Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Entry #9: Bad, Bad Days

The Report

Well, all I can say is that I wasted a lot of time on a part of the Report. I never even tried making the other parts first. It was the summary's fault. Nothing but this evil summary kept me from finishing my Book report earlier than I expected. I spent a week on it. A week. Well, I felt really wasted, because my final summary was short unlike my first few drafts which were about 4-5 paragraphs long. What a waste, really. T_T The book report in my opinion was not the best book report I could make, but I think I did a good job. I would give my book report a rating of 6 out of 10. Lol.

It's Been a Long Time

Well, it surely is a long time already since I ate fried noodles at Eat Fresh. I kept on wondering what new food or drink they had. It's a good thing I have invited Medz to come over to our school to eat. Just to eat. She didn't like my idea at first, she kept on telling me that walking about 20 mins just to eat would not be a good, and productive thing to do. It's a good thing that she just agreed a few moments later. I love the food. I missed it so much. Even though I always pass by their store, I couldn't buy myself a cold me(meaning a cold Almond! ^_^). I felt quite tired when I got home because of the walking times with durations of up to 30 minutes, but it's OK. ^_^

Gillian's Debut

It was on a Saturday, the day before the performance. I had to go to the debut even though the practice for the following day was more important. It's because I promised Gillian that I would render a number for her debut, sing her a song. I was really worried on my outfit for that event. I didn't know if I would look outstanding because I wore a different kind of set clothing. T_T Well, luckily, I was wearing the right clothes for the event. I saw some of my former classmates, and we had a little chitty chatty about our lives in college. After a few moments, the event finally begun. Two people were to sing before I do, so I had the chance to calm myself down, remember the lyrics, and hum to myself the tune that I was going to sing. I sung quite not great. ^_^ But I did put my heart into the song. I wish that I have touched a lot of the audience lol. ^_^ Anyway. That's finished.

I Just Wanted That Day To End

One thing that I don't want to do this week is to play the trumpet on Sunday. I wasn't able to practice, really. It's because of the evil Book Report. It made my brain go loco. The day came. It was now time for me to perform to the lesser people. I really felt nervous and afraid at the same time. What if I didn't play it right? But I didn't care anyway. I didn't care before I started. After I started, well, that's a wayyy different case. I played awfully bad. I played like I have just begun playing the trumpet -- all crappy notes, pitch bending, all those bad stuff. I was ashamed of myself. I shouldn't have played that song. It was such a disgrace. Sigh.. I thought I could make up for the loss in the first show, but I wasn't able to again do a good job on the second time. I really wanted that day to end. It's a good thing that my fellow choir mates helped me to lighten up that burden, by playing the piano. At first, I was not into it, playing lifeless pieces, but later on, the emotion was already there. I started to play my own composition, and I was emo-ing the piece to my very bestest capability. I wanted to take off all that shamefulness and put it in my playing. I felt so much better after that moment. ^_^ But still, I wanted that day to end quickly, for I tend to forget the feelings of hurt and pain after waking up.


I need to minimize my entry again, it's because I need to get some sleep. I didn't get that much sleep that I require the past few days because of the Book Report. And I also think that I would not have enough sleep also for the coming days because I have to finish my major assignments. I don't want to write here about the shot person in front of our house so, yeah. I just wrote about it LOL.

That's It!

Well, that's about it for my entry this week. I'm sorry that it's quite short, but at least it wasn't as bad as last week. I don't know what was happening to me as I was writing that entry. I hope that I would be able to manage time more efficiently in the days to come! I also pray that Medz and Ayla wouldn't be so mean to me again. LOL ^_^ (This entry was made on Wednesday, but I changed it to Tuesday just for the heck of it ^_^)

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