On FIRE!!

When I got to our room, a very strong gust of hot air welcomed me -- it was H-HHOOTT!! The air conditioners aren't working properly, and we had all our classes there (Filipino & Music Listening). The other subjects didn't wan't to teach because the room is on fire. Good thing ^_^

Solfeggio Recitation

This was the time when Solfeggio class has already started. Joshua, me, Karen, and I forgot who were the first ones to be called. Well, we did a good job in my own opinion, because all of our pitch is correct, but I got a little mistake on the lyrics -- the do re mi fa sol la si do. T_T When we were done, Professor Namit called on the next four. I thought that they would do a better job than we did, but it turned out that only one of them got the correct pitch and note. And it got worse as it progessed, until the last group was called. Well, they did their best, and I think that the Professor saw it (I hope.) After Solfeggio, I went straight to school to practice; and after which, went home.

Ivan is MEAN!!!

When I got online in my yahoo messenger, a very disturbing status message made a disturbance to my undisturbed leisure time of looking at disturbed human beings -- in the form of yahoo! messenger contacts. His status message was something like this: "DO NOT SPEAK(or TALK) TO ME!! AND I MEAN IT!!" he was mean!! because when you translate the last dependent clause, you will get: (at ako'y masama, ito!![the comma was placed there for the readers to have a misconception on the real translation of the independent clause]) He was so evil. That's about it. Oh and I forgot about Isen. Well, I pity him because chemistry is killing him; I pray that he will kill chemistry soon, that the high school students will not have problems on memorizing the periodic table of elements -- better yet, make chemistry harder so that high school students won't graduate, making college students like us have more chances of getting a job. LOL ^_^

In Conclusion...

I know that God gave me those hard pieces because He wants me to work hard. I am not thinking that I cannot finish the assignments because I know that God does not give things that I cannot handle. I pray for his guidance in all my decisions on practicing my assignments, I know I can DO IT!!! YEAHH!! GO MONDIE~! ^_^

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode Twenty Four: That was a First!

Offertory Day

Yeah, today's offertory day; and because of this specially unique event, I am obliged to awaken from my slumbers earlier than I usually do. I should also arrive earlier for me to be able to practice yet once more. I got to Yutiam hall about 15 mins before people started coming in, so i had the chance to "perfect" my offertory piece.

Offertory No. 1

This was the first time I played clean on my first offertory. Well, maybe because I gave it all to God, not thinking of the comments of my friends, what they'll say to me. Good thing! I was happy for myself that I did a great job -- performing for Him. Well, anyway, after that, I proceeded to Joy.

Distracted, or Nervous?

I went to Joy early to check the Singspiration stuff. Aaron was having a hard time with asong, so I tried to help him out. Well, As it turns out, I feel somehow that I am the one causing him to commit a mistake. Aaron, if ever you read this, please comment on it. LOL Anyway, the Singspiration was quite off-atmosphere -- could it be my fault? I guess I shouldn't help; instead, I will just sit down with the audience, and sing along. :) But nevermind, at least, I helped - I think. After Joy, Anthony Hia then dragged me to Care group.

Care Group - we love to care ^_^

Our care group this time is unique; we have visitors in our group. The first one was Vanessa -- we just invited her to join us, and good thing she said Yes :). The next visitor was Kristine.. she went to us just to say hello, but we invited her in.. >:) Joshua came in late today, because of his "school works". Oh yeah, I remembered laughing at him, because he has a lot of "assignments" while I don't. Anyway, we talked about the verse for this week -- ack, I forgot the verse. Anyway, Anthony hia was discussing about the First few verses when I needed to go back to church for my 2nd Offertory Session.

Offertory 2nd Time

Before I was to play my Offertory piece, achi pat showed me the work of Emmanuel Limsiong, and as I looked at it, it made me think about my compositions: Why don't I write my compositions? -- This was the biggest factor of my failure in my second Offertory Play. I had lost my concentration, the zeal, I even got absent-minded at some time. sigh... bad. :( After playing, I proceeded again to Yutiam Hall, just to find out that the Joy Melo Practice has already ended because I only see Aaron and a few people.

Practice for the Next Offertory

Aaron played the Offertory song that I was going to sing in the near future, and well... I sang along of course. Even if he sometimes stops in the middle of a very interesting part, it's ok with me because I know that that piece is hard to play and that he is doing his best to play as I sing. I pray that God will help him to master the piece as soon as possible, and to be able to play it how the composer would like to play it.

In Conclusion...

Today God has been rampant in everything -- because it's a Sunday. Sigh, this week, the devo's are not stable, I'm now not having time to have quiet time.. That's VERY BAD!! :( I hope that God will help me, and that he will give me chances to have quiet time -- that I may know more about Him, His commands, and what He wants to happen in my life. ^_^

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Episode Twenty-Three: New Things

L-Ens finally started!

Yay! Now that's a reason to rejoice! Finally, our professor in L-Ens has finally unlocked the door of his house. ^_^ He then introduced himself, or did he... I don't remember! O_O Anyway, he explained what L-Ens was. He first told us what was the meaning of L-Ens. I thought L-Ens was listening to an ensemble; but later on, I hear him tell us that L-Ens actually means "Large Ensemble" -- it's more of like a choir stuff. Next, he explained that he does not want to teach a lot of us, so he decided to divide us into two groups. He then asked us who wanted to be transferred to the other section. We were actually talking about it when I saw Kim. He was looking for something -- maybe us? Anyway, I got the message that he was trying to convey to us: Let's go to the other class, 1-mus-1! (Or something like that, i guess) Well, in the end, I think all the people in 1-mus-1, our section, will transfer to the second class. It's a good thing that the other class has the same schedule; but, as I wrote that sentence, I suddenly thought that it's also a bad thing: I need to wake up early T_T. But what the heck, nevermind. ^_^ After that transfer thing, he then checked our attendance; man, it took so long! An obvious reason would be our number -- we were more than a hundred O_O. We were dismissed at about 9:30; and we decided to eat our lunch at that time. We ate at Mabsy's -- the immortal Mabsy's(in Tagalog, ang walang kamatayang Mabsy's). The food tasted good ♦_♦. Anyway, we were quite late for our next class, English; but when we proceeded inside, the teacher, i think, has just started checking the attendance -- lucky us ^_^.

A Comedy Bar...

Shocking... our English professor is just... shocking. He was so... entertaining. O_O He was very funny, so funny words can't describe what I feel. Our English class became more like a comedy bar, with him cracking a joke in unexpected times. I just really can't explain... If you want to find out, why not try to get in our class ^_^. After that laugh-able subject, and also after a walk through the dorm of Ayla to end my problem, I proceeded to the church.

