Thursday, December 27, 2007

Entry #5: Happy Christmas


I'm sorry that I forgot to write here. I was totally busy last tuesday because it was Christmas, and you know how people tend to forget a lot of things during Christmas(going to our relatives, eating a lot of food, and such.) But don't worry, I'll do the best I can to retrieve all the events that had transpired from Tuesday to Tuesday. ^_-


t was a Tuesday evening. My mind was overly crowded with what to do the following morning. Would I go to school or not? Would there be classes tomorrow? Argh, I just felt so confused on what to do. I went online to see if any classmate would miraculously come online so I could ask him/her if she would be going to school the following day; but sadly, the Yahoo Messenger™ must be cursed on that day. No one was online from my classmates. I then resorted to my last resort(Huh? O_o) -- I needed to text one of them. I texted Medz(short for Remedios Katherine Consunji) if she would be going to school the following day. It was a good thing that she replied so quickly, telling me that she won't be going tomorrow because she needed to have her Christmas Shopping. She even invited me if I wanted to come join her, but I couldn't. I was just too busy the following day. I kept on thinking if I should go or not -- but I have finally decided not to go. It was just a big waste of time If I would go and there would be no classes. If there were classes the following day, I'm sure that it would be only Philippine Government and Constitution by Ma'am Fule. So, I really wouldn't want to go to school only because of her. ^_^


This must be my favorite topic for this entry. So you just listen and try to understand. I'll do the best I can to make it most detailed. It all started Wednesday night. I was inviting Ivan to come join our lovely trip the next day to Doulos, then to Global Fun. He was arguing with himself on whom to go with: with me and Rachelle, or with his friends. His friends were going straight to global fun in the morning, while Rachelle and I would go to the M.V. Doulos first before going to Global Fun. After some few hours, he decided to go with us. Yay! ^_^ I told him that we would meet first at the church at 10 am, so that we could eat before going to Rachelle's house (Rendezvous point.) Okay, the next day arrived. I was going to the church. It was 10 mins before 10am, so I walked as fast as I can to get there on time, because I thought Ivan would be waiting for me already. But when I got there, lucky me. I was first. Ivan was not there yet. If you could see my face(you would ROFL lol). I sat down there, and what else could I do? I sat down and waited for him. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into 5 minutes, 5 minutes into 20 minutes. Finally, he arrived. I looked at my watch, it was not 10:20. He was late for 20 minutes. T_T Anyway, I rushed him to Jolibee so we can be at Rachelle's House on time. After eating, we started to walk towards the house of Rachelle. We finally got there a few minutes before the meeting time, so I felt relieved. We went inside the house of Rachelle. I had a few chitchats with Rachelle and I realized that Kristine was not going with us today because she was not feeling that good. Anyway, after prepping up, we finally left the house.


We were just walking towards Avenida with Rachelle's sister. I was honestly irritated with our walking pace, it was quite slow. We might not make it on time. But I didn't make a big deal out of it. After a whopping 15 minutes, we finally got to Avenida. After saying our goodbyes to Rachelle's Sister, we hopped on the jeep going to the Pier as the M.V. Doulos was located in Pier 15(Where they were last time.) As expected, the trip to M.V. Doulos was short. We started walking now towards the M.V. Doulos. It was hot. The sun was brilliantly shining. We were like in an oven -- no, worse than an oven! A sauna with its temperature set 100 times higher than it usually is. Using an umbrella could only bring down the temperature by a few degrees (uhm, about .3 or .5ÂșC I think), but I didn't care. I just wanted to get to the M.V. Doulos as fast as I can. After about 15 mins, we reached the M.V. Doulos. Yes! BOOOOOOKS!!! ^_^

Books, Books, BOOK!

