Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entry #22: It Gets Harder.

Man, I can't believe it!

Life is getting harder and harder as time goes by. And by that, I mean, its getting really hard for me to write here in my lovely blog. I really don't know why, but I'm somewhat not compelled to write anymore. Maybe because of the many busy things that I need to do not only in school, in church, but also at home. I could say I'm a busy person, and I have only but little time for myself. I'm not saying that I'll stop writing blog entries and close this blog. No. All I'm saying is that I won't be posting as often as I usually do (well, it has already taken effect, as you can see XD). But oh well, I'll do my best, I always will.


Finally, a real vacation~! This is my first ever vacation wherein I get to do nothing. Absolutely nothing -- no church work, no school work, no computer work. NOTHING! It feels great to just sit back and relax, eventually end up sleeping. Though it may be a little boring for me, since I don't like to be idle, it was worthwhile. We went to Tagaytay by the way. We left for Tagaytay on Dec. 26, 2008 at about 4pm. We got to the house by seven I think, because of the amazing traffic that's caused by... you got that right (I think?>_<) Traffic Enforcers! They make traffic in Tagaytay XD. I sure hope that they'll come and handle the traffic WHEN THE PEOPLE NEED IT. LOL. So yeah, going back on topic, it was freaking cold out there, the moment we went out of our vehicle, everybody was saying :"Paki baba naman ang aircon!(Could you please turn down the aircon! XD)" That night was a mess, everything was in shambles. But at least everything got in order the next day. We stayed a total of 2 days and 2 nights out there, and we just got back yesterday. We were all tired from the journey, even our dog, chubby, went right to his 'depot' and started sleeping the moment we arrived. Granado Espada Life

Well, 80% of my Christmas Vacation pretty much revolves around Granado Espada. Just last week, I got into a little fight with a in-game friend of mine, just because I didn't tell him that I was not going back to a map that I kept on dying. It was just a little thing really, but this person kept on fueling the flame of anger, thus, we're not friends anymore. I do hope he'll come back and say sorry for what he has done, for I know I have done nothing wrong. I never wanted to have an enemy in-game, and I do my best for all my members in my faction. :) Anyway, the following message is for all my friends who don't play GE because of their many different reasons: "PLAY GRANADO ESPADA! DAMMIT!" (lol) I miss you guys, and I have a lot of lowbie stuff to give ^_^(no offense). And to those who don't have a clue on what I'm saying, Granado Espada is a cool MMORPG, because you could recruit NPC's and have 3 characters out at the same time. If ever you want to give it a try, you could visit:
I'm residing in Bach server, my family name there is Esponge. Give me a pm if you're online! Just tell me who you are though, lol~! But then again, I'll be happy to help anyone :)

That's about it for this entry.

I'm actually still tired to think of what to write. But anyway, I'll probably add them when i think of something. See you around. ^_-


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entry #21: I'm Back XD

Yeah, you got that right!

LOLz, I'm finally back from Zamboanga, even though that was a week ago. This post was supposed to be last week's, but I had no chance whatsoever to 'make' the post. I'm currently making a flash presentation (I think that would be better) of my trip to Zamboanga. I'll upload it here soon. Yay XD I had a nice trip generally, with some(actually, quite a lot) of unexpected, unlikely, unpleasant events; nevertheless, I'm still happy that I was given a chance to get to Zamboanga. Food was also generally nice(except the food in the hotel, uh-oh).


Whoa, I had a seatwork on the exact same day when I came back from Zamboanga! It has so happen that my professor in Natural Sciences - General Sciences, gave the class an assignment, to make a paper on the different branches of science. It was pretty hard to do, that's because I had little time: the deadline is around 4:00pm, but I only had 1 hour to actually make this seatwork. I had classes from 2 to 4, which would probably mean I won't reach the deadline. :/ But I actually did reach the deadline, somehow, because our professor in Solfeggio dismissed us earlier. But I think I still didn't get to pass my seatwork on time, that's because my classmate asked me to wait for her to finish... =( sad. I finished my work 15 mins before the said time, and I had to wait for her to finish too, and she finished at around 4:05( O_O!! Over the deadline!) I tried to look for our professor, but couldn't find her. I had already gave up on the thought of finding her, when she finally showed up! O_O. I gave it to her, along with my reason for not being able to pass on time. She said it was okay, but she was sort of "threatening" me that she might lose the papers due to my late submission. If only I got there earlier. If only she finished earlier. No hard feelings to this person who asked me to wait for her, I'm not mad at her, I'm taking it lightly, as it is only a seatwork. Not much of a big deal. Well, that's enough with NatSci, lets go to Theory! I missed the second day of theory class because I was at Zamboanga already at that time. When I got back, well.... I sort of became a noob again at music theory. I got a lot of mistakes in my works, I got an amnesia!! O_O!! But just this last thursday, I got some of the knowledge back in my brain, as I was working on another exercise given by our professor. It was quite fun, and mind-blowing in a sense. XD

People. =(

At around a week before I was to leave for Zamboanga, I recieved a call from a person from my alma matter (a.k.a. St. Stephen's High School) asking me to play for his presentation. I did say no to him, telling him that I AM A BUSY PERSON, and I know that I won't be able to handle such task. And yet he still insisted I play, I resisted, and still he insisted. In the end, I lost (I always do, i rarely win arguments like these. Maybe I should win some next time, by actually walking out/putting the phone down without a goodbye/acting very mad/threatening the person. HAHA, like I could do that). A few weeks later, about 2 I think, he calls me again, and as I have told him, I'm busy XD. I even told him what I told him before: that I was busy and I might not be able to do the task. He asked for a rehearsal with the group, but I had no free time at that time. Haha. I knew this would happen. I made him 'suffer' for forcing me to play for this special event. Right now, I got only less than a week to prepare for the rehearsals this sunday, hopefully I could be able to do it, and do it nicely too. Its okay if I don't recieve anything, but somehow, I want something (even food would do, in rare cases).

That's It.

Please do wait for the flash presentation on my journey to Zamboanga, I'll do my best to make it fast. ^_^;

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Entry #20: Operation: Flood-Protect!

Mission Accomplished!

Whew, this was a tough day for me. I'm supposed to practice my pieces for the concert which is gonna happen next week already, and yet I had to stop practicing. Why is that you ask? That's because the house is in danger: Flood wants to dominate the house! I quickly went to the flood hotspots to check on their situation:

The Bathroom - The Bowl is making that odd Poring sound... !!! That just means that the water outside is rising!

The Outside-of-the-Bathroom - Its WET EVERYWHERE!! The endpart is suffering from major flashfloods coming from the roof!

The Outside - Suspiciously un-flooded!

Total Situation Percentage : The house is in danger.!!!

I had to work quickly, [sadly, not efficiently] to seal all entry points of the underworld water that was slowly creeping the entrances to our home. It was a hard task, since I'm the only one at home today. After a few whopping moments, I thought everything was sealed. I then proceeded to check on the bathroom. The water was quickly rising inside the bathroom (the bathroom was lower than the actual floor of the first floor) and so I needed to set up the water pump! I found the pump easily; but the hose was nowhere to be found! I called my mom to ask on the whereabouts of Mr. water pump hose. I was really panicking, because the water level in the bathroom is at its critical point, and I have to find that hose fast, or else, the house will be infested with floodwater!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After a few more phonecalls to my mom, because she forgot where she put the water-pump-hose, I finally found the hose. I quickly unpacked the package and prepared the pump to pump. After a few failed attempts (meaning the pump did not succeed in transferring water to the outside world, meaning that the hose lost its grip on the pump sending eewey floodwater everywhere) I finally succeeded, and the water level in the bathroom was slowly going down. To make the long story short(even though I already narrated more than half of the event), I successfully prevented the flood from getting inside our lovely home. The Mission was a success!! ^^;

Cut it short once more.

I really have to cut it short again. XD I don't have enough time to write a long entry once more. *sigh*. Sorry XD Till the next entry!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Entry #19: Fatiguation - New Mondie Word

Well, well, well.

HA!~!! Its a new post. ^_^ Hello there everyone, even if there might be only 1 or 2 people actually reading this post. XD I would first like to thank you for actually coming here to read today's Entry, well. Off we go! ^^;

A Lot of Emoticons!!

Yes, as you've noticed, I've been using a lot of emoticons lately, I myself am annoyed sometimes by these letters-joined-to-look-like-a-picture emoticons. I don't know... Maybe I'm too EMO lately?!! WAHAHAHAHAH. ^_^; Hmm, I guess it would be a lot better if I just used REAL emoticons... like this:
How's that for starters, huh? Expect to see a lot more of these cute cats.