Relaxingly Stressed

Yeah, I'm quite stressed with my Piano teacher in UST. Maybe a lot of my batchmates know about that. I don't know, but I feel so insecure about myself ^_^. It's like I always feel when I am practicing that I am doing the wrong stuff, therefore making me repeat the exercise -- yeah, it's good for me, I guess; it's pushing me somehow to work hard. ^_^ Anyway, I just realized today that I will be playing the offertory tomorrow -- And I haven't practiced yet; so, when I reached the doorstep of our home... I mean, it's actually more of a gate, I quickly proceeded in front of the electronic Piano to start my practice session. After the offertory song, I then practiced for my Solfeggio recitation on monday.

In Conclusion...

Today, I have come to a conclusion...([I ask myself: What's the title for anyway? O_O]) I must work hard!!! GO MONDIE!! Awuuuuu!!! With the help of God, I know I can survive and live my dreams!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode Twenty-Two: Extreme Fatigue


I had a hard time getting out of bed. I was too tired from writing episodes 16 thru 21 yesterday. I slept pretty late yesterday; luckily, my classes today will start at nine, and because it will start at nine, I can tag along with my mom as she goes to office.

Forgetfulness... Again

I forgot two things today -- my metronome, which is in my portable Trumpet case, and my scores, for today's practice of Joy Melodies. Sigh, I keep on forgetting again. I must bring back the long forgotten check list hidden within my stack of papers. I hope I don't forget important things next time.

Alpha and Omega

That's a direct description of my classes today. There was only the 1st class, which was Filipino, and the Last class, Solfeggio. Filipino was well, quite boring somehow -- I didn't feel sleepy or anything, I just felt a little bored maybe because the topic has already been discussed; but it doesn't matter now, because it's already done ^_^. Our professor, mrs. Permeho -- she explains her surname like this: "Para mabilis ninyo ako matandaan, dito ako naka-pirme, oh ^_^ (To let you remember my name quicker, I am staying here, oh)", gave us an assignment; she told us that we should look for talinghaga(compound words, i think), and pamahiin(s)[sayings? something like cultural beliefs -- ahh, there it is! ^_^]. Yay, Filipino is already finished, and we sort of waited for the next professor for out next subject -- Philippine History. Just like old times, the professor did not arrive. O_O We left already and ate at another place finally -- the one beside Mabsy's; but sadly, my companion was only Jason. We ate food -- oddly expensive food; but it tasted fine. After eating, we proceeded back to our building. We went inside a "room without class" -- a room with no classes at that time. During this very, very boring moment in time, I wanted to write the song I made yesterday; sadly, I don't have the music notebook with me, and so I continue to dream on. After just a few minutes of daydreaming, we went in again to our "room", the recital hall II. As we entered the ever boring scenery of the recital hall, i heard a familar song being played; after a blink -- or was it a ultramicromilisecond, I found the title in my brain: "Broken Vow" -- but it sounded so different... Nevermind. ^_^ Later on, we were escorted outside by a group of people; they told us that they were going to use the recital hall, and our professor doesn't teach if there is no classroom. A blinding flash of light blinded our eyes as we headed out the door. The heartwarming heat expressed its love toward us -- by giving off heat. This has caused our bodies to cry out in joy -- it also caused us to be icky and sticky yet once more. Blah blah blah... at last, Solfeggio pd. finally arrived. The teacher went in, greeted us, passed a paper, sat down, and told us to open our books to begin. O_O When it was my turn to sing with my partner, I made a slight mistake on a note, and a big mistake on conducting; doesn't matter, since I didn't practice that much. :P

In Conclusion...

Today, I don't see why, but something strange is bothering me. What could it be? -- I don't know; but I know that God knows what it is, and I hope that when I later on realize what it is, it's not a problem, but a reason for me to rejoice. ^_^

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Episode Twenty-One: Reminiscin'

I miss those days...

Whererin I'm a part of a chorale group that would go perform in many different events and compete at different contests. That's what I remembered as the Coro Tomasino and The Liturgikon(Sorry if It's the wrong spelling) It made me want to join one of them, but I have to think it a million times before I finally decide. I don't know how hard my major will get, so I think I have to pass the opportunity before me right now. I need to study and to work hard first in my first year, then I join organizations and/or groups maybe in the next year. I just hope I made the right decision. ^_^

Orientation? It's more of a Concert!

The orientation for the freshmens in the conservatory of music was awesome. There were a lot of groups that have performed(I have already told you about the choirs), the String Orchestra and the Wind Orchestra sounds so good! The Wind Orchestra was so amazing, they played the music from the Pirates of the Carribean! It sounded as if you were really watching the movie!! COOOOOL ^_^

All for the Bag

I'm not supposed to go to the university today. I didn't want to waste my time on some orientation and on a tour, but I wanted the free bag -- I wanted it badly ^_^; so even if I have to go to the walking tour, which I don't need since I toured the UST campus already, I need to go.. All for the Bag ^_^. Anyway, I still had a pretty nice time... After the Walking Tour, I immediately went to school to practice again.

Piano Practice Turned Composition Moment

I practiced for more than 2 hours on the offertory piece that I will be playing on Sunday. After which, I practiced the czerny again, and then I accidentally made something. It sounded so... so... nice. I started making variations, and it's really sounding nice. The song is fast for the right hand.. I like the combination actually. I just hope that I can still remember the chord progressions and other stuff. ^_^

In Conclusion...

I thank God for giving me determination. I also thank Him for giving me some talent in composing. I hope that I can use my compositions and my talent in playing the piano to praise Him in the near future. ^_^

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode Twenty: It Flew so Fast!!

Filipino - the Only subject for today

Yep. Filipino was the only subject for today. What we did in Filipino was to write an autobiography. It was pretty hard for me actually. It's hard to find the correct Filipino word to put there. But anyway, I pulled through. The next subject was free time, and I sort of continued on encoding my composition. After that, the Kim group(Sorry I can't think of any other name ^_^) went out to eat at Mabsy's again.. It's ok, since the food changes everyday ^_^.

Beef "Tempura" O_O

This was the first time that I heard such food. Beef tempura.. hmm, it must be beef in batter? It tastes goood ^_^. Anyway the food was very good. Because we didn't have subjects in the afternoon, we went to the computer shop.

O2jam... YAY ^_^

At last, I'm able to play o2jam again after more than 3 weeks! ^_^ I didn't know that there were already so many kinds of stages available. All of them looked so cool. I first played the mad moon sonata, and this was the first time I got a 999 combo there ^_^. I enjoyed playing o2jam a lot. Anyway, when the time was nearing two o'clock, we left the shop. When we got to the university, specifically near our bldg, we parted ways, and I went to school to practice.

