Monday, October 24, 2011

Entry #15: Oops.

Hello. Guess what I'm writing today. Nothing! XD I really don't know what to write about today, but know that when I think about something interesting, i'll surely be writing about it here. This post is to acknowledge that I'm still alive, and sort of kicking. XD

See you soon. :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entry #14: Cross-Eyed Woman!

This event is probably the most memorable today.

Cross-eyed Woman

No, I am not discriminating cross-eyed people; as a matter-of-fact, I'm amazed by them. And I even know people who are cross-eyed! Just this morning, as I was commuting towards the University of Santo Tomas, I hopped on to this jeep. As I sat down, I look around like I always do, I guess it's something like a routine. I must have learned this from reading the Maximum Ride series! XD. Since, this paragraph is getting out of hand, I believe it is time to continue with my story. As I was looking around, I suddenly see this woman who is extremely cross-eyed, to the point that the left eyeball (when you are facing the woman) cannot be seen any longer, and the right eyeball is to the extreme right. My first reaction was not to look; but then I suddenly looked back with a surprised face. Eyes wide open while keeping composure. That kind of face. Of course, embarrassed, I look away. I hope she didn't feel uncomfortable. =s I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, I was just surprised, and amazed at the same time to see something so epic. Sorry.. :'(

What? No Rehearsal? Nyuuuu-Oh wait!

Upon my arrival to the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (yes, insert sarcasm there. XD): actually, after buying my dose of Simple Line goodness, I see one of my friends, Val with his other friend from a film-making school here in the Philippines doing some filming. My sentence construction is pretty bad today. I can't believe I never mentioned that the doors to Recital Hall 2 was locked (because that's the place where I'm supposed to have a rehearsal today; that is, for the junior recital of a composition major. Wait. Did I not mention that I accepted something like that? Oops. Sorry. XD Now you know. LOL). So I actually ended up helping them to film for their project. Well, it was a nice experience. XD Cool, if I may add. But honestly, getting those lines memorized in such a short time takes a lot of skill. I guess I need to re-study my cramming mastery. I was good at it back then; but now, all hope is lost. I believe that music must be the reason why I can't cram that much anymore: Music cannot be crammed, after all. XD

Slight Memories of..

The rehearsal with at the MPO school of music. The journey towards MPO was epic. It was raining so hard. My shoes got wet inside-out, and the back of my shirt got soaked because of the malfunctioning anti-rain system of a tricycle. What's worse? When I boarded the LRT-2, the rain stopped. Yes. You heard that right. What perfect timing! Well, with this knowledge, I am dumbfounded by how God could just test you right there. "Will you still go to MPO even if it rains THIS hard?" that was actually the question on my mind when I was about to start my journey towards MPO. Well, I just replied: "Of course! I said I'll go, why would any rain stop me from going there?! XD". I hope I could also do that with my walk. =s xD

That's It!

Yay! More progress! I know that not many people read this blog (or maybe no one reads it at all. xD), but at least I'm still keeping up with this blogging thing. XD If ever you stumbled upon this page, by any chance, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I checked the dashboard today, and noticed that 1 person viewed my blog today. That one person inspired me to write another entry for today. Thank you one person, you have successfully encouraged me! KUDOS TO YOU! :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Entry #13: Walking

This represents the majority of my actions today. Walking.


Today was another day of travelling. Today, I had no time to practice. Even as I write this, my body is too tired to commence practicing. I must try again tomorrow. Anyway, walking is the main issue today; In addition to my walking requirements to go to LRT-1, LRT-2, and the Jeepney going to Libis, I also had to walk pretty far today: from LRT-2 Recto station to Simple Line! Ahh, the things I would do for Simple Line. XD While the walk was a bit dangerous (not much people walking + it was already past 5 in the afternoon), it was well-worth it. I guess I burned another few calories there. 

Simple Line!

Well, I really don't remember the last time I had a drink from this awesome milk tea place. XD I missed the taste of that yummy drink. Today I ordered something out of my routinary routine: Caramel Black Milk Tea (50% sweet, less ice). I waited a while, since there was no Black Tea available. The people working at this Franchise of Simple Line somehow recognized me from the last time I was there (that was the time when I saw Gilbert and Dianne, and the store owners had our picture taken with our drinks. xD). I guess I'm that memorable? The drink tasted better than the last time, as I ordered the same drink but I only chose 80% sweet added; but I think I'll have to decrease the sweet to an even lower percentage next time, as I did find it a little bit too sweet. Man, the adjectives describing small have been overused here, just a little bit. XD

I Stuttered

A first, if I may say so myself. I really did not stutter like stuttering people do, but I sort of stuttered on what to say to the jeepney driver today when he asked me where I was going. I told him a lot of places, probably more than 4, in succession. And I was able to say the correct destination. I felt embarrassed because I was out-of-the-zone, but hey, everyone gets out of the zone sometimes too! D:<. It's just that it happens with me more often than others. LOL.

That's It!