Semestral (Word Removed)!

He..he..he.. a lot of people have been telling me that I'm so lucky to have a semestral break this long. Well, guess what? I DON'T HAVE A SEMESTRAL BREAK!!!
What I'm actually doing this sem "break" is going to school for rehearsals in a broadway thingy to be held this December; watch the broadway thingy! okay? ^_^; And also, I have to practice (when I get home) for my first-ever concert(not solo) in my whole life! Its gonna be fun, and majorly... scary. As I was practicing the pieces, well, I noticed I missed a lot of dynamic markings.. sad.

Thats... It, sadly XD

It looks too abrupt to end it, but.. I have to end it, because I have to eat dinner right now, catch you later!

P.S. Oops, I mean, catch you next week

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Entry #18: The Resurrection


Its been one hell of a long time since I posted in this blog. According to the tagboard to the right side, its dead -- of course... IT WAS. But now, I am here to resurrect the long buried blog. Now is the time. I'm sorry, its been so long since I wrote here.. that's because my life as always has been a whole lot busy ever since the semester started. But now, as you can see, I'm eventually having time again for everything ^_^. I honestly don't know what to write at this moment, but I'll try my best. ^_^

What has happened in the past 4(or so) months?

Nothing has happened really. Just a lot of assignments. And Major assignments too. I'm now studying for my exams this coming march. That's one hell of an achievement for me. Let's see... Well, my characters in Granado Espada are all over 70 now, most of them at level 80. ^_^ And... Granado Espada is going to have a server merge the following week, so I have to rush leveling my other lowbies. ^_^ I could say that the past 4 months has been quite stressful with all of those assignments and other stuffs (whether it be church or school or personal stuffs). Ahh, its too hard to... compress everything in a capsule! Well, I guess I'll just start from scratch next week.

What's Happening Right Now?

Ugh.. let's see... Oh, yes. It's the finals week this week. We just had our Counterpoint and Theory Finals today, and... I don't feel too confident with my Counterpoint finals.. I do pray that I don't fail in that subject; on the other hand, I think I will pass inTheory (Music Theory..). I just felt so happy answering those thingies. I'll update you about it next week. ^_^

That's It.. for now. ^_^

Well, it seems that this post is extremely short. ^_^ But don't worry. I'll try to tell you a lot of things that will transpire this week. Stay tuned.!

P.S. I didn't know that today was a Tuesday. seriously. It must be coincidence. LOL ^_^;

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry # 17: It's Been Soo Long! XD


Gawsh, its been so long already since i last posted an entry T_T. How amazing life could be eh? With all those busy stuffs going on here and there about music and of course about school, not to mention about the upcoming Major events in my life XD. Its been a while, I don't know if this post would be long, just wait and see I guess.

My Granado Espada Life

LOL. Why do I write about this, you may ask? That's because I'm already loving the game. Right now, I already have my Emilia the Sage (Wizard) and My Catherine (summoner of pwnage dolls :)) reach the Veteran Status (level 100). My other characters, meanwhile, are trying to catch up with them. ^_^ I really hope I get them to the veteran status as well soon. Miserable. I'd really want to buy GPoints, but I figured that its just.... well, too expensive~! If I would buy GPts., then I would just buy another Limited Edition Box instead, because the cost of that Box is now 1,500 pesos only! :O! With this box, contains 35k Gpoints! If you'll check out the price of the box with its contents, you'd probably see a win-win situation like me! It costs 750 pesos to purchase 18k Gpoints. You see, if you double that, it would amount to 1,500 pesos already, with 36k Gpoints. But if you'll look at the Limited Edition Box, it only costs 1,500 pesos! The box contains the Emilia the Sage character chard! 35k Gpoints! Installer of GE! and also, a soundtrack of GE! It's like spending only 1k Gpoints to have the Emilia the Sage character, the Sountrack, and all the other freeeeeeeebies! Isn't that amazing?!!! ^_^ Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be buying a limited edition box again, but if given a chance, maybe I'd buy one once more since it's cheapie already :D.

My Music Life, in General

Currently, I'm having a lot of difficulties in my studies in music. That's because I'm being taught toooooo many instruments. I just couldn't say it to my mentor, who has been wanting me to learn a whole lot of instruments like the organ, the trumpet, and even voice! XD In my opinion, it's alright to teach me new instruments, but I'm currently a student in college, specifically in the conservatory of music. Think about it. I now have to divide my attention from practicing the piano, to the other instruments. I really don't think it's a bad thing, I just thought that maybe, just maybe, its too much for me. My piano assignments are already killing me, just so you know, and to add these other musical stuff.... well, I could end up dead! X_x I want to be good in playing the piano, I want to be the best that I can be in playing the piano, maybe I could learn the other instruments when I'm already good at playing the piano... Argh, so many 'piano's XD.

The Blog

Seriously, I don't know if I could continue writing here in this blog. Like I said in the tagboard, life has been busy for me ever since classes started -- correction: even before classes started. I really had no vacation. NO VACATION! I didn't even have time to sleep. T_T But anyway, I'll still try to give my best to post here. The blog title... well, I'll change that some other time, along with the change of layout as well. I really pray that God would give me time to actually make my own layout for the blog, so it would look uniquely Mondie~ ^_^. (Wow, I already see the new Blog title XD).


LOL. I couldn't write anything anymore. Hmm.... Ah! I know! I'm now working on a new composition! It sounds so familiar, that I think I don't want to finish it. It's another "EMO" composition because it started in a minor key yet once more. But hey, I always try my best to brighten up the mood when it goes to the chorus part :). Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on what happens with my new composition. Maybe I'll give it to Joy Fellowship, for them to use it for Singspirations, or maybe I'll give it to the Choir, to sing it in the Church. Who knows? XD Oh, and I also plan to continue my original goal for the "I Confess" song, I think I'll make it into a choir piece for the CMLI group in SSHS. Hopefully, I finish that soon. Well, I'm all out of things to say. See you the next time I post! woot XD.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Entry # 16: My Apologies!

Apology and Surprise

I'm so sorry for not being able to write the entries for the past 3 weeks already. It's just that I have been so busy, and the Tuesday was that busy day. With that in mind, I plan to change the blog's title again! ^_^; Hopefully, my blog title won't be derived from a book anymore ^_^ LOL.

I forgot.

I'm very sorry that I had forgotten what had happened two weeks ago. Its because of a very, very surprising event that had transpired yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I should be at my former high school because of choir practice, but I had to attend to someone's debut. More on that later. I'll try to do my best to remember anything i can ^_^.

Some Few Things I can Remember.

Aside from the very unforgettable moment, here are some few things that I could remember. Last last Thursday was the beginning of my Organ Lessons with Mr. Salarza. Well, I felt really nervous (meaning, my funny but not so funny anymore behavior creeped in). I did.. well... pretty good. ^_^. I just had these mistakes on the fingers used in playing. I admit, I was unprepared at that time. And well, I was also unprepared the second time around. But hey, he somehow enjoyed how I played my assignments. ^_^; As for my Major, I did not do any good 2 weeks ago. It was then that I came to a realization: my lessons never moved since February! I absorbed it. Then, I started to practice very carefully. I still needed a little more improvement last week, so I practiced harder. And just this week, I finally got off Bach's Sinfonia # 3. And that was such a fulfilling moment :P About my voice lessons. Last last week I was doing okay, except for the fact that I don't want to see myself in the mirror. Honestly, I don't know why I don't want to look at myself in front of the mirror when there are people around me. Anyway, I did good 2 weeks ago. Last week, well, I sang crappily because of my aching tonsils. it hurt T_T. This week, Mr Conrado gave me a pep talk on my "self-defense mechanism". I gotta say that he was correct. But really, I don't "chicken out" like that in formal occassions ^_^.