The Practice

I practiced the assignments that Mrs Suaco gave me, the czerny piece took me 2 hours just to play it almost without stopping. I would have to practice it again tomorrow. I didn't notice that time flew so fast. I came there by 2:30 and when I looked at the clock, it was already 6:30. I forgot that we have practice for Joy Melodies today, and I forgot to bring my scores. BAD!! I finished practicing by 7.

In Conclusion...

Today was the first day that I practiced for that long without stopping. It's a miracle. It certainly is. ^_^ I hope that God will continue to shower blessings upon me throughout my life. ^_^

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Episode Nineteen: Late Realization


It was just today that I realized that I only have one subject in the morning. It was only theology. After Theology, the Kim group went out to eat at Mabsy's again. Yummy food I suppose ^_^. After that we parted ways without even knowing ourselves O_O. Anyway, I saw Syntia just standing there.. sad ^_^. We sat for a while, with a few friends around, and played the word game again. ^_^ After that, I invited her to go to the Library, to the Filipinana section. Well, when we got there, she grabbed a book about some poems, and I started writing Episode Fifteen and Sixteen. I needed to go by 11:30 to go to the SSHS little reunion. We went down to the Music Library. As we entered the Music Library, I saw Kim and some of his friends on the second floor. We climbed up, and I helped Syntia find the book she needed for our assignment in Music Listening. After that, I went over to Kim's and chatted with them for a while. After that again, I went out to go to the "party" already.

The "Party"

I was walking towards McDonalds because that's where the party is supposed to be. But good thing that Kristine and Anabelle was there, and they told me that the party venue was moved to the place where there was the dynamic fountain. After buying food for lunch, we headed over to the place, and we saw a lot of friends. Well, we chatted a while, and I ate a while. The party was short -- maybe because I came in late, 1 hour late. Anyway, when it ended, I went back to the Library and didn't find Kim anymore, but Syntia was still there. I sat down there and chatted with her. I left when P.E. was drawing near. I first went to our building, and found some classmates. We chatted a while and then I went to the Annex Gym already. I was kind of late.

The "P.E."

P.E. wasn't P.E. It was the orientation of the students to the IPEA dept. Then, we went over to the Gym to practice the cheers because we are the host for the upcoming UAAP. It was so hot in there, my handkerchief got absolutely drenched in sweat. T_T Anyway, after the cheer stuff, I went to buy Zagu and went home.

In Conclusion...

Today, God has been always there, thinking of me, and always there to support me. I thank Him for that wonderful opportunity to meet Him, and I hope more people will meet Him too and turn to Him.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode Eighteen: New Week, New Friends

First Piano Lesson with Mrs. Suaco

Sigh, as expected, all the things that I practiced yesterday has gone to waste. She asked me to play something for her, so I played the Turkish march. The first thing that she commented on was that I was pushing only on the surface. She then gave me exercises for the fingers. It hurts! T_T She was pushing my wrist a little over than my limit, but I didn't say anything. Maybe on my next practice, I will. ^_^

New Friends!

Today, I met the friends of Kim Cruz, a composition major and also a brother in the faith. I didn't catch all of their names, but it doesn't matter, all that matters is that I have new friends ^_^ YAY! Going back, today we had our Filipino class in the Recital Hall 2 again. We were told to introduce ourselves; too bad it didn't reach me, there wasn't enough time. After Filipino, we also had our first ever Music Listening class under our professor Miss Koronel. She looked so... strict. O_O But anyway, she was sorta funny. After the subject, there were no other subjects for the day -- suspended again for we have no classroom, and teachers. O_O Kim and friends -- including me, went to the P. Noval st. -- it was my first time at the place; we ate at this cafeteria called Mabsy, they have this rice-all-you-can promo, but I'm not rice person. I don't eat much rice. We discussed and knew more about each other, and I had a great time -- I remembered something. It made me sad. I don't want to write about it now, it's too ouchie ^_^.

In Conlusion...

I'm thankful that I have new friends today, I'm worried about something, and I was correct that practicing yesterday was not good. I must pay more attention to all of my friends, focusing on only on just a group might be bad for the other friends. I must learn how to manage friends well ^_-

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Episode Seventeen: Prolonged Sunday

Still Late

I woke up early, but I came in late because of my brother's laziness. I woke up early and I was already finished by 6:15; he woke up at 6 and ended at 6:30 -- and when it's already 6:30 at our house, it means that I am already late for morning practice. I came about 5 mins before 7 o'clock. I thought that there will be a lot of people already at that time, but we were only three. Achi pat was angry. :( Maybe because the song is already sung many times, and the choir people can not go to practice in the early morning. Anyway, the service was at the offertory part when I left to go to Joy.

Almost a Waste

I thought that I was the pianist for today, but I wasn't. It was Gillian. Luckily, my going to Joy early payed off because I got to play one song from the repertoire for that day. Today's activity in Joy was acquaintance. I got bored actually, maybe because I'm too old ^_^. After the fellowship, I proceeded to the AVR on the fourth floor of the Faithfulness Bldg for Joy Melodies practice. I'm a pianist for Joy, in case you don't know. ^_^ We practiced a few songs, and we scheduled our next practice which was on wednesday, and on friday. When we were done practicing, I went back to Yutiam hall to practice for my piano lesson tomorrow.

Aww, I shouldn't have.

I practiced a lot of pieces, but I forgot to practice the exercises pieces. I practiced for about 3 hours, and I just finished a few. Just what I thought. God was right O_O. I shouldn't have practiced today. Today is a day of rest, not a day of work. Sigh... Anyway, I was fetched by 3:34pm and we went to Harrison Plaza to buy my portable trumpet case, and the metronome. The metronome was more than 1,000 pesos, while the case was just 680++ pesos -- how expensive! After buying the stuffs, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo -- it's been a while ^_^. We then headed over to the Japanese store, where I supposedly lost 320 pesos.. T_T

In Conclusion...