Well, as you can see, the post is now longer. Yay! That's awesome news, at least for me. Today was tiring, having to walk to and from a lot of places. Well, at least I'm having that exercise that I need. It'll be easier to get thin because of this! Yay! See you soon! :)

Entry #12: The Travel Back Home

This. Caused me a little embarrassment today. XD

Travelling, to and fro

Well, travelling has been the main topic the past few days. Taking a total of 4 hours to go to and fro the MPO School of Music Located in Libis, Quezon City. For the past rehearsals, I was blessed by God by this certain person by the name of Iqui! :D I would always get a free ride to an LRT station (Roosevelt), which makes my travel less stressful. Thanks ate Iqui! XD. But of course, today is different. She was not able to come to rehearsal today, and I am faced with that fact that I'll be commuting my way home. It's a good thing that I had some companions still (Mau and Pachi! XD), and they made the travel less boring. 

What about this 'this'?

Well, today is the first time I have bought Stored Value Tickets from both LRT Line 1 and Line 2. Well, as I compare both of them, they both have that printed side, and the not-so-printed side. Well, apparently, that side right there (yes, I'm pointing to the picture) was the correct side for LRT 2. And I failed. It's a good thing there was this woman who told me that I wrongfully did the wrong thing. Does that mean I did the right thing? Does two wrongs make a right? Will I ever see the next day? When will I stop asking questions? I don't know. Oh there, I stopped. XD

That's It.

Ha! Will my entries be short bursts of words from this moment on? I tried to think of something else to write, but it seems that this is the only thing I could write about. The other parts I really don't remember as much. XD Well, I'll try to remember more things next time! :) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Entry #11: Short Update!

Wow, I never knew I'd make two entries in a single day! XD

Well, last entry, I talked about my not being too fond of the trumpet. Guess what? I talked to our conductor, and she agreed that I play the piano instead! Yay! :D It's amazing how God works huh? :D But I do hope and continue to hope that we'll find a replacement for my vacant brass spot. I'm sure God will provide one in no time! :D Now, I'm okay with going to rehearsals, because it will be the piano I will be using to make music. Aww. No, I'm not being racist with the trumpet, it's just that the trumpet has given me some bad memories. Aww. XD I'd rather not talk about that, since this is supposed to be a happy post! :D

That's It. 

I'll write more soon. I hope :D See you later! xD

Entry #10: What Sembreak?

Uhm, yay. Sembreak is currently ongoing. But what sembreak?

No Rest

I guess this is one of those times when people wished they had a lot of time to sleep and do stuff that they want to do whenever they have a break in between semesters. But I guess I'm not one of those people who are actually privileged to do so! Why is it so, if you may ask? It's because I'm in this little chamber orchestra. And I'm tasked to play the trumpet: one of the few things I really was not that fond of. Well, sort of. Our practices for the whole break would be literally taking out my Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and hopefully only a little of my Saturdays. Kind of depressing really, but I have to cope up and keep up. Honestly, I don't want to take part in this, because I knew it would really eat up my semestral break; I just took it to help out a friend. And its probably taking its toll. Well, my heart is not in this, but if God willed it to be so, and if He really wants me to join this orchestra thing, who am I to object, right? XD

Piano Time

Honestly, with the orchestra practices in motion, I'm sad, and kind of upset that I'm not having time (almost literally) to practice my major. This is a very sad and depressing thing. The time I could have consumed to study piano is transformed into that time I need to get to the practice location; which by the way, is about two hours away from home. Imagine: 4 hours total travel time to go there and get home! That would have been more than enough for a day's worth of practice right there! Sometimes, I would almost cry, as I was not able to practice my pieces, not even once for that day (like the past 3 weeks, when I had to do a lot of schoolwork.) I really did think that I would have enough time this break to make some progress with my pieces, but it seems that I can't find any time. The only time I had to practice was only yesterday, but I was only able to practice for about an hour because I was really tired from commuting from such a faraway place. I do thank God for yesterday, because I was able to practice, even for just a little while. Even with all these busy things going on, I'm sure God will give me enough time to finish this Kreisleriana by Schumann. :D

That's It.

I have nothing else left to say. LOL. Well, at least the post is a wee bit longer than the post before, and that's progress in itself! XD. Like I said, these things that which are happening in my life right now may not be what I want, I will still hold on to that fact that God has His perfect timing, and whatever happens, all of these things will work out for good. Who knows? God might just be giving me a lesson on "socializing-with-people-who-you-do-not-know-much-because-you-have-to-talk-to-them-to-get-somewhere 101". Right? XD Well, I'll see you later. Hopefully this would not be the end of my blogging spree. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Entry #9: Eh?

It has been terribly, terribly long.

Yeah. I know. My life has certainly been a mess ever since college. As you might have noticed, the posts have been becoming fewer and fewer as my life as a college student began. Ha, I don't even know if people read this blog! XD It has been more than a year since this blog has been frozen. But I still look at it: not as often, but I still do. And I even wonder of that day when I'll be able to write again.Guess what? I wrote one just now! XD

Currently, it is the Finals week in our college. Music Acoustics has been the pain in the behind since last Friday, but I have no worries. I believe in His perfect timing, and that his timing is always perfect! ALWAYS! 

While I may encounter a whole lot of problems regarding this finals paper, I believe that God would help me with this, at least on the idea of how it should be.

That's It. XD
Well, I guess that's all for today. This might be the start of a new daily thang, I'll do my best, don't worry. :D It seems too short for me now; but hey, I'm just starting over again. Give me a little more time, and I think my entries will become longer. :D