The Debut~

Well, this would be the main event of the entry. I went to a debut of my college classmate, Medz, in Quezon City (Aberdeen Court / Great Eastern Hotel). I went there thinking that I will just attend the debut because she invited me. Okay... I was there at about 5:30pm. I went to check the "suite" called "Ruby Suite". When I got there, there was no one. As in nobody. I just saw a few people preparing the place for the debut. I went back out, realizing that I would be obviously and OP person. I went to the men's room to fix my necktie -- my spongebob necktie! ^_^ I read in an article somewhere over the net that you could wear generic clothing (or mundane clothing) but be sure to have something that would make you unique. In this case, the Spongebob necktie made me unique. I met my classmate Jeffrey at the men's room and we had a little chitchat about being early and so on. I wanted to go back to the Suite already, so I told him that we'd see each other later and I went back. As I have arrived at the place, I saw there are already a few people; but hey, still, I was out-of-placed in the suite for 30 secs. Then, Medz' friend approached me and told me to take a seat. And there I waited for about 4 mins. until some more of my college friends showed up. ^_^ So there we were, chitting and chatting about nearly everything. Then that same person who told me to sit down a while ago re-approached me, moments before the débutante was going to enter the hall/suite. She told me that I was going to be the Escort of the débutante tonight. I stopped. Thought for a few seconds. What? Me? Escort? Now? Impromptu? Huh? Wha-- I couldn't say no. Sighing, I stood up. And right at that moment, the moment I stood up, all of the other guests stood up as well; later on, I realize that the débutante was already walking down the "catwalk". I stood there, looking at the debutante, looking back at the Emcee a.k.a. girl-who-told-me-that-I-was-going-to-be-the-escort, and then back at the debutante again. So now, confusion was getting to me. What do I do? =.= Anyway, I proceeded somewhere near the stage. I waited for the emcee's signal for me to join the débutante. After the emcee gave the signal, well, there I went near the debutante to help up get up the stage. As we sat down, the first thing I told her is... Why me? T_T She replied so quickly and told me that it wasn't her fault. It was the emcee's fault. She just knew that she was going to have an escort as she was just going to the Ruby Suite. Well, I got surprised, and she got surprised. The event went on, starting with a worship service -- I personally prefer it to be a thanksgiving service -- and after that, it was the 18 candles. It's a good thing that I needed not to stand beside her as the 18 candles were taking place. I was not-so-happily sitting there, trying to act as casual as I could (when I could've just acted so normally =.=) to prevent myself from getting attention from the people. Actually, the moment I sat down there, I already felt nearly all eyes looking at me, and I didn't feel quite good. Anyway, during the 18 candles thingy, food arrived. Yay, food! But wait. I need to wait for the debutante to finish before I can eat the food.. Sigh. And so I waited, maybe like 10 mins or so, until the debutante finished the 18 candles thingy. I re-escorted her back to her chair, which I had to carry back up to the stage, place it neatly on the stage, and move it back so the debutante could sit down properly and hassle-free. Finally, I could eat. One thing that I don't like about being the Escort is that when you are there up on the stage, its almost impossible, if not hard, to get seconds. I envy those people down there at their oh so large round tables eating a nearly buffet-style (minus the lining up, because the food were on their tables). They could eat as much as they can... lucky for those people who have table-mates who don't eat that much, they could eat as much as they want(hey, isn't that the Nova commercial? Eat as much as you want? XD) Anyway, we had a little chat about the people who were there at the event. She introduced me to the people at the different tables. I totally forgot all that she said about them. LOL. Anyway, after about 15 mins. maybe, the debutante was asked to go to the different tables to take a picture. I was almost relieved that I did not need to go with her. THINK AGAIN! Because of the advice of a woman that I don't know (maybe the organizer?) I was forced to go with her. Wait, not necessarily forced, it was my duty. I so much hate impromptu duties. But I had no other choice. I went with her to the different tables, carrying her long "end-dress" around(Hope you get the context.. I don't know what's it called XD). After finishing half of the guests, we had to postpone the other half to give way for the 18 roses. We went back to the stage and sat down -- oops, it was only me who went to the stage. ^_^ By the way, I forgot to mention that the stage was very, very much unstable. When both of us sit down this deleterious stage, the table moves, and so does the drinks; thus, the reason why I don't move much when I was sitting down on the stage. The 18 roses began already, I was just there at the stage, looking at the happenings just a few meters from me. One came after the other; but when the 12th or 14th one was called, the emcee walked towards me, stopped right in front of me, and told me to "twirl" her around. AHHHHH~~ T_T Total torture for me!! I don't even know how to twirl a person around. LOLx. After the last person, it was my turn. As the emcees announced my name, there was a thunderous rave from the guests, which made me... well, quite uncomfy. ^_^ So there we were, dancing on the quite old-looking marble floor. I told her that I had to twirl her around. She was quite surprised.... I think. I tried to twirl her, but I got the wrong timing. We have failed our first trial. In our second trial, I think it was quite successful. ^_^ The people roared. LOL. I thought that it was over, when the cameraman told us to do it again because he wasn't able to get a decent shot of this twirling action. Man, T_T. Okay, we did it for the last time, and it was yet another successful twirl. We danced a few more seconds and it had finally stopped. Yay! Thank goodness there was an intermission number from the debutante's church-mates, which gave me time to rest. It was clearly visible that they didn't prepare that much, and their movements were quite repetitive all throughout the performance, but I understood why it was so. They could've been busy with a lot of things, and I think that they were informed having only a little time to practice. After that performance, it was now time for the 18 special gifts. I thought yet once more that I would just be sitting around just like what happened in the earlier 18's, but I thought wrong yet once again. I stood beside her as she sat down. She was sitting down!! T_T It was another torture moment for me once again. ^_^. I stood there as the almighty personal assistant of the debutante, getting the gifts and placing them on the stage one after the other. The 18 special gifts were finally done. I could see no person in line anymore. They must have gotten back to their seats already. This was the moment when the emcees told the guests that I was an impromptu escort (was this the time? or was it earlier? I forgot ^_^) and they even asked for a message from me for the debutante. AHHHHHH~~ another impromptu thingy! An Impromptu message T_T. Well, I tried to tell her some few things, like she was already legal for being jailed, and many other things that I have forgotten because it was an impromptu speech. After that, the organization of the debut was gone. It was because maybe the event was finished already, and people could go home. We went on to the other tables to finish the picture taking session that was postponed a while go. After that was the cake cutting ceremony. Thank God, I did not need to feed her the cake XD. That would be a super-blush moment for me. After that, there was the picture-taking of the different friends and families of the debutante. And after that, I bade goodbye to Medz, as I needed to go home to practice for the offertory.

This is still not finished.

I'll finish it later on tonight, I'm really sorry, I just need to go to school right now. ^_^

-post ended 1:22pm, still unfinished, due later on this evening.-

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Entry # 16: To be Continued.

I'm Sorry.

I'm supposed to make a post right now, but I didn't have enough time because of a lot of circumstances and disturbances (mostly because of GE). I do promise to post my post tomorrow. Thank you~ and sorry again. T_T

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Entry # 15: Better Left Alone

New Layout!

Yeah yeah! New layout! ^_^ I hope you liked it. It's still blue, because for some odd reason, I like blue for my blog.

P.S. Entry

This Entry is supposed to be made tomorrow, but oh well, I don't want late posts to happen again, so here I am, posting >:) Off we go!

E-Games Domination II Event

I was able to attend this E-Games Domination Event just this Sunday! At first, I was quite nervous, since I don't have anyone to accompany me; but my brother suddenly wanted to go too, so there. I actually had a companion in going to the said event! When we got to the place, SMX Convention Center (The one beside the SM Mall of Asia), I got quite excited, confused, and well, anxious. It's a big event... I know it is. It's because the event is E-Games' 2nd Anniversary, and most probably, there would be a lot of people wanting to go in. As we got to the front of the SMX, something bothered me. It was a line of people. Huh? That's odd. In all the Granado Espada Events that I have gone to, I have never seen a line that long. I thought that maybe that was the line for the non-pre-registered people. But I thought wrong. Just like what I have forepredicted (for some unknown reason, I was expecting a long line even before I left for SMX), that line was for all the people coming to the event. Me and my brother glanced and glared upon the long line for a few moments, thinking of what to do: to go and line up, or to go home? I took out the going home option, and decided to go to the end of the line, get it? LOL. Reread that sentence >:) Anyway, as I stood there, waiting for the line to actually move, I was eating this OREO that some kid gave to me at church. (Btw, this was during a Sunday) Just ate one, since I might want to give my brother some, just in case he wants to eat. So, okay. Miraculously, after eating that one piece of semi-cracked OREO biscuit, the line moved a little. Just a few steps. Hey, that's progress you're looking at. Don't underestimate the power of a few steps! In just a few minutes (Maybe 7 or 8 mins) the line moved again. And again. And again. Skipping all the quite senseless events, me and my brother finally got in the venue of the event, after an hour. My blood tingled with excitement as we go up the escalator to the second floor, where the event is held. After finally getting inside, I had do decide what to do first. And most probably, you might think that I would go to the Granado Espada booth first right? Well, you're absolutely....... Wrong about that! *Evil Laugh* Joke. :P I did go to the Granado Espada Booth first. Upon getting there, I did not know what to do. I looked at the carton given to me by the guy at the entrance. As I looked at it more closely, I realized that it was the map of the whole place. I read something at the bottom. It said something about having the map get stamped at the different venues to get freebies. I'd figure that out later, I thought. I stood there. I just stood there. What was I going to do in this event? I suppose I could join some GE events, but how? Nevermind... I'll just go and get a T-Shirt or something... <-- Those were my thoughts at that time. And so I did. I went to the Merchandise Booth. It was sooo crowded for some odd reason, that I decided to go back some other time. Ugh, I don't want to go into details anymore =P. Skip the details, let's go on to my insights on these events.