I shouldn't have practiced. If I didn't, then my mind would still be alive and kicking, not sluggish in thinking. Next time, I won't work on a Sunday, even if it's important -- I hope. T_T

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Episode Sixteen: Absolutely Tiring

Showcase Of Talents

Today was just like other days -- no classes. The sadder thing is, Today's class was supposed to start at 8:00am; so again, I woke up early just to find out that I don't have calsses. But anyway, I met new friends again today; sorry, I forgot their names O_O;. Nevertheless, I kept on talkingto them, asking what their majors were, how long were they studying, and many more. One of them -- Medz was her name, I think, went off to play the piano. Wow, she plays really good! All the notes are.. clear O_O. I had a great time watching as she played on the piano. Oh, how I wish that I can be able to play like she does. Medz asked me to play something, but I didn;t want to play anything because I'm shy yet once more. After a few nudges and pleases, I gave in. I played the crappy Turkish March first -- It's crappy because its not clear, i have inconsistent tempo/speed, but fast. Then I played the Polonaise Militaire; after which, she was amazed. But I wasn't happy with how I played. I don't want to boast or anything, I just want to criticize myself. ^_^ Again, I played on different tempos; I hit the correct notes, but I don't have dynamics in them; and also, I'm not following the pedal marks pretty much. A few minutes after playing, some person went in and shooes us away, telling us that there was no class today; Oh WAIT! That was the one who told me yesterday that we have classes for Today! How nice O_o.

Problem: Where Do I eat?

I really don't know where to eat today. I'm too tired to think on where to eat, so I just went to school. When I got there, I saw the Eat Fresh Hong Kong style Noodles; so, I bought one and decided to eat that for lunch. I went to school today because I have a choir practice for the 90th anniversary again. Well, I just sat down at the Yutiam hall and played a while. I also edited something on my 2nd unnamed composition. A few moments later, my batchmates started coming in. Well, we had a few words with each other, and we somehow updated each other with our own college lives. A few moments later, we headed over to the music room and practiced. Nothing interesting happened after that.. I think. ^_^ I'm so sorry, I just don't remember anything already, It's been more than 5 days already!

In Conclusion...

Today has been very tiring, but I have to go to all of my commitments. Sigh, I wish my commitments wouldn't be on 1 day; It's very tiring. I hope that God will bless me throughout my life. ^_^

Friday, June 15, 2007

Episode Fifteen: Aww, They Did it Again!

Just as Expected

Just last Wednesday, the first day of classes, today was like no other -- it was worse than I expected. When I woke up today, my brain still feels tired; but I had no choice -- I had to go to school to attend my classes. When I got there, I saw Synthia sitting all alone(Aww, How sad) Anyway, I talked to her and we were actually having fun chatting. About 30 mins later, our teacher finally came. She was quite excited to teach if I'm not mistaken, but as she looked again in our "room of distress," she just looked and told us that we'll just have our Filipino subject next week because she doesn't want to go into the Recital Hall 2 again -- which is actually warm inside. After telling us the very tragic decision, we rejoiced -- and felt bad at the same time. Why, you may ask? Because it's another waste of time. All of our efforts of waking up early have gone down the drain -- for the second time. We then went to the conservatory of music office to ask if we have Philippine History, Rudiments of Music, and Solfeggio(sight-singing stuff). They said that there will be no Philippine History, Rudiments of Music, except solfeggio. Oh man, my man!(Black American Accent) That was about 5 hours away from the current time at that time! What am I going to do? T_T Well, after a few seconds of mind-blowing, breath-taking, and cereal-killing thinking, I decided to go eat.

The Search for A new 'dining' Experience

I invited Synthia to go eat - a place where we will have a new 'dining' experience. After nearly being lost outside the University campus, we ended up at 7-11. As we scavenging for food -- to buy and eat of course, I noticed the Slurpee machine. It's magnificent, elegant design, the rubberized -- or was is plasticized lever; and finally, the oozing red-colored Slurpee, carrying the name of: "Mountain Dew:Code Red". Ack! Enough of the Slurpee machine! O_O We grabbed food - it was Tocino, my favorite, and went over to the counter to pay for it; After that, we heated the food and started eating. After eating while standing for about 2 minutes, we found a better place to eat. I finished eating 7 mins earlier than she did, so I sort of looked around -- and found nothing of interest.

Overcoming Shyness

This has always been my problem when I'm just new in some place. I always get shy on asking people -- and that has happened today. I needed to ask the office on when was the scheduling of brass majors/minors. I got really shy, and it took me a lot of time before I actually went in front of their office and ask the question. After just a few mins, this guy handed me a paper for me to sign. I actually wanted to take the 10:00am - 10:30 slot in the morning, but I ended up signing for the 10:30am - 11:00am slot. Anyway, because I was so happy that I have already scheduled my minor subject, I forgot to ask who was my teacher, and what room were we going to meet. Silly me @_@

In Conclusion...

Today is another one of those days wherein I needed God. My, I remember Him only at times when I need Him -- that's bad. I must be way too excited to meet new friends that I forgot that at the end of the day, God will be the one to decide if I will have a new friend or not. I must trust Him, I must believe in Him. "Go mondie! ^_^"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode Fourteen: Surprises...

A "normal" class at last!

Classes started at 8:30 this morning -- 30 mins earlier than yesterday. I came early as always, and synthia(wasn't c, it was an S ^_^), just came in a few seconds later. We talked for a while, and then we proceeded inside our first classroom -- our first normal classroom. A few moments later, the teacher came in already. He then introduced the topic and explained what we were about to learn from the subject. Well, after that, we were arranged alphabetically and we met with our groups. Leslie was our group leader. She was also the one who will collect the pictures -- I wanted that job too ^_^, but I guess God didn't want me to take that job. Anyway, our prof. discussed the requirements: all of us were going to pray, we have to bring our bibles, and i forgot the others. All of a sudden, some person knocked at the door.. all were amazed by the courage of this person; but as the door opened, we realized that it was a staff of the conservatory of music. O_O Well, this guy just walked in like that, and talked to the professor. The professor murmured something, if I heard it right, he was saying about time, less than ten minutes I think. Anyway, after just 3 mins(Yeah I counted because he was discussing about the prayers of the roman catholics), we were told to proceed to Recital Hall I.

Embarassed and Proud of Oneself

When we entered the hall, we don't know why we were there. But when some guy wrote a few things on the board, I finally knew what it was -- It was the scheduling of our majors/minors in piano. And I "re-realized" that all of us have piano in our courses -- whether major or minor. Entertaining.. isn't it? Anyway, we were asked to pile up alphabetically, but most of the people just sat down because their names were near the end, and standing would just make them weary (and sad[LOL]). Anyway, I sat down somewhere and made myself comfortable. I talked to this one person, I forgot her name, she was a voice major. And my, her accent is so... theater-like ^_^. Anyway, after that, I toured the room a bit, and went back to my chair. This time, I talked to two guys -- my, I don't remember their names... maybe because they spoke too soft. We were talking about some stuff when suddenly my name was called -- sigh, they wasted my chance of having more friends! This I think, is called "bad timing". O_O Anyway, I proceeded to the table where the teacher was. The teacher looked familiar -- oh! he's the one who was the judge or something like that on my auditions! Anyway, he knew me right away, maybe because I was the first one to audition, and talked to a woman sitting behind me. He said these words: "Mrs. Suaco! Your new student, almond. Magaling yan.(He's Good.)" First thing that came into my mind was purely embarrassment. Saying such a thing like that could ruin my chance of making new friends! T_T After that, I was quite boastful. "I am good? How can that be?" I asked myself. Oh, and this one gave me the creeps -- Terror Teacher!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won't be able to pass my major subject! T_T I must work super extra hard, like piano for 10 hours a day.. LOL. But seriously, I hope she's not a terror piano teacher, or I'll be like my mentor who had a terror piano teacher too as her first teacher.