All I wanted to get from this ship is the left behind series. They sell cheap copies of them, some even looks like new. But before that, let's go inside the ship first. Lots of books, so many that I don't know what section to go first. I had to find a gift for someone, and I found it! I hope that she liked the gift that I had bought for her. After buying the book, Rachelle and I were looking for Ivan, because he was missing. We tried to call his cell a few times, but it seems that he wasn't answering it. When we were almost at our breaking point, Ivan finally popped out like a mushroom. I even asked him to check the price of a Learn-how-to-play-guitar book. After buying our books at the bookstore, we headed over to the refreshments area. I really wanted to eat ice cream at that moment, for it was so, so hot; but when I looked at the price of the Ice cream, I decided to just buy myself a cute cup of strawberry juice. The price of a cute cup of ice cream was... 30 pesos. It broke my heart. T_T I couldn't spend that much because I only had 1500 pesos for the whole day, including Global Fun, Transportation, food, and so on. I already spent 450 pesos, and adding 30 pesos just because of an Ice cream would not be a good idea, especially if I'm on a low budget. Anyway, after the refreshments area, we finally went to the Promo area!! MY FAVORITE AREA FOREVER!! ^_^ So many books for a very low, low price. Imagine, a Biology book so thick, so colorful, so beautiful, only costs 150 pesos! AMAZING!! Going back, I started scavenging for the books I have been wanting to collect -- the left behind series. It was so hard to find the Left Behind Series amongst the books. I first found the 12th book: The Glorious Appearing. I already had that book, so I placed it back. The next one I found was the 8th book: The Indwelling. I grabbed hold of it for a moment, thinking if I had already read the book. I had already read it, but I was collecting the whole series, so I just grabbed the book. ^_^. I was about to give up on looking for a Left Behind Series book, when I found the first book: Left Behind. It was a limited edition. I grabbed it after a brief argument with myself. We then headed over to the counter and the woman looked so familiar. I then remembered that she was also the one who was at the counter the last time that I have been to the M.V. Doulos. After buying our own books from the promo section, we were ready to leave the M.V. Doulos. It was sad, because I think I won't be able to see it once more in the near future, but I was still happy, because they still had some of the Left Behind series books left behind( ? O_o ). Now, we're off to the Global FUN!!!

The 2-Kilometer Fun Walk

My brother told me to ride the first jeepney we see. I told that to Rachelle, but she insisted that the jeep would not go to our destination. So, we just walked from the M.V. Doulos, till the I-Don't-Know where place. We were actually lost. We didn't know where to go, so we were just walking. I got really tired. It was a good thing that God blessed us with clouds and cold breezes. We were walking comfortably, I suppose. I saw the jeep that my brother told me to ride on that same road. We have been seeing jeeps like that all the time during our walk. O_O Well, I guess it doesn't matter now, since we are already there, waiting for a jeep. Later on, we finally found the right jeep.

Jeep Warfare

I really wanted to go down at the EDSA station of the LRT. They insisted on it. They didn't know that the Jeeps under the EDSA station of the LRT were more easier to be filled, and the best of all, its route is faster because it just goes on a straight path. Again, I lost to the argument, they won again. -_- what a waste of fifty centavos. T_T We got to the SM Mall of Asia after about 20 minutes or so.

Food Argument! O_o

Wow, I just realized now that there were a lot of arguments that have transpired within that day! ^_^
The three of us were hungry when we arrived at the mall. We don't know where to eat actually, one wanted karate kid, the other some other japanese restaurant(I forgot the name) and for me, Tokyo Tokyo. We were arguing where to eat. I won this time, yay! ^_^ But it wasn't over just yet. We still argued on what to eat. I lost T_T, so we ended up eating veggie tempura. It was not worth the money, but I had no choice ^_^.

Global Fun Suspended.

Our schedule was to go to Global Fun after eating. But during our jeepney trip towards the SM Mall of Asia, we have decided not to go to Global Fun anymore. We decided to just go play at Timezone which was located within the Mall. So, right after eating, we were heading towards the Timezone when we saw a bookstore. We went in. We browsed books. But one thing is for sure, We would never buy books. The M.V. Doulos books were more than enough for all of us, so we were just there browsing books. I saw that the time was already 3 o'clock, so I told them that we really have to go now, or we would suffer going home late. Off we go, to timezone!

Our Time in The Zone of Timezone!