My Insights and Feedback on the E-Games Domination Event

The events catered at the different game booths were not Free for All. In the past events that I have went to, they have Free For All events, like the bring me, Question and Answer, and even the promos! But it seems that in this event, all the things were focused only amongst the registered participants in the event. How disappointing. I wanted to take part in at least an event, and I didn't have the chance to actually join in one. Maybe I didn't have guts. Yeah, that could be the reason. But I also think that there is a lack of organization not only in the events held inside the E-Games Domination II, but there is a lack of organization in the WHOLE event itself. Let me start from the entrance procedures. I first thought that the pre-registered people would most probably walk through the lines, since they have pre-registered. But guess what? We still needed to line up along with those who have not pre-registered. They should have separated those who pre-registered, from those who have not pre-registered. That way, the pre-registered people would actually benefit from pre-registering. Another thing, there was no organization inside the venue. People were all scattered around like trash, no decent lines for the booths, like the merch. shop and other booths. My second feedback is the venue of the place. It's just too small. All the game booths were like compressed into a single hall. They should've used the halls downstairs, which are wayy bigger than the place where the event was held. In conclusion, the event was a total disaster. This is my own opinion, please respect it and do not get offended. ^_^ I want to go to events, yes. But I also want to enjoy the events I go to. Anyway, this Section is Closed. I don't want to discuss it any longer. The next time I would go to an event, maybe I should think twice before going. I have someone to go with me on the next event for sure, this time. It's Jefferson ^_^. I just hope that the next event that I would go to would be more organized, and more people-interactive, unlike this one.

The Grades are OUT!

Oh yeah, my grades are out. I didn't expect my grades to be that high this semester, maybe because I knew that I didn't quite study well for my subjects. But hey, I never got a grade below 2.0! I got three 1.0's, four 1.5's, one 1.75, and a 2.0 from my most hated subject(because of the teacher), Philippine Government and Constitution! I think, and I know, that I am on the Dean's list. Yay! A note to myself: work harder next time, so you'll get higher grades! I should always aim for the highest grade ever! >:)

My Summer Job

Fine. Here goes. My summer job is an accompanist in a choir. No, its not the church choir. I would die if I would be accompanying there, the pieces are just not for me just yet. I'm in the Children's choir. My job started just last Sunday. Well, it was a tough start for me, since I wasn't able to study the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" piece. All things were not so bright and beautiful for me at that time. But I thank God for the practice was not what I expected. It wasn't wild, they weren't that noisy, and well, they had some respect for me. I do hope that this would happen ALL of the TIME. I don't want to leave this job because of the EEVIL kids. ^^

The Granado Espada Fever Coming to an End

Yes. It's coming to an end. My summer classes for piano would be starting next Thursday, and my Organ lessons would be starting this Thursday. I sure hope I can still play Granado Espada and have time to study my assignments. I want to be a Veteran this summer break >:) (Note: Veteran is a GE term, meaning a character that is above or exactly level 100).

That's IT! ^_^

Well, all I can say for this week is that God had been very intently listening (Wow, will you look at that =.=) to all of my prayers. I have this feeling of guilt within me. This feeling of betraying God despite all the things that He had done for me. I want to do something about it, and do something about it NOW.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entry # 14:More, and more.


Sorry that I wasn't able to post my entry on time. Something came up that day, and I wasn't able to write this entry. But hey, what matters is I'm writing it now ^^. So here goes.

Super Granado Espada O.o

I'll have to admit. My Granado Espada Moments are getting longer, and longer. I think I'm playing a lot of GE right now because I know that I won't be able to play again when my summer classes in piano start next week. My playing of GE was actually the reason why I wasn't able to write my entry supposedly for that day. Here's what happened: my factionmate, CrewofAngels, is already level 100. She was training her Vikis(Vikis are characters who summon MASSIVE allies) at that time, and, well, I asked her if she would want to try to defeat the Great Hill Giant once more. (The Great Hill Giant is a monster that needs to be defeated in order to complete part A of our Faction Quest. We have to accomplish 2 tasks, including this one, to make our Faction go up to level 51.) And so, after inviting deNox, we proceed to Vegas Javier(A map) to summon the Great Hill Giant. Along the way, I received a Personal Message from the cousin of deNox, ™cornelius™. He asked if he could take part in killing the Great Hill Giant. Because I was so eager to finish Part A of the quest, I said yes, and I even told him that if he could bring friends, I would be much happier. ^_^ With the eagerness of CrewofAngels, I summoned the Hill Giant. Well, I tried to stay away, but I got stomped -- which means, I died. I quickly went back to the barracks(Characters selection screen) and went back to Vegas Javier as fast as I could. When I got there, the reinforcements have arrived. There were about 4 players trying to kill the Hill Giant(except me, of course, since I can't hit the thing). I was the ressurector of their dead players ^_^. After just a few minutes (Maybe about 15 mins.) the Hill Giant finally died! YES!! Part A was already completed! Woohoo! As qyu gave to me the Hill Giant stone stuff, I proceeded back to the city to activate the next quest. We then proceeded to the Prison of Joaquin, to the starting point of the quest. I knew that I was going to die if I went first. Knowing this, I always kept a distance from the level 96 and above monsters (for I am only level 83 and below at this time). The quest takes almost an hour each time we did it. Yes. We have failed. At our first try, the other warp gate was disabled, meaning, the other team could not get to the next area. We tried to finish the quest with only 2 players. I thought that we were going to finish the quest already, when qyu, the only player who could battle the final boss, the chrysalis, suddenly logged off. He told us that he got an XTrap error. Man, it was almost finished! T_T On our second try, all of our scouts died(Scouts are those who heal, who resurrect dead players). We still tried to continue, and eventually, all of us died. So here we were, trying for the last time. We got through all the warp gates without any problem. We killed the Mini-Boss without any loss. And there were all of us fighting the Chrysalis (Except me and deNox, because we would die if we step in there). Finally, the Chrysalis died. ^_^ I quickly went to the place, and got what I was looking for: The Hero seal! ^_^. My faction would be finally 51, I thought. When we got out of that map, I said my thanks to those who have helped us: qyu, and ™cornelius™. They were the only ones who killed everything in our path. ^_^ Then, I proceeded back to the city, and Viola! Our faction is now level 51! YAY! As I went back to my saved location, I saw a ring around the waist of my characters. I now have the blue ring thingy! It looks so cool ^_^. In closing, I spent about 7 hours on the Faction Quest. I think I won't do the next Faction Quest in a long, long, long time ^_^. Maybe next time. When I have all the time and money in the world to waste? LOL. Oops, I have made this entry a Granado Espada Entry already.. =.= Sorry ^_^ It just seems that I don't have anything else to write about since I think nothing that much important has happened to me the past week. I will still try to remember if I have forgotten such things, and I will write them here, right now ^_^.

The Joy Anniversary Play

Well, the Joy Anniversary Play has been bugging me for quite a while. I just can't seem to find the right inspiration to continue the play. Just last Monday, I tried to continue it with another ending. It turned out quite well, but realizing that we have a lot of young actors, I think my play wouldn't have the impact I wanted it to have. The play is almost finished now, but it had to come to a stop for a few days. Sydney made me realize that the characters that were used in the play were actually too many. Ugh, what am I going to do now =.=. NOT TO WORRY! I know that I'll be able to re-construct this play if I need to decrease the characters, with God's help, of course.

I Want to Go to The Convention~~~! T_T

Man, just when I thought that I'll be able to go to the E-Games Domination II event happening this Sunday, things come around. It has restricted me from going to such an event. It's such a waste that I have already printed my pre-registration form already and realizing that I won't be able to use it. One reason for me not going is the lack of a companion. I was such a loner during the past events that I have gone to, I had no one to talk with, I seemed like a total emo. LOL Another reason is that we were to go somewhere this Sunday, after 12pm... so... I can't go. And one last reason is the S.A.L.T.(Serving And Learning Together) seminar thingy to be also held on Sunday. Now that, I cannot go. I PROMISE, I will go to the next convention of Granado Espada. And I pray that God would give me a companion who would love to go to these events and that this person is also a Granado Espada fan. I would also like to pray that God would make the day of the convention/event a non-conflicting day, meaning there are no things that need to be done at that specific day or time.

