Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Entry #8: Nuuuu!!


Still I could not think of a better title. I must think of one soon! I really don't know what kind of title would make the most impact to the readers. I'm really having a hard time thinking of one. LOL

Solfeggio Part 2

Well, it seems that I have done quite well in the Solfeggio exam last Wednesday, but there was some "cheat" enabled on the side of our professor. Well, last Monday, we were supposed to "choose" our own numbers; this time, it was different. She was the one who actually chose a number for us. It was quite a cheat, but at least I got 1 of my most practiced numbers out of 2. The number that I didn't practice did not do any god to me. I was all so flat-ty and out of my tonality. The other two numbers were great in my opinion. ^_^

Theology Prelimes

I didn't study that much for Theology. The night before, I didn't feel so healthy at all. What I wanted the night before the prelimes (pronounced as pree-layms) was sleep and only sleep. I now give you the time to think of the Opportunity Cost of not studying. I give you 5 seconds. One, two, HEY! NO QUICK READING!! Three, Four, Five! Are you sure you have counted 5 seconds? Don't fool me, I know if you are counting 5 seconds or not. I am now sure you have counted for more than five seconds. You know why? It's because you're reading this! ^_^ Anyway, going back to our subject, I got 31 points out of 45. BAAAD! I think I failed. Well, I guess it was my fault, for not even studying that much. I did study the night before, but the things that I didn't study were the things that came out in the exam. Lucky me ^_^

Money-Wasting Time! -_-

Well, we planned to go to the mall to take a break from all the dreaded truths this world has to give(yet the title seems so.. contradictory to my first statement ^^) We went to the Quantum Entertainment Center(I realy don't know what's the real name of the place, all I know is that it has a name Quantum in it). We played a couple of times. It was fun. I can remember those times so vividly: the time when Medz and Lesley were playing Dance Dance Revolution, the four of us playing air hockey, me being left behind by all of them because I was playing at the dance mania.. LOL. I almost forgot about the horse thingy. It was soooooo tiring. I nearly dropped dead, but the race wasn't done yet. -_- Anyway, after the game time, it was now time for food.


I wasn't hungry when we were looking for food. I just didn't feel like eating at all. And because of that, they were the only ones eating. Well, I'm happy that they were eating, and that they were eating food. Man, I think something is wrong with me. I couldn't write all of the details!! T_T As if I'm rushing something, that I don't even know -_- Sigh. We went back up for another round of entertainment, sponsored by me. ^_^

It's All Your Fault Sbarro!! HUWAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Sigh, because of Sbarro, I became bankrupt. My money was reduced to less than a hundred, in two hours. Well, I couldn't take it anymore, their pizza was good. T_T Medz and Ayla talked a lot. I got bored in just a few moments. I couldn't relate T_T. I wanted to go home at that time, since I had to finish my Music Listening Report. And guess what. Read tat the next topic! ^_^

Poor Me.

Well, I was defeated. 3 votes versus one. 3 votes were for going around the mall. 1 vote, my vote, was to go home. All of them wanted to waste time because they had nothing to do if they go to their own homes and dormitories. Good thing though, is that they got tired quite fast. ^_^ So I got home at about 4pm.


I just felt tired all of a sudden. I guess I should have just gone to the library to write this entry, maybe it could have been more detailed. Sigh... Anyway, I got two mistakes in the prelime of Rudiments. Arr.!! I WILL GET MY AVENGEMENTS!! I was not able to pass the music listening report because the professor was absent.

That's It!

I'm really sorry. I just don't know what I'm doing right now. I will write in detail next time. I just feel that I need to do something, but I don't know what it is. ^_^ I promise, I'll write better next time. :D

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