Because of the scheduling of the majors/minors for piano, our english pd. has been overthrown. But it's a good thing that the professor for that subject wasn't in today. Lucky me, I get to go home as earlier as I expected -- well, not really. The thingy ended at 11:30 -- as if we had English class and it just ended. We then went out to eat, and we ate at chowking. The absolutely high pitch sounds in the fast food chain really made me feel dizzy; not to mention that I'm also hungry. It was so annoying that I had to focus on not listening to it; but I didn't let my classmates notice it ^_^. After that, we went back to school, waiting for nothing, and I finally went home at around 1pm.

In Conclusion...

Today is good, at least I had my first "normal" class. But it's really disappointing that it had to be theology, I didn't like theology. I wanted something else. But it doesn't matter, because I know that religion is not the real thing that should matter -- it's the faith that counts ^_^.


I'm soo sorry that I used too much anyways in this post.. or did I just notice it right now? O_O Well, anyway, in my next episodes, I'll try not to put too much anyways. I hope. XP

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Episode Thirteen: What a First Day.


I woke up at the wrong time. I thought my class today would start at 8:00am(GMT+8), but guess what? I thought wrong! My class today starts at 9:00am! O_O I woke up too early today, it's bad because i forced myself to wake up early today, but good in some other way. Anyway, I finished episode eleven today, and I ate a little more breakfast than I usually do today. I left the house at about 7:45am(GMT+8).

First Day Shy

When I arrived at the school, I went up the stairs, and finally reached the fifth floor -- where my first class is. I knew the room, I've been there before once. That was the room where I was supposedly going to get my uniform. But as I glanced into the room, there was evil inside of it! Dust were crawling everywhere; and the chairs -- what happened to the chairs? Could they be eaten by the dust!? Oh no, what a terrible and horrific sight! Anyway, I just found a spot and sat on the "railing". It was pretty fun actually. I started thinking of things that might happen to me: some student will just come over and push me, someone will surprise me, my bag will fall down, my cellphone will fall down, and a lot of other things. I was quiet. I didn't know how to introduce myself to anyone. There was this one girl that was all alone too. I didn't have enough guts to say hello -- maybe because she was too busy playing games on her phone. Anyway, the teacher finally arrived at the scene of the crime, and she had also seen how infested the room was with the said evil creatures. She went away, and later on came back and opened the door to this Recital Hall II. She called us, and nearly all of us who were sitting there went inside the room. My, we were quite many! ^_^ Anyway, the teacher didn't introduce herself -- bad thing, but she did ask us some common but sensible questions such as: "Why are you studying music?" and, "How can you show to your parents that you love them?" Well, all of us answered the first question, but my answer was a bit off topic, I must say. I really couldn't think of any reason at that time on what to say. But anyway, at least I made my block mates laugh. LOL. After all the people finished saying their reasons, the professor expounded further.

Pinoy Pop Superstar!

She then asked the question about the parents now. She first called the guy at my back. As I looked behind me, I saw a very familiar face. Later on, I realized that it was Harry Santos, the one in the Pinoy Pop Superstar!(Pronounced as Peenoi Pap Zuperstahr) Anyway, our class ended after a few moments, and all of us went out already.

My first Friend

I saw the other girl again, the one who looked pretty sad. I finally had the courage to say hello. Yay ^_^ Well, at least she responded! That was a good thing! I asked her name, and she told me that she was... oh no! I forgot the name! But it sounded something like... Charissa or something..Ah! I remember now! It's Cynthia! Anyway, after introducing myself, we talked about a lot of things. After a while, I asked her if she already has her P.E. uniform. She said that she hasn't picked it up yet, so I showed her the way to the place where she can get the uniform. After that, we went around half of the university. We were looking for the Library. Anyway, after that tiring tour of the UST campus, we went back to the 5th floor of our building to wait for the next subject. After a few minutes(Actually more than 30 mins) I heard some of our block mates that the class was suspended, because there was no classroom to go to. So, I invited my new friend to join Kathy and me to eat Lunch. She was so unsure at first, because she thought that we were still going to have our class at that time; but after a few convincing statements, she finally said yes. Anyway, we ate at Jollibee and talked about a few things: about me being better than Harry[I don't know... maybe? *evil laugh*], about Cynthia, and about our courses. Anyway, when we parted ways already, Cynthia and I went back to our bldg. We waited there for like, 45 mins. And we waited for nothing -- there was also no class for that subject in our section for that day too. How nice.. -_-. But anyway, since Cynthia was so anxious about her P.E. we went down and asked the Guard where GS was. And as I have guessed, it was the Grand stand! Anyway, we went there to check it out, to ask if there was P.E. that day, and as we were getting closer, we noticed that the people there were not arnis people, they were some cheer leading people. Anyway, we sat down for a while, and talked more. I saw Patrick Tanhuanco walking towards the main bldg; so I got his attention and told him hi. Anyway, after all the chit-chat, we went back to our building to ask the guard again if there was going to be a P.E. for arnis today, and he said yes. We parted ways at the exit of our building. Oh I forgot, I saw Amozel, Kimberly, and some of her friends as we were about to ask the Guard about the P.E. stuff.

It's not over yet

I thought that when I get home, I would be already resting; but I suddenly remembered about the prayer meeting stuff that I have to attend to tonight. Anyway, I left the house at about 4:30 and came to the Yutiam hall at about 5 something. I don't remember much about the time at that time(LOL). Anyway, I practiced sad songs, because I don't want to mess up the Bible study Aileen Sy's group was having. At about 6, I went out to eat. At seven, I practiced with Edilyn Chi already. At eight, the prayer meeting started. Well, I didn't get much of the message, but good thing, he translated it to English ^_^. Anyway, after the message, Anthony hia came over to our spot and mingled with us. He was reminiscing on the PS2 moments he and Edilyn Chi had when we were at the Kuhala Bay Resort. It was so funny ^_^. Anyway, after praying, I went home already.