My Job

Still, I wouldn't give details to where or what my job is, until I actually start with it. Just stay tuned ^_^.

The Layout

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this one. I'm changing the layout after I post this entry. Maybe I would revert to my former layout if I don't find any good layouts to use.

That's it!

Well, it seems that this entry is majorly about Granado Espada. That seems so... unlikely. Just comes to show that I am playing Granado Espada most of the time. God was out of the way most of the time, which is bad. I try to give some time to Him, but I know it's not enough. I should give not only some, but I should actually give all of my available time to Him. The problem here is that I don't want to surrender it to Him yet. But even so, I will try to give my best, and I will give time to God on a Daily Basis. ^_^

This post was made thursday, April 3, 2008, finished 2:37pm. Date was changed to Tuesday for obvious reasons. ^^

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry # 13: Meant To Be


I finally had free time! FREE TIME!! Now I can write in thy blog for once more. I'm quite excited now, because I know that I could write about what happened in my life once again.

It's a Tuesday Alright.

Tuesday is the only day that I write in me blog, that's because it's the only free time that I have during my school days. I don't know if it would be Tuesdays with Mondie next semester, since I don't know what my schedule would be. But I hope, I just hope that my schedule would be at late morning.. I don't want 7am's or 8am's anymore. Its just not for me, I guess.

Something to Write About.

Guess what? I have something to write about today! =.= This has just happened a few hours ago (late morning), and its very embarrassing. I was about to go home after practicing for Friday. Details on that later. So, going back, I was walking when I realized that I needed to buy an internet card! I then made a 360º turn towards the shop where I would buy my internet card. I was thinking about something on the way. I actually don't know what I was thinking about. And because I was thinking, I really didn't have an idea what I was stepping on. It happened all so sudden. I stepped on wet cement =.=. I quickly got out of the area and first of all, said my apologies to whoever was there looking at me. I was soo embarrassed that I quickly flee from the scene of the crime. One thing that I have to comment on this event is that the people who actually poured cement over the area didn't even mind to warn me that I was going to step on the wet cement already. They started talking when I was about .5 milisecond to actually stepping on the thing. Blaming me after stepping on the wet cement was reasonable, but I just couldn't accept the fact that they did not even bother to warn me. Anyway, that's all over now. After buying my internet card, I walked towards Metropolitan Hospital and went home. I don't want to go back there, no, at least not the coming days.

Solo Singing, Again.

For some reason, I don't want to sing with an audience right now. Maybe because I have realized that I just don't have that voice like my classmates who are voice majors? But look, I'm singing this Friday, in St. Stephen's High School Alumni Welcoming Party. What a coincidence, huh? ^_^ I don't know what'll happen this Friday because of my lack of practice, but I'll do my best.

Granado Espada Fever ^_^

Haiz, I admit. I'm addicted to Granado Espada now. Well, because maybe its vacation, and I have nothing to do yet. Been trying to level up all my characters right all this time. Here's the list of me chars(arranged from highest to lowest): Emilia the Sage 7x(Wizard/Scout), Catherine the Summoner 7x, Adelina Esperanza 7x(Fighter), Gracielo 6x(Fighter), Emilia Guilano 5x(not so Wizard, and not so Scout), Mondie(Elementalist) 5x, Judie(Elementalist) 5x, Julie(Elementalist) 5x, M'boma 4x(Wizard/Elementalist), Grace Bernelli 4x(Musketeer), Jack the Engineer 4x, Diego the Carpenter 4x, and Finally, my newly acquired NPC, that took me 4 days just to get him, and here he is, Viki 3x(Summoner/Scout). I hope I get to level 100 soon, since I want to go everywhere. ^^ Enough of Granado Espada now, since this is not a Granado Espada Blog. If ever you play Granado Espada, I'm at the Vivaldi Server ^_^. Hope to see you in-game!

I Have a Job! ^^

Yay! Kudos to me! I have a job already, and it starts next month. I don't want to expose the details yet, because I haven't told anyone yet (Even my family, so my dear sister, if ever you read this, don't tell mom! I WILL TELL MOM! ^_^) The salary isn't that too big; but hey, at least I have a job. I can actually fund my Granado Espada times now ^_^.

Something's Wrong

With my writing. I can feel it. It's as if I am not writing how I am supposed to write. Oh by the way, don't correct me! I know that what I did to put up this entry was to type, but I'm also writing you know, since I don't have any source material for the sentences that come out of this entry. ^_^

My Composition

It's finished. Like duhh~! Of course it is finished. It should be! ^_^. Well, my composition was the only sad song in the class, and err.. I was happy about the outcome. I'm just not so happy with our recording :P. But hey, I'm still uploading it. I'm just so sorry because the instruments were not doing that much good, because we're all tired and we wanted this thing to end already. It was causing too much time already for us. Here are the Lyrics of me Composition (Thanks to Allen Matocinos, Carmina Gutierrez, Ivan Arlantico, and whoever I forgot). And also, my thanks to Alberto de la Cruz, for making the score for Saxophone and Violin.

The following material is mine. No copying and claiming it as your own! If you want to post or copy it in other sites, please ask permission from me first. Thank you ^_-.

~I confess~

I was once so lost
Afraid to face the cost
Because of all the things I've done
I have hurt a lot of people
Even you my Lord, my God.

So I confess my sins
and lift them all to You
I said : "I will repent all of my sins"
Then You showed mercy and forgave me.
and took away my guilt
Thank You Lord for Your Love

Changing my life Oh, God
Is the best thing that you've ever done to me.
Thank You for your unfailing love
I will be forever grateful
For giving me this chance(cho)


You were bruised for my transgressions
You were hurt for my iniquities
I can no longer bear your sufferings
but you wiped away my tears
And now I bow before Your Throne

Ze Music

Summer Classes

Just when I thought I would just have one class this summer to attend to, I thought wrong. I thought really, really wrong. I was sooooooo wrong. Okay, I think you get what I mean already, and so I will spill out the news: I have two more music classes to attend to this summer(I think). 1, Voice lessons, and the other one is Organ lessons. Whew! I don't even have organ shoes to start with! My mom and I have been looking for Organ shoes since I opened my eyes to music. And up until now, no organ shoes anywhere, at least none in the "Ukay-Ukay" stores. I don't know if there is a maker of organ shoes here in the Philippines, but even if there is, it must be super-expensive.

My Offertory Pieces

I have already learned my Solo Piano Offertory Piece for next next month. Though it's not that good yet, I'm confident that I will be able to play it the best I can when that day comes. Right now, I'll be studying another piece, but this time, I'll be accompanying a choir. The title of the piece is "Lord, Tune Our Hearts". Its due next next next week, so I think I won't have much of a problem.

Summer Camp!

Aww.. I want to go to summer camp already. I want to feel Spiritually refreshed once more. I want to play for God again! I'm with the Singspiration team again this year, and I hope the songs are so spiritually moving and has a worship-py theme too. ^_^ It just seems awkward that there aren't any rehearsals for the Singspiration at this moment. There should be! Last year, there were already practices during these days. Maybe because the songs are easy to sing and play? I don't know. =.=

Layout Change

One was complaining about the Layout. It was not "user-friendly". I don't think that its not "user-friendly" at all. The same features are still there, the navbar, the tagboard, and all that were there before I changed the layout. Maybe this one person was complaining about the load-time? If that is so, then I will change the layout earlier next month, when I see a good one. If I don't, then I guess I'll just revert to my former layout. ^_^

That's IT!!!

Well, I'm so happy that I'm able to write again on my blog. I hope that I could say more of my stories next week. I want to keep on typing and writing here, because it would be sooo fun to look back at what had happened throughout my life. ^_- I hope you could do that too, because when I read through my earlier posts, I laugh at myself actually (in a good way) because of what had happened to me.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Entry #11&12: Lotsa Hope


I seriously don't know what to write about. It's because I'm trying to cover two weeks here. This is my first double entry, so I'll try to do my best, and hope that this is my last double entry too. ^_^

Okay, About Last Week.

