Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Entry #7: Whoa

New Blog Title...

Okay, I was thinking about the blog name again. I think I will be able to change it next week. Hopefully, I would be able to think of a better title -- a title that's exciting, pleasant to the ear, and most importantly, relevant! ^_^ Here we go now, for another ride in my adventures! (Whoa, sounded like a new title for me ^_^)

Rest rest!!

I finally had time to rest this week! It was on a Wednesday. There was no classes -- because of the Quiapo day thing, and so, I had the whole day to myself! I woke up in late in the morning and I played a few games. I also given myself time to study and work on my assignments for my next major. That's when I remembered that I needed to go to my former school, my alma matter -- just remembered the term right now, St. Stephen's High School -- but guess what, I'm not going to the school. I'm actually going to the parish side. ^_^ Let's "detailize" it!

Granado Espada

Ahh, nothing beats playing Granado Espada on a free day. Well, I really got into it when I was leveling at Porto Bello(It's a place in the world of Granado Espada, more like a dungeon) with my elementalists, 3 of them. I was so thankful that I got a squad, because I could bring my 3 elementalists(Magicians, master of the elements) when I have 2 squadmates that have their scouts(Healers). I had a fun time changing all of my elementalists to different elements: to all Evocation Lightning, all Evocation Ice, and all Evocation Fire. I had a really nice time ^^. I was actually playing while I was preparing to go to school, so... the feeling was both happiness and anxiousness, because I might be late for my appointment.

The Practice

Well, it seemed that I was late, but I was still early! It's because the person whom I was to practice with, Jojo Hia(mr. Jonard Yu), was also late. But you know what? We really didn't have an exact time of meeting for the practice. Which was funny on my part. I was so rushing because I thought that I was late and yet, we don't have an exact time for the practice. tee-hee ^_^. Anyway, we practiced the songs for Sunday. Zion Fellowship was going to have their Singspiration this Sunday, and Jojo Hia asked me to play for the singspiration. We had a good practice in my opinion, but I just felt so tired all of a sudden. I don't know why, maybe because I was hungry? I needed to sleep already? Beats me. -_- After the practice, we went out to eat. He said that he would treat me dinner as my payment. I couldn't disagree on this, I love food. ^_^

Mmm, Food.

The food was yummy, absolutely yummy, at King's Bakeshop. They had dinner food, and it was really good, as in d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! I was so, so, shy eating in front of them. Like they are a family, and they are chatting here and there, and there I am, just sitting, eating my food, too shy to even speak(lol). But anyway, I'm not that much of a person person when it comes to these things. I just don't know how to react anymore, even though I was good at meeting people when I was younger.

Book Report moved, BIG TIME!

Well, we were supposed to have our book reports passed next week, that's a Thursday, along with our Preliminary Exams in English; but just this Saturday, he texted one of our classmates something like this: "See you on Jan. 31" -- That was like about two weeks later! Man, we were so happy that the book report was extended, but of course I need to finish it as soon as I can, so that I wouldn't cram again.

First Prelims!

Friday was the first day of prelims for 1-Mus1, my section. Our first exam was Rudiments, and for some of our classmates, Solfeggio right after. The test in rudiments was quite easy, it was just about intervals. Ironically, I got one mistake. It was number 7(or was it 8) of the second test. I forgot that the 3rd interval was a major and not a perfect interval. And because of that, I thought that the 3rd dimished interval was supposed to be 1 semi-tone lower than the Major interval. It should have been a triple flat, not a double flat!! T_T Sigh. I guess it was just God's will that I was not meant to perfect the exam. Better luck next time, I guess. ^_^


Our solfeggio time this Friday was a taste of what we were to experience on the day of the exam (which was Monday). It was hard. That's all I could say. Dictations of the melody, rhythm, and listening to chords was absolutely difficult. Monday finally came, the day of the Prelims. I was prepared. The dictation was pretty easy, making the full dictation(meaning writing the melody and rhythm on the paper) the theme of ABS-CBN (A BIG ROFL). I felt so bad when she told us that only half of the class can take the solfeggio exam(the singing one) that day, and the other half, including me, would take it on Wednesday, same time. Knowing that we don't have classes on Wednesday, I felt sad. Aww, no more whole day rest. What a waste of 3 hours. But I have no choice. I have to go there T_T


We had a concert last Sunday, it was a thanksgiving concert of Mr Johnny Yu. We were asked to perform a number, and we were waiting for our time. Well, I wanted to take the opportunity to be able to make a report on the concert, so my required concerts can be reduced by one, so I sneaked in, but actually, I asked permission to sneak in, telling them that I need to listen to the concert for my report at school. Well, I was listening, and I had jot down a lot of things... on the program. I didn't have any paper with me, so I wrote on the program. Tee-hee. Dean Sunico was there. He was part of the concert. He played 3 solo numbers, and the other numbers were with Mr. Johnny Yu, as the marimbist. I was so amazed. The concert was so good. I have enjoyed music yet again.

Dean Raul Sunico

After the concert, I got my things and I was rushing to meet up with my mom and brothers. I passed Achi Pat with Dean Sunico (Dean Raul Sunico, the dean of the UST conservatory of music[that's where I'm studying right now!!]) coming out of the elevator. One thing was on my mind: Evade! And so I did try to evade, I didn't want to meet the Dean. But God must have asked Achi Pat and Mommy Meme(That's Achi Melody) to call me. And because of my quite bionic ears, I heard it T_T. Well, I was introduced to Dean Sunico. I was shy of course. He said that he saw me in the conservatory, and that he wanted to see me in his office. LOL. I felt like I have done something wrong. But when I think of it, I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe he will just interview me or something. Its a good thing that the next day, there were people in the office, and he looked quite busy, so he just shook my hand, and said hello. ^_^ Maybe I would go back in there in the nearer future. I think I would want to talk to him. Already.

Major Stuff

I did pretty good in my major this week. Though I was not able to practice almost half of my assignments, because of a lot of things, my professor understood my situation: that I had exams this week, and of course, I had to study. I think I won't be able to practice much this week since there's still exams till the end of the week. Hopefully, I would be given time for practice.

Exams This Week

Well, I had my Music Listening Exam yesterday, and I think I will pass. ^^ The Philippine Gov't exam today was quite easy in my opinion, even though I have forgotten some terms. Tomorrow would be the Solfeggio Part 2 exam, and on thursday Theology 2 Exam. After that, no more! ^_^ Actually, there is one more. Jan 31 - English Exam.

That's It!

Well, I could add nothing more, because of my thundering stomach, but all I can say is that this week -- this entry, is quite awesome. Meeting the Dean, performing in a concert, eating free food(I forgot to mention. :D), and many more other things. I am surely expecting that my life would get more exciting in the days to come. ^_^ (Post Finished at 11:24 am, Whoa, I never realized I write so long. O_O)

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