In Conclusion...

Today's first day of school wasn't as I expected it. Though I only met 1 friend, and the school became boring because there was no classes, God made my day happier through the prayer meeting. He made me forget the boredom I had this afternoon and changed my sorrow to joy. ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Episode Twelve: Hangover

Waking up...

I woke up early today; I thought that I should wake up later than the usual time I wake up, but I still woke up at the same time. My morning was extra-normal, except for the weird headache that I had all day. It seemed to bother all of the tasks that I did today... Well, back to the story. When I woke up, I didn't sleep again. I don't want to go back into the world of dreams, where I don't even see what I'm dreaming.


I got nothing to do today. All was so calm, as if I wasn't there. But as soon as I opened the computer, everything seemed to move, as if it had life in it -- THIS, is a big symbolism of boredom. Starcraft was quite fun today, because I tried to play cheatless again, and I won again. good thing. Oh, I just remembered. It's the start of school tomorrow! I hope I meet a lot of friends -- I want to be friends with my whole block! But the problem is, I'm quite shy when it comes to introductions, and I don't know what to say -- how I'll introduce myself, would i shake hands with the person or not, eek! O_O Nothing I could do about that, only God knows what will happen tomorrow; I just wish that I can really meet a lot of friends tomorrow -- hopefully.


And because I did remember that tomorrow was the first day of school, I went to have my hair trimmed. It was so hot that time, the sun was about to go down already. I though at first that my fave barber shop was already closed, so I walked back home. After just a few moments, I went back to the barber shop, and it was actually open -- even before I got there the first time. O_O Anyway, the "barber man" was sleeping and I accidentally woke him up. Surprising as it may seem, he looked at me for about 3 seconds, and then he started to move lightning fast! O_O It was like time stopped and I was already sitting at the barber's chair without me realizing that I'm already seated! Whew! After the haircut, I went back home, which was just about 95 steps away from the barber shop, and went straight to the bathroom -- to take a bath. The water was so hot, I had to wait for the cold water in order to finally take a bath. Just after taking a bath, something popped out of my mind. It was telling me to look for Isen, to battle it out with Isen. This is the last day anyway.

The Search for Isen.. Again.

Sigh, I texted him. He told me that he was at school letting students sign something. Aww, we could've had a nice time battling it out in starcraft! It's been over a week now, and still, we couldn't battle with each other. It's very "saddening", but I know that someday, I'll be able to play with Isen finally, and defeat him, fair and square! nyahahahaha ^_^ But first, I need to practice more with other kinds of species because I always use zerg. O_O

In Conclusion...

Today is boring, but God made something out of it. Even If it felt boring, there was that little spark in my heart that started the joy within me today. I just feel happy for nothing -- for no such reason at all. And I hope that in the following days -- especially tomorrow, I'll have new experiences in my new school. ^_^

Monday, June 11, 2007

Episode Eleven: Leaving me Breathless

An Early Start -- Literally

I never slept since yesterday. We were like enjoying the rest of our time at the Resort. We swam at the pool from 12:I don't know AM(GMT+8), till 1:30am. After that, I went up to change, and take a bath. I was so tired after all those things, I wanted to rest, but I also don't want to be left out on all the fun; so, I went down to the session hall to "mingle" with the people.

Unexpected Debut...

As I entered the room, I saw different people, doing different things. Actually, my plan was just to get water, and go back up. But they called me, and I went to them. The people who called me were the ones at the karaoke. They asked me to render a song, but I don't know what to sing. "And besides, I have cough and I'm quite ill." I told them, but actually, I really wanted to sing. LOL Anyway, my first song, I already forgot, but they commented on that, asking me that why am I always at the piano and don't sing. I was a bit shy at first, but I was slowly getting the hang of it. We ended at around... 3:38am(GMT+8) -- actually, I left the place because I wanted to sleep already. Well, when I entered the room, I prepared the bed that I was about to sleep on. Oh, I forgot that I dragged Ivan upstairs, because he might not wake up when the morning comes to eat breakfast. Anyway, back to the room.


I was about to sleep already, when Justin came over to the other bed(I'm at the top of a two-deck bed, and Justin is at the neighboring bed) Ivan shooed him away, wanting to sleep also, but Justin didn't, saying that he's waiting for a text from someone. Ivan was so noisy and all, I couldn't sleep. This is where my sleeping bag came in. After about 30 mins, I finally decided to sleep at the floor. At first, they thought that I would be sleeping at Justin's bed, but they thought wrong(haha) I slept at the floor(Thank you Lord for the sleeping bag) The floor was cold -- good thing for me; and it was also hard -- another good thing, so that I won't have a deep sleep. I started the stopwatch so I would know how long I slept. When I woke up, I stopped it; the display was 2:00:44.69. I slept only two hours, it could've been more if Ivan didn't interfere with my sleeping last night -- oh, i mean a few hours ago ^_^.


All of the people in our room went down to eat -- except Kevin. well, the food was pretty nice, I forgot what food it was again. Anyway, after eating, most of us went back up. Frankly, I don't remember what I did anymore from the time I went up to the next event. Anyway, the next event was when I was watching Jeremiah Hia, Erickson Hia, Ephraim, and Lalaine Chi Playing this PS2 game. Erickson Hia was making us laugh out of our lungs with Thing's dialogue, "It's clobbering time!" in different accents later on. Later, we went down for snacks. Mmm, the yummy but not crispy fries!

I'll continue this...

Tomorrow, sorry, my other brother is bothering me for his report thingy. I should give the computer to him now. ^_^ anyway, i'll continue Episode Eleven tomorrow, and also Episode Twelve.

The Continuation... Lunch

The last lunch that we had in the resort was afritada(or was it? ^_^) and vegetables. Before I grabbed my plate to get food, I was actually singing. I forgot what the songs were -- oh, I remember one! If You're Not The One, by Daniel Bedingfield. As I was singing the last few songs, I feel that my vocal chords are very tired already, so I tried not to speak after singing. After eating, I sang a few more, then went up to fix my things. The first thing I did when I got inside the room was to drink the Pei Pak Koa Syrup, because my vocal chords is really fatigued already, and it needs rest -- I was speaking as if I just woke up! Anyway, after fixing my things, I went down to the Session Hall to refill my water bottle for the trip; and I saw Justin, doing the Joy stuff. I wanted to check it out actually, so I went closer to check it out. It looks so plain! So, I grabbed a pencil, and I started doing some shading stuff to the letters. It looked nice -- when it was near. I didn't know if it looked good from afar, but I think it will, because the light makes a good effect on the thing. Anyway, after that, we brought down our bags already, we were given our vehicle assignments; I really didn't expect that they will drop me off at home, the church is fine already.