Sorry, Just like what I said in my tagboard, I told you guys that I had a lot of things to do that Tuesday. I really didn't have that much time last week to write my entry, I will tell you the reasons now. One, I was not at home most of the day last week. I don't know why, but I don't want to go home for some reason. Two, last Tuesday, I promised a friend that we would play Granado Espada. I just thought that the playing would only last an hour, since I want to go home already, but I ended up staying for a whopping four hours. I helped her level up anyway, so, I guess it's a good thing. Wait a minute. Let me explain to you that this sub-subject is a minimization of the event's last week. I don't have that much enough time to write them all. What I'm gonna do is to un-minimize the post, but I will explain everything. Okay, going back, our English Professor told us that he would be married a day after our class with him(that was a Saturday). It's so unbelievable for him to be married because, well.. He acts like a shHe. And one more thing about English. Get this: we are the top section in the first year, we got no passing grade in the preliminary examinations. Some of us were sad, except me. I knew something was wrong. Something was very wrong. And so, just as I expected, I was right. There was a mistake in the answer key. And so, In the end, nearly all of us passed. ^_^ Okay, I think that's about it for the highlights of entry 11.

It's Time for This Week! Theology.. is getting.. worse

Yep. He's giving more and more and more and more assignments in his little theology subject. Yeah, I get the point that he wants to teach us things that we can apply in our lives, but its just too many. Imagine, he gave us a lot of papers to do despite the 4 meetings left. He made it so difficult for all of us. My major doesn't even give too many assignments. O_O Anyway, I prayed that he would "lessen" somehow the projects that he was giving to us, and guess what. God answered my prayer! He took off one task. Now, all that's left is the composition (which, by the way, is almost done. Only needs the lyrics, and the instruments' scores, and of course, the recording.^_^), the Life Today paper, and the Sacraments paper. Uhh.. yay.

Lesley's Gift

I really had no idea on what to give Lesley on her birthday. It seems that I couldn't find a right gift for her. I already gave up all hope, until I have found a gift for her: games!! I put some of our games into a CD, which I gave her. Well, I hope she enjoys the 'geeft', as she calls it.

Busy-ness Is Setting In!

All of a sudden, I feel that all the professors are rushing with the class stuff, like the projects, reports, and other stuff. It's their fault. I must blame them. LOL. They should have given these things to do earlier right? Like when they don't come in to class without even telling us that he/she won't come to class, or maybe when he/she comes in to class and just chit-chat about something? Sigh.. Anyway, (ack, I'm getting that 'Anyway' usage syndrome again!! T_T) I just pray that God would help me manage more time in these stuffs. ^_^

Major... Disaster

I can say that my Major was bad, but not as bad as it was when I cried. This time, I didn't know how to count. It was just too complicated for me, really. I have no idea on how to play it with all those turns and amazing 64-th notes all over the piece. Wonderful eh? I have to practice that one, but not this week. ^_^ There's no major next week, because of the declaration of the actual day as people power day. I hope I can finish my assignments on time.

A Regular Bible Study!! Yay!

Lemme tell you something. I have a care group in my church, St. Stephen's High School. A Care Group is a group wherein all the people talk about what happened to them that week, how was their time with God, and many many more. ^_^ My Care Group decided to have our meetings on Saturdays, @ 1pm; which just means that my time for major practice would suffer a diminution, but it's OK with me because it's God we're talking about here. From this day on, I would be having my weekly Bible Study! Yay! ^_^

A Change of Card

Sigh.. I'm hating my internet now. I couldn't find any I-republic anywhere anymore. Everywhere I go, every smile I make them see, every salesperson says, I'm sorry sir. Aww, I miss I-republic's fast internet connection. I'm currently suffering under the unstable speeds of ISPx Bonanza. I hope that it would speed up so much, if it wouldn't be as fast as I-republic.


Man, as the semester nears its end, solfeggio is becoming more and more very difficulter! I can feel it. The listening exercises are difficulter than it was before. The dictation was not as easy as it was the week before. I just hope that I would be able to cope up with these difficult stuff.

Blog Title

The Blog Poll is nearing its end now, and No is still winning. Yay for me, cause I don't have to think of another name again! ^_^ (Whoa, shortest sub-subject ever!)

That's It!

This entry is too much minimized; therefore, I didn't include a minimize sub-subject to it. Going back, I think I have a lot of hope in all the things happening around me. I think that's its good to have this hope within me, because it makes me want to keep on going. God will be there for me, I know that he will make my hopes come true. But hey, wasn't that supposed to be "dreams"? LoL. Till next time! ^_^ See Ya!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Entry #10: What a Relief!

New Layout

Well, I thought I would choose a new layout. For what reason? I don't know. Maybe because my entries don't fit to the layout anymore. Or maybe because... it's just too boring? O_o Maybe so. ^_^ I think I like this layout better because it has a cuter color. I sort of like blue right now so, I like it ^_^ If you have any comments, suggestions (I won't accept the 'don't-choose-from-default-templates-make-your-own!' suggestions cause I really don't have time to make one even if I really do want to make one), or any violent reactments, it will be accepted as a form of thank you. ^_^

The Blog Poll

Well, I just want to tell you guys, who are reading my blog, that I have reopened the poll about changing my blog title. You can vote as you like, I guess. The poll will end at the end of February, so that's a lot of time for me, and for you, to think about what consequences could occur if you chose this or that. lol. Anyway, let's go over to our lovely entry. :D

Music Composition -- A PROJECT?!

What the. That was the first few words that came out of my mouth -- inside my brain. It wasn't a good idea for me. Imagine, a Theology subject's project was a musical composition?! Isn't that way off the subject? I honestly think that it was way off, for some reasons. One, we don't get to choose our own group mates. That's a bad thing. I really don't like having a useless group, that no one would do anything.. again. I prefer the choose-your-own-group idea better, since it would be my fault that I chose the wrong group, and I won't have a hard time thinking about what big mistake I did to join such a group. Number Two, most of us have no idea of how to compose something. In my opinion, this project would end up a mess, because he didn't even think how hard it was to compose a song. It takes time, and a lot of it; but sadly, music students with majors other than composition can't give a lot of time to a single subject. It's just too greedy of him lol. My final point, does he have any idea how hard it is to make a composition using only the majors within your group? In my case, I think I will have a hard time with my group. Okay, let me tell you about my line-up. I am a piano major as you know, and I have 4 other classmates that are in my group. One of them has saxophone as her major, the other violin, the other percussion, and the other composition. I really don't think it would mix that well. When you try to imagine it, it's hard to make a harmony between the violin and the saxophone, since both of them produces a timbre that is obviously different from each other. I have no question with the percussion part, because I figured that having a percussion thing going around the song wouldn't be that bad, I guess. And this is the worst part. Now, how can a composition major show off his major during the performance? See? Now what does he do? I have absolutely no idea. Good luck to every one in our class, let's have one hell of a 'good' time composing. >:) Oh, and I forgot one last thingy. Our songs are supposed to be related to the different sacraments in the Catholic Church. We were given the sacrament of reconciliation. I thought that it would be easy for our group, since I have already composed a chorale piece of a sad song. The problem is, I'm having doubts about using the actual piece. I think I won't like my piece to be used in a Catholic Church. It would be not so good for me. If I would be making a piece for a church, then I would make it for our church! I just hope that the person who would be assigned to make the actual lyrics would be considerate and make the lyrics somewhat universal, that this composition may be performed in all the churches that believe in Jesus Christ.

Bye Orange, Hello Blue!

I once had an orange mechanical pencil. I loved it. I kept on using it whenever it is possible. I really loved it so much. Until it disappeared. It was on a Wednesday. Actually, that that was a half-day, meaning there would only be one subject to attend, since classes start at the afternoon half, and we would only have Rudiments. Today was also the deadline for submitting our Reaction paper about the Die Fledermaus thing for Filipino (or so I thought it was) so I asked Ayla to print my Filipino report, and I would just pay her. Okay, so we were outside the Recital hall two, waiting for time to pass, waiting for the students in our classroom to shoo away. Then it happened. They really shooed away, and it was now time for us to raid the room, with our bags. We were already having our Rudiments class when I noticed that my pencil was missing. It was not in my pocket. Not in my bag. Not in the classroom. Where could it be? I don't know!! I lost track of the lesson, which meant I was not listening. I was focusing on where the poor pencil had gone to. Where are youuuu!? And then, as if I was in a dark room and a bright light suddenly appeared, I remembered when I had grabbed my pencil from my bag. It was the time when we were outside the recital hall! I really wanted to go out of that room at that moment but I just couldn't. I couldn't lie to the teacher. And worse, I couldn't tell the teacher my reason for going out of the class was just to find my pencil. That would be awfully funny. Well, anyway, I sort of wished that the class would end right then and there. But it didn't. I did not end. It's as if God had his hands on the clock and slowed it down, big time. I was so anxious now. Making doggie sounds made me feel a little happy. But I wanted to get out. I wanted to get out NOW. When the class finally ended, I quickly went out the door, towards the Recital Hall, where I think I have left my pencil. Sadly, there were already people there. They were sitting where I was, and I presumed that they have already stolen away my baby from me. My pencil was now gone. No more drawing when bored for me. No more hope of being able to write everything that Ms. Fule says. No more.. no more... no.. more. Then I thought of something. I would buy a new one!! A BETTER ONE!! I would choose the best of them all! *evil laugh* And so, I went to the National Bookstore located in SM San Lazaro, to embark on an adventure, to look for my new pencil. After a few ten minutes, I have finally found it. My new love. My new.... Pencil!! It was still the same brand, Faber-Castel, but not the same orange colour. It was now blue. And the bestest thing of all was that it was innovative! It was called Grip Matic™ because it was an automatic pencil! I don't have to click again when there's no more lead. It automatically 'clicks' it ^_^ ! I'm so happy now. I already got over my mourning for my orange pencil. I had to move on. Towards the future, with my new pencil! *evil laugh*


