Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Entry #6: Time Not Well Spent, I guess?

Sorry again.

I have not been able to write last Tuesday. I was soo busy with a lot of things. I did promise that I would write on Thursday but I also did not have the time -_-. Really sorry! I will not do this again! *sniff* Anyway, onward we go, to another new entry!


Well, I guess a lot of people are noticing my title the past few months. I guess I should change it, but I really have no idea on what title to put up. You can suggest some if you like, but I think it would just come to me sometime(hopefully in the near future.^_^)

Happy New Year! ^_-

Yeah, I know my greeting is so late already, but its better to greet than not to greet right? My new year is not that good: not much food(even though food was abundant), not much fun and excitement(even though I couldn't sleep well), and most of all, not much of practice(now this has no contradictory message). We were not around Manila for the New Year. We escaped(yet again) to Olongapo just like last year. I was absolutely bored there. Nothing to do -- no piano, no computer with GE! During the first day, I had a hard time sleeping because the aircon was too cold, and I did not have enough space; but it changed the next day. I don't know how it happened, but I had a great time of sleep, and I woke up quite late. During New Year's Eve, we watched T.V. -- That was the only time we watched T.V. in that place for a long time. Well, we watched a couple of cool presentations on National Geographic, and on other channels. Food was there, but I could not go and grab it, since it was not yet new year at that time. Because of that, I watched Cars with a very hungry tummy. :(

No More Swimming -_-

We were supposed to go swimming on our second day in Olongapo. I wanted to swim. It's been like a few years already (just one actually) -- Fine! It feels like a few years have already passed since I swam in the open sea. I miss the salty water, the sand, the shells! T_T We were not able to go swimming because of my brother. He had an asthma attack, but its not that bad. Not to the point of bringing him to a hospital. We did not go, but I got something in exchange: I finally know how to finish a rubik's cube! Yay! The last day arrived. We were supposed to go to the beach this time(for sure) to swim. But it did not push through again. This time, it was the fault of time(get it? =P). BUT, in exchange, I got another chance to go to the M.V. Doulos for the third time! Yay!

M.V. Doulos

This must be my final trip to M.V. Doulos. We actually on our way home, but I suggested that we go to the M.V. Doulos, since we were not able to go swim(Evil me). Well, we got there, and I had the chance to look again for the Left Behind Series. Luckily, I didn't find any. -_- BUT! I found a book that sounded exciting. Catch this: "The Splitting Storm". Sounds nice eh? Its a series again. I bought two of em. I just noticed now that I have fondness of reading a series of books, rather than a single book. You know why? I seem to have the mentality that the author of non-series books just compress all of their thoughts, all the things that should have happened they have ommitted, just to make the book come out in one piece. But of course, I am not saying this to offend any one(or any author for that matter). It's my own opinion anyway ^_^

New Year, New Attitudes?

Okay, Its Thursday now, and its the start of classes for the year of 2008. I tried my best to get to school the fastest I can, so I won't be late, and I got there just in time. But guess what. Someone important was not on time -- the teacher. So, okay, there's no teacher, then it means I should go home now -- but wait. Lesley and Company invited me to the mall; since I had nothing to do, I went with them. We had a fun time of playing at the arcade. I actually recorded a part of our fun, maybe I can post it here some time. ^_^ The next day, my class was 7am. Well, I got there on time, and yay, there was a teacher. He was quite late, but at least he was THERE, ready to teach us. I had a good time with PE this time. After that, there was Filipino! And it had a teacher yet once more. Good thing. BUT!! we had a test. Bad thing. Anyway, after Filipino, we waited for the next subject. And waited. And waited some more till we realized that there was no PGC(Philippine Government and Constitution). So, yeah, ok. No PGC, but there are still 2 more subjects that I don't even know if there would be teachers. Man, what's wrong with people this year?


I'm uber hungry right now, so I'll just minimize some other things that had happened in the life span of this entry. We had a mini reunion(Super small reunion actually) of the CMLI Batch '04(was it?) and we rendered an offertory in the church (Lead Me, Lord). Then, I was left behind in a family reunion, sad. I sort of misplaced the attendance for theology last thursday. (Bad.) And, I finally got the class list for the seating stuff!(Good!) Oh, I nearly forgot about my major. It went very good. I am getting accelerated to the 5-6 exam from the 4-5 exam. Yay! (Good and Bad).

That's It!

Well, it seems that this week, I have not spent a good amount of time on important things. Well, I guess that's what planners are for(I bought one.) Hopefully, I can use it to organize my time better(Even though it is labelled "2008 Disorganizer"[LOL]). Well, see you around!

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