The Trip Back Home

Because of the thing hanging in the rearview mirror, I felt extremely dizzy; maybe because I didn't sleep too much also. I got my M&M's pillow and I started to sleep -- oh, yeah, I shared my pillow with Ivan, who slept quicker than me. The first few mins was very discomforting, but when I got the full pillow, I was finally able to sleep. I had a dream actually, I slipped on the road, and I said sorry for the Juice that I spilled. I said sorry to some person; I don't know if it's really a road, but it looks something like it. But anyway, when I woke up, I asked if I was saying anything, and I did say something! O_o Anyway, I was the last one to be dropped off, luckily, it didn't rain, and the people in our house was there -- at least I don't have to open the door by myself now! Anyway, as I entered the house, as expected, chubby was so excited. He not only licked me, but also scratched me! Good thing that I was wearing pants. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today, God has made me realize something -- sleep when you are tired. Usually, I don't sleep when I'm tired, I just keep on going. But from what has happened today, I realized that we must take a break once in a while. We must rest in order to bring back at least some of our energy. Hopefully, when class starts, I won't rest too much and not do homework! :P

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Episode Ten: "The" Memories...

My Luggage

When I was already at church, I noticed that I was the one carrying the biggest Luggage! I'm just going to spend a night at Kuhala Bay Resort, but my bag is like the bag I used for 7 days! It's actually embarrassing, but I managed to cover for my bag. ^_^

Kuhala Bay Resort

Before the trip, I got bruised somewhere. A shocking fact about it is that the bruises -- both at my left and right hand, look almost the same. Never mind! Off with the trip then. I joined Jerry Hia and family in their vehicle. We were watching Cinderella O_O. I've never watched Cinderella yet, but I don't watch films while traveling, so I just listened. But there were quite a few times when I watched, maybe because I wanted to see what happened. And because of this, I got dizzy. I didn't tell them because we might have a stop over, but I can still control it. I just looked far away, so I won't feel dizzy anymore. The kids were so funny, when we were actually going uphill on the road, they were screaming: "We're flying!! Weeeee!" And when we were going down, they kept on "weee"-ing. Really made me smile -- but not laugh. Just after the Cinderella film finished, I felt extremely dizzy, I was about to throw up, but I managed to keep myself un-dizzy, and focusing to not throw up. Finally, we arrived at the resort -- I got woozy when I came out, maybe from concentrating too much, but it's worth it. We first went to the session hall actually, we had the gathering there, we also chose our own room mates. Well, my room mates this time were not "evil" of some sort -- thank God! The room was big enough for us, but not for our luggage. It was very hot at that time, and the air-con has just been turned on, so I opened the window. There was no wind blowing in, but when someone opened the door outside, a strong gust went in -- physics! We told James to keep the door open, so wind will come in from the window. We played a while with the window-door stuff, and we finally closed it. We watched T.V. -- anime things till dinner.

"The" Dinner

I just picked a random table, a random chair, and sat down. After praying, I rushed to the buffet table because I was really, really hungry. The food was delicious -- except for the eggplant thing. I sat down and started to eat. My table mates were very active and joyful at that time, discussing about babies and such. One actually said that I will work at SM for her babies, not the Shoe Mart, but the Smokey Mountain. Then, we started talking about what jobs she can do at Smokey Mountain -- bar-coding the trash for easy access, and many more. Because of these things, we laughed endlessly, causing Irene Tanhuanco to say this: "Tama na, hindi ko na makain ung mangue ko.(Stop it, I can't eat my mangue[pronounced as meng-goo])" That made us laugh for probably more than 5 mins. It really made the whole table laugh, making the other table curious of what we were laughing about. Anyway, after that, we had the evaluation. It ended at about 11:30. Pastor Ramon Khu told us that we can do anything we want to from that time on, so we kept ourselves awake. I went up to our room -- but I didn't sleep! (What I did? It's at the next episode)

In Conclusion...

Today is nice, I am very happy that I didn't throw up at the trip, and I'm happy that the food wasn't fish. I thank the Lord for He has given me the chance to go to this trip, and that he has also given me good room mates.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode Nine: Lost Hope, Problem Build-up

Lotsa Miracles.

This morning, I woke up at 10. That was a bad thing already. I need to get out of the house by 10:30 if I want to arrive on-time for our choir 1 practice. Sadly, I still felt sleepy, so, I ate quite slow - 15 mins., and after that, everything became so fast! The taking a bath, the preparation of things -- this time, I didn't forget a single thing(Thank God ^_^), left the house at 11:00am(GMT + 8 always ^_^). The first miracle was my first jeepney ride. Some two ladies(that I think knows who I am) payed for my fare. I really didn't know them; one looked very familiar, the other, i presumed the mother. Well, after that miracle, I hopped on the next jeepney, and that jeep didn't stop -- if there's no person that is near enough, he'll just leave. The last one was actually a challenge, because this trip is always on time -- for the stop light. When we are nearing a stop light, it always turns red -- i mean always! Sadly, because of worrying too much about time, I forgot to pay the driver my fare T_T. Anyway, the last miracle for this morning is the time. I got there at 11:27 (music room time) Wow, God did it again. ^_^

To The Internet Shop!

After practice, I invited Ivan to join me at the Internet shop after eating. But it turned out, he was the one who invited me to go to the internet shop -- without eating, that is.
I gave in -- because they had a friend who plays Audition, and we were both level 8! "This is going to be great!" I told her. And well, it was great. We had a good time ^_^. After that, on the way back to school/church, I bought some food to eat.

Church stuff

I had a practice with Edilyn Chi from 4:30 to 6:00. We were only practicing two songs for the wednesday prayer meeting thing. After that, We had choir practice. There was so significant event on it either. ^_^

Cold Turns to Cough

Yep, my cold yesterday, has turned into a cough. I didn't expect it to happen, but it did. God really works in mysterious ways. Because of my cough, I wasn't able to practice well at the choir 1 rehearsal, and at the church choir rehearsal. I had to conserve my voice for tomorrow. :(

Here it is, the reason for the title.

This is about the thing yesterday, wherein I'm supposed to tell my mom something. It was about the piano. I really need a piano for my studies, because I'm a piano major. It's very hard for me to practice on a keyboard -- no dynamics, no learning. Achi pat proposed something to my mom -- what it is, i cannot tell. The verdict was -- denied. It was so.. ouchie for me. I already thought of the effects of this answer -- I have to stay at school to practice(Yutiam hall), maybe till night? Should I bring a sleeping bag then, so I don't need to go home, just for the practice? Sigh.. I don't want that, I want to be home, I love to be home.