Humph. It seems that our Prof. Mazo has fooled us. He told us(with a paper posted outside the conservatory office) that we would be having our Large Ensemble class last Saturday again. I didn't want to wake up that early in the morning again, since it would be so tiring, again. But anyway, I did wake up in the morning, I did go there. But the problem is, there was someone missing. It was the professor. Sigh. I don't want to go there again lol. Please, Please Prof. Mazo, if you tell us that we are going to have a class, please.. please come. ^_^

Well, Well, Well.

That's one thing I can say about my Major for this week. I did a good job, in my opinion, of having to cram up my assignments. At least I was able to do some good parts in my assignments. But I wasn't satisfied with it. I should make a new schedule for myself, a schedule that would definitely suit my lifestyle. So, I decided, since Chinese New Year is coming really fast, I thought of a new schedule. I wouldn't practice during Sundays again. I have to finish it all by Saturday, or else.. I would fail. ^_^ Yay, what a nice resolution. I hope I don't get scolded by my professor for not being able to do a single assignment next time. *evil laugh*

Addicted Once More

Yay, I got addicted! Not to a game though. I got addicted to another James Patterson Book. It was entitled "When The Wind Blows". It something like Maximum Ride, but it has a different story. In Maximum Ride, they were being tortured. But in When The Wind Blows, the flying people were not being tortured. Instead, they were educated, allowed to watch T.V. and they were not caged in cages (*evil laugh*) unlike in Max Ride. I still haven't finished reading the book, but I think I would be able to finish it by this week. It's so exciting. Maybe you should read it? ^_^

Nothing to Minimize, Yay...?!

Aww, I couldn't think of anything more to minimize right now. LOL. Maybe next time. You know what? This entry is quite long! Yay! Oh, OK. I think I remember something to minimize now. Yesterday, I bought another book from the Left Behind Series! So, I'm down to 7 books. I wish I could complete it soon. ^_^

That's It!

Hey, this week was more... well, lucky! Unlike last week, where a lot of horrible, and terrible incidents occurred, this week was more.. well, happy in a sense! Thank you Lord :D^^ I hope I get to get more weeks like these. :D ^_^

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Entry #9: Bad, Bad Days

The Report

Well, all I can say is that I wasted a lot of time on a part of the Report. I never even tried making the other parts first. It was the summary's fault. Nothing but this evil summary kept me from finishing my Book report earlier than I expected. I spent a week on it. A week. Well, I felt really wasted, because my final summary was short unlike my first few drafts which were about 4-5 paragraphs long. What a waste, really. T_T The book report in my opinion was not the best book report I could make, but I think I did a good job. I would give my book report a rating of 6 out of 10. Lol.

It's Been a Long Time

Well, it surely is a long time already since I ate fried noodles at Eat Fresh. I kept on wondering what new food or drink they had. It's a good thing I have invited Medz to come over to our school to eat. Just to eat. She didn't like my idea at first, she kept on telling me that walking about 20 mins just to eat would not be a good, and productive thing to do. It's a good thing that she just agreed a few moments later. I love the food. I missed it so much. Even though I always pass by their store, I couldn't buy myself a cold me(meaning a cold Almond! ^_^). I felt quite tired when I got home because of the walking times with durations of up to 30 minutes, but it's OK. ^_^

Gillian's Debut

It was on a Saturday, the day before the performance. I had to go to the debut even though the practice for the following day was more important. It's because I promised Gillian that I would render a number for her debut, sing her a song. I was really worried on my outfit for that event. I didn't know if I would look outstanding because I wore a different kind of set clothing. T_T Well, luckily, I was wearing the right clothes for the event. I saw some of my former classmates, and we had a little chitty chatty about our lives in college. After a few moments, the event finally begun. Two people were to sing before I do, so I had the chance to calm myself down, remember the lyrics, and hum to myself the tune that I was going to sing. I sung quite not great. ^_^ But I did put my heart into the song. I wish that I have touched a lot of the audience lol. ^_^ Anyway. That's finished.

I Just Wanted That Day To End

One thing that I don't want to do this week is to play the trumpet on Sunday. I wasn't able to practice, really. It's because of the evil Book Report. It made my brain go loco. The day came. It was now time for me to perform to the lesser people. I really felt nervous and afraid at the same time. What if I didn't play it right? But I didn't care anyway. I didn't care before I started. After I started, well, that's a wayyy different case. I played awfully bad. I played like I have just begun playing the trumpet -- all crappy notes, pitch bending, all those bad stuff. I was ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have played that song. It was such a disgrace. Sigh.. I thought I could make up for the loss in the first show, but I wasn't able to again do a good job on the second time. I really wanted that day to end. It's a good thing that my fellow choir mates helped me to lighten up that burden, by playing the piano. At first, I was not into it, playing lifeless pieces, but later on, the emotion was already there. I started to play my own composition, and I was emo-ing the piece to my very bestest capability. I wanted to take off all that shamefulness and put it in my playing. I felt so much better after that moment. ^_^ But still, I wanted that day to end quickly, for I tend to forget the feelings of hurt and pain after waking up.


I need to minimize my entry again, it's because I need to get some sleep. I didn't get that much sleep that I require the past few days because of the Book Report. And I also think that I would not have enough sleep also for the coming days because I have to finish my major assignments. I don't want to write here about the shot person in front of our house so, yeah. I just wrote about it LOL.

That's It!

Well, that's about it for my entry this week. I'm sorry that it's quite short, but at least it wasn't as bad as last week. I don't know what was happening to me as I was writing that entry. I hope that I would be able to manage time more efficiently in the days to come! I also pray that Medz and Ayla wouldn't be so mean to me again. LOL ^_^ (This entry was made on Wednesday, but I changed it to Tuesday just for the heck of it ^_^)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Entry #8: Nuuuu!!


Still I could not think of a better title. I must think of one soon! I really don't know what kind of title would make the most impact to the readers. I'm really having a hard time thinking of one. LOL

Solfeggio Part 2

Well, it seems that I have done quite well in the Solfeggio exam last Wednesday, but there was some "cheat" enabled on the side of our professor. Well, last Monday, we were supposed to "choose" our own numbers; this time, it was different. She was the one who actually chose a number for us. It was quite a cheat, but at least I got 1 of my most practiced numbers out of 2. The number that I didn't practice did not do any god to me. I was all so flat-ty and out of my tonality. The other two numbers were great in my opinion. ^_^

Theology Prelimes

I didn't study that much for Theology. The night before, I didn't feel so healthy at all. What I wanted the night before the prelimes (pronounced as pree-layms) was sleep and only sleep. I now give you the time to think of the Opportunity Cost of not studying. I give you 5 seconds. One, two, HEY! NO QUICK READING!! Three, Four, Five! Are you sure you have counted 5 seconds? Don't fool me, I know if you are counting 5 seconds or not. I am now sure you have counted for more than five seconds. You know why? It's because you're reading this! ^_^ Anyway, going back to our subject, I got 31 points out of 45. BAAAD! I think I failed. Well, I guess it was my fault, for not even studying that much. I did study the night before, but the things that I didn't study were the things that came out in the exam. Lucky me ^_^

Money-Wasting Time! -_-

Well, we planned to go to the mall to take a break from all the dreaded truths this world has to give(yet the title seems so.. contradictory to my first statement ^^) We went to the Quantum Entertainment Center(I realy don't know what's the real name of the place, all I know is that it has a name Quantum in it). We played a couple of times. It was fun. I can remember those times so vividly: the time when Medz and Lesley were playing Dance Dance Revolution, the four of us playing air hockey, me being left behind by all of them because I was playing at the dance mania.. LOL. I almost forgot about the horse thingy. It was soooooo tiring. I nearly dropped dead, but the race wasn't done yet. -_- Anyway, after the game time, it was now time for food.


