Thursday, October 13, 2011

Entry #11: Short Update!

Wow, I never knew I'd make two entries in a single day! XD

Well, last entry, I talked about my not being too fond of the trumpet. Guess what? I talked to our conductor, and she agreed that I play the piano instead! Yay! :D It's amazing how God works huh? :D But I do hope and continue to hope that we'll find a replacement for my vacant brass spot. I'm sure God will provide one in no time! :D Now, I'm okay with going to rehearsals, because it will be the piano I will be using to make music. Aww. No, I'm not being racist with the trumpet, it's just that the trumpet has given me some bad memories. Aww. XD I'd rather not talk about that, since this is supposed to be a happy post! :D

That's It. 

I'll write more soon. I hope :D See you later! xD

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