Writing Less...

Sorry I have to write only a few things about today, I just need to sleep early today, because I need to wake up at 5 later. Oh, I almost forgot, I won't be able to write about tomorrow and the following day(Monday), I'm leaving for the camp evaluation of the JSC(X Mark). But I'll write the events as soon as I get back home.. ok?

In Conclusion...

Today is depressing. But I know, God is always there to support me; and, of course, i hope, my friends too. ^_^ I know I can make a way through this problem. I know I can, with God, I can. ^_^

Friday, June 8, 2007

Episode Eight: A Bad Nose Day

The Sibelius Challenge

This morning, when I woke up, I first thought of my composition. "I must encode it," I said to myself. And I did. It's so hard when you really have new stuff that you need to use immedietly, one big example here is Sibelius, a music notation software. It's been more than 2 days now, and I'm still quite confused on some things; but praise God, I somehow remember now how to put notes and such. The Composition 2 has just finished its first theme; now, I'm already at the C major part. This is, by far, the easiest part of the song -- in terms of notes; but in terms of counting, you're gonna have a hard time. The whole song is syncopated -- i never realized it until I started notating it a few weeks before. I'm nearing the end of my written score, and I must start writing the next part again in a few days. I hope it doesn't get more trickier than the first part -- it's where the absolutely syncopated notes are located, as of the moment. O_O

Continuous Allergic Reaction

My Allergic Reaction is pretty bad today. I had it since I woke up. The moment I opened my eyes, a very startling sneeze fully woke me up.
Because of this reaction, I couldn't focus much on the things that I did today, there was only about 65% of concentration, the 35% in focusing on the nose. O_O It's so annoying... T_T because of this lurking allergic reaction, I nearly lost my voice a while ago, when I was at the marching band. But after the marching band, I did not speak anymore -- even until now, as I write this. And right now, I'm still suffering from this evil reaction. I hope that I can find a way to actually get the Allergens™(© from Raid: Insect Killer) away from my nose.


My mom gave me my allowance for today. I'm happy that she didn't forget -- I was the one who forgot it. Hours ago, I was watching Heroes on DVD -- maybe this is the culprit!!! I was not rushing myself at that time, I remembered everything -- except the allowance. Sigh, because of this terrible incident, I was hungry... the whole afternoon. It was only at 6:47pm(GMT+8) when I sipped on a drink. I pity myself, LOL. I should've went back home when I remembered that I forgot it, but I was already halfway. It's a big waste of time if I go back. I am thankful that God did provide for the other things that I have forgotten -- I thought I didn't forget anything else, but I did (LOL). I forgot to bring my Alumni ID for entering school to go to the Marching Band, and one more thing -- I forgot to fill up my bottle of water. Man, I guess I really forget a lot of things. I must make a checklist next time so that I won't forget a thing -- If I don't forget what to put on the list ^_^.

Delayed Message

I was supposed to tell my mom something today. It's about the thing that is required in college. I don't want to tell her now... maybe I'm afraid of what her answer might be. So tonight, as I finish this entry, I will pray about it, and hope that God will answer my prayer. I can't tell what's it about actually, I'll just tell you when It's already approved -- or denied. But I pray that she will approve, and bring a new meaning in to my life. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today is a day of irritations, and surprises. No wonder God is great, He changes anger into joy so much. And He gives blessings more than you can imagine. What YOU must do is to trust Him -- even if He's not visually there, because He is always with you right there, inside your heart. ^_^

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Episode Seven: Preparations

Schedule? Nah..

Today's schedule is not properly arranged i suppose -- there was only 1 schedule that was precise and on time, that was the practice. The other tasks... well, they didn't have a schedule! ^_^

Piano Practice

The moment I came to Yutiam Hall, I started practicing my exercises, and people also started coming in. The first was achi pat, then edilyn yu. Achi pat asked about something, i forgot what actually O_O. But Edilyn Yu(chi) asked about the songs that we were going to perform on wednesday. After choosing the songs, I went back to practicing. This one song that I'm practicing took me more than an hour just to go through a passage without stopping O_O. Anyway, after the very tiresome practice, I proceeded in modifying my compositions. I really had a hard time making the endings in both of my compositions. Because when it comes to musical scores, if it starts in a certain key signature, it should also end with the same key signature. And since my compositions usually change key signatures throughout the song, it's hard to go back to its original key. I spent about more than an hour on my 2nd composition, and in the end, i just gave up and told myself that I could do it after I finish encoding the score into the computer.

Journey to the Shop - the Computer Shop

I decided to play a while after all those hardwork. I planned to go to my favorite internet shop, but it was full. I went to the other one, and still it was full. I finally ended up in the most expensive internet cafe (P25/hr) in the vicinity. The first game that I played was Audition. As I was playing, I noticed my reflexes in my fingers were slowing down, maybe from the extensive practice that I had. The games were actually exciting, but I was quite disappointed because I really couldnt hear anything from the game because of the high pitched noises and bad words coming from the mouths of my neighbors. O_O Anyway, I got bored in some way because I couldn't hear anything. And then, I played o2jam, and there was only 1 song that I could hear clearly because that was the loudest song in the game, and I was at least happy that I could hear something. At my last 15 minutes, I played audition again, and I finally found a room wherein they play the beat up mode, a kind of game in Audition which is a lot like o2jam, but o2jam is far better >:)

Back To School

After that not so good playing time (at least i was able to play, and I thank God for that ^_^), I went back to school. I found some friends there, some CMLI people, and finally, Gillian Siasin! This was the woman who made my day! I think God sent her, because I was really hungry at that time! Thank you Lord for giving her money, that I may be able to eat banana cue, and buy her water too! Sad thing is that i would've bought the non-cold one, I actually thought she would like the cold one because during the break in our choir practice on Saturdays, she always drinks cold water, so I came to a conclusion that I should buy the cold one. But she didn't like it, saying that Achi pat will get mad at me. Maybe in the back of her head, she's telling me that she would like to thank me for buying cold water, I hope achi pat doesn't see it. O_O Anyway, practice time came, and we practiced of course! Sadly, I was the only bass during at that time. Isen, and some other basses didn't come again! Charmaine told me Isen went home already after the orientation of ateneo students, because it was already late. Sigh, I hope Isen still came to practice, so we can meet on when to battle. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today is such a good day, though i had a rough start, it had a grand ending, and I know God is behind all these things. I thank Him for all the things that had happened today. ^_^