I wasn't hungry when we were looking for food. I just didn't feel like eating at all. And because of that, they were the only ones eating. Well, I'm happy that they were eating, and that they were eating food. Man, I think something is wrong with me. I couldn't write all of the details!! T_T As if I'm rushing something, that I don't even know -_- Sigh. We went back up for another round of entertainment, sponsored by me. ^_^

It's All Your Fault Sbarro!! HUWAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Sigh, because of Sbarro, I became bankrupt. My money was reduced to less than a hundred, in two hours. Well, I couldn't take it anymore, their pizza was good. T_T Medz and Ayla talked a lot. I got bored in just a few moments. I couldn't relate T_T. I wanted to go home at that time, since I had to finish my Music Listening Report. And guess what. Read tat the next topic! ^_^

Poor Me.

Well, I was defeated. 3 votes versus one. 3 votes were for going around the mall. 1 vote, my vote, was to go home. All of them wanted to waste time because they had nothing to do if they go to their own homes and dormitories. Good thing though, is that they got tired quite fast. ^_^ So I got home at about 4pm.


I just felt tired all of a sudden. I guess I should have just gone to the library to write this entry, maybe it could have been more detailed. Sigh... Anyway, I got two mistakes in the prelime of Rudiments. Arr.!! I WILL GET MY AVENGEMENTS!! I was not able to pass the music listening report because the professor was absent.

That's It!

I'm really sorry. I just don't know what I'm doing right now. I will write in detail next time. I just feel that I need to do something, but I don't know what it is. ^_^ I promise, I'll write better next time. :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Entry #7: Whoa

New Blog Title...

Okay, I was thinking about the blog name again. I think I will be able to change it next week. Hopefully, I would be able to think of a better title -- a title that's exciting, pleasant to the ear, and most importantly, relevant! ^_^ Here we go now, for another ride in my adventures! (Whoa, sounded like a new title for me ^_^)

Rest rest!!

I finally had time to rest this week! It was on a Wednesday. There was no classes -- because of the Quiapo day thing, and so, I had the whole day to myself! I woke up in late in the morning and I played a few games. I also given myself time to study and work on my assignments for my next major. That's when I remembered that I needed to go to my former school, my alma matter -- just remembered the term right now, St. Stephen's High School -- but guess what, I'm not going to the school. I'm actually going to the parish side. ^_^ Let's "detailize" it!

Granado Espada

Ahh, nothing beats playing Granado Espada on a free day. Well, I really got into it when I was leveling at Porto Bello(It's a place in the world of Granado Espada, more like a dungeon) with my elementalists, 3 of them. I was so thankful that I got a squad, because I could bring my 3 elementalists(Magicians, master of the elements) when I have 2 squadmates that have their scouts(Healers). I had a fun time changing all of my elementalists to different elements: to all Evocation Lightning, all Evocation Ice, and all Evocation Fire. I had a really nice time ^^. I was actually playing while I was preparing to go to school, so... the feeling was both happiness and anxiousness, because I might be late for my appointment.

The Practice

Well, it seemed that I was late, but I was still early! It's because the person whom I was to practice with, Jojo Hia(mr. Jonard Yu), was also late. But you know what? We really didn't have an exact time of meeting for the practice. Which was funny on my part. I was so rushing because I thought that I was late and yet, we don't have an exact time for the practice. tee-hee ^_^. Anyway, we practiced the songs for Sunday. Zion Fellowship was going to have their Singspiration this Sunday, and Jojo Hia asked me to play for the singspiration. We had a good practice in my opinion, but I just felt so tired all of a sudden. I don't know why, maybe because I was hungry? I needed to sleep already? Beats me. -_- After the practice, we went out to eat. He said that he would treat me dinner as my payment. I couldn't disagree on this, I love food. ^_^

Mmm, Food.

The food was yummy, absolutely yummy, at King's Bakeshop. They had dinner food, and it was really good, as in d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! I was so, so, shy eating in front of them. Like they are a family, and they are chatting here and there, and there I am, just sitting, eating my food, too shy to even speak(lol). But anyway, I'm not that much of a person person when it comes to these things. I just don't know how to react anymore, even though I was good at meeting people when I was younger.

Book Report moved, BIG TIME!

Well, we were supposed to have our book reports passed next week, that's a Thursday, along with our Preliminary Exams in English; but just this Saturday, he texted one of our classmates something like this: "See you on Jan. 31" -- That was like about two weeks later! Man, we were so happy that the book report was extended, but of course I need to finish it as soon as I can, so that I wouldn't cram again.

First Prelims!

Friday was the first day of prelims for 1-Mus1, my section. Our first exam was Rudiments, and for some of our classmates, Solfeggio right after. The test in rudiments was quite easy, it was just about intervals. Ironically, I got one mistake. It was number 7(or was it 8) of the second test. I forgot that the 3rd interval was a major and not a perfect interval. And because of that, I thought that the 3rd dimished interval was supposed to be 1 semi-tone lower than the Major interval. It should have been a triple flat, not a double flat!! T_T Sigh. I guess it was just God's will that I was not meant to perfect the exam. Better luck next time, I guess. ^_^


Our solfeggio time this Friday was a taste of what we were to experience on the day of the exam (which was Monday). It was hard. That's all I could say. Dictations of the melody, rhythm, and listening to chords was absolutely difficult. Monday finally came, the day of the Prelims. I was prepared. The dictation was pretty easy, making the full dictation(meaning writing the melody and rhythm on the paper) the theme of ABS-CBN (A BIG ROFL). I felt so bad when she told us that only half of the class can take the solfeggio exam(the singing one) that day, and the other half, including me, would take it on Wednesday, same time. Knowing that we don't have classes on Wednesday, I felt sad. Aww, no more whole day rest. What a waste of 3 hours. But I have no choice. I have to go there T_T


We had a concert last Sunday, it was a thanksgiving concert of Mr Johnny Yu. We were asked to perform a number, and we were waiting for our time. Well, I wanted to take the opportunity to be able to make a report on the concert, so my required concerts can be reduced by one, so I sneaked in, but actually, I asked permission to sneak in, telling them that I need to listen to the concert for my report at school. Well, I was listening, and I had jot down a lot of things... on the program. I didn't have any paper with me, so I wrote on the program. Tee-hee. Dean Sunico was there. He was part of the concert. He played 3 solo numbers, and the other numbers were with Mr. Johnny Yu, as the marimbist. I was so amazed. The concert was so good. I have enjoyed music yet again.

Dean Raul Sunico

After the concert, I got my things and I was rushing to meet up with my mom and brothers. I passed Achi Pat with Dean Sunico (Dean Raul Sunico, the dean of the UST conservatory of music[that's where I'm studying right now!!]) coming out of the elevator. One thing was on my mind: Evade! And so I did try to evade, I didn't want to meet the Dean. But God must have asked Achi Pat and Mommy Meme(That's Achi Melody) to call me. And because of my quite bionic ears, I heard it T_T. Well, I was introduced to Dean Sunico. I was shy of course. He said that he saw me in the conservatory, and that he wanted to see me in his office. LOL. I felt like I have done something wrong. But when I think of it, I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe he will just interview me or something. Its a good thing that the next day, there were people in the office, and he looked quite busy, so he just shook my hand, and said hello. ^_^ Maybe I would go back in there in the nearer future. I think I would want to talk to him. Already.

Major Stuff

I did pretty good in my major this week. Though I was not able to practice almost half of my assignments, because of a lot of things, my professor understood my situation: that I had exams this week, and of course, I had to study. I think I won't be able to practice much this week since there's still exams till the end of the week. Hopefully, I would be given time for practice.

Exams This Week

Well, I had my Music Listening Exam yesterday, and I think I will pass. ^^ The Philippine Gov't exam today was quite easy in my opinion, even though I have forgotten some terms. Tomorrow would be the Solfeggio Part 2 exam, and on thursday Theology 2 Exam. After that, no more! ^_^ Actually, there is one more. Jan 31 - English Exam.

That's It!

Well, I could add nothing more, because of my thundering stomach, but all I can say is that this week -- this entry, is quite awesome. Meeting the Dean, performing in a concert, eating free food(I forgot to mention. :D), and many more other things. I am surely expecting that my life would get more exciting in the days to come. ^_^ (Post Finished at 11:24 am, Whoa, I never realized I write so long. O_O)