We first looked up the location of Timezone. We found out that there were 2 places where Timezone was located and decided to go to the nearest to our location. When we got there, we bought our cards. The timezone that we went to was for kids, so we just played 1 game, Mario Kart! My favorite! ^_^ After playing, we headed over to the other timezone, the bigger one. We were having fun all of the time, I especially enjoyed the Dance Mania thing. It was so fun ^_^. We tried only a few games, because Rachelle wanted to go Karaoke mode.


The Karaoke was the reason why we went home late. We were waiting for so long. T_T But it was Okay to wait because we had a good time singing songs. ^_^ After Karaoke-ing, I wanted to empty my credits by playing Dance mania before I go home.

No Smaller Bill!!

Eek! I don't have any smaller bill than 500 pesos, so I had to buy something. I saw Wendy's, so I bought a Bacon Mushroom melt(which was soooo good) meal, so that I would have money to go home.

The Final Argument

This must be the final argument for the day -- what jeep to hop into. It was solved as I was sitting down. eating my food.

Evil LRT

We finally reached the LRT Station. We got our tickets, and we hopped in to the first LRT train that will stop on our station. The train was so populated. We were standing up, and my heavy bag is slowly taking its toll on my back, for it was hurting. T_T I thought that we were going home already, but to my surprise, the LRT was not moving. A few minutes later, we hear an announcement from the outside, that something was wrong at some place in the LRT's path, and all LRT operations were stopped. We wanted to wait. But it was taking too long now, and we don't know what to do anymore.

Thanks, Ivan's Dad!

Then, Ivan made a call to his dad. His dad was just about to go somewhere, and he was near the vicinity of the LRT Station we were in, so we just got off the train and went down. We first went inside the McDonalds, because someone needed to text somebody(I forgot ^_^). Ivan's dad called the moment we entered McDonalds. He told us that he was very near, so we went out and waited for him. There were a lot of people outside, so I was worried on how we were going to be seen by Ivan's dad. But thankfully, he saw us, and we saw his car. We quickly boarded the vehicle, and we left the dreaded place. Ivan's dad dropped each and every one of us to where we were supposed to go, so thanks so much Ivan's Dad!

My First Christmas Celebration in SSP

Well, as far as I can say, my first time of celebrating Christmas in SSP was fun. I had a nice time, my family came with me, and I did a lot of things O_O. What I loved about it is the Mango Ice cream ^_^.

That's IT!!!

Finally, I finished writing this entry. Took me 3 hours. T_T but it was good. I remembered wonderful and fun times thanks to this entry.
(Finished 2:25PM)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Entry #4: What a Meanie!

Practicing with Mr. Johnny Yu

Well, after my English class, that was about 11:30, I quickly headed over to my former school, St. Stephen's High School for the practice with Mr. Johnny Yu for the Dec. 24 stuff. I arrived early, so I decided to go in the school premises. There was an annual fair on-going. I first looked for some friends, and after saying hi and hello, loitering around, literally doing nothing, it was time for me to go to the church. I might be late for practice. I don't want to be late. I arrived just on time, because Mr. Johnny Yu just came in the church. We actually talked for a while, he needed to rest, for he was not feeling that good. After the "rest" moment, we went on with the practice. I really got out-of-place when we were practicing. I felt that I was not playing the accompaniment correctly. After playing the accompaniment, we rested again for we needed to wait for another person, Gregory. Wait a minute, I think I know him! I think he is my godfather's son! Woo! ^_^ Anyway, we practiced again, and then, we went to the fair.

Friends at the Fair.

I forgot to write here about my friends that I saw as I was about to enter the school grounds. I saw Audrey and company. But something caught my eye. It was a male. Someone new? Oh! I remember! He's the one Audrey was talking about... Her BOYFRIEND!!! WOOOOOO! Anyway, lets get back to the fair. It was fun, because I saw a lot of friends, though I did not entertain most of them because I was expecting to see someone, someone I don't know who. I just sat around with Rachelle and company for a while. We talked about our scheduled going to the M.V. Doulos and Global Fun this coming Thursday. If you want to join us, ask Rachelle, Kristine, or Me about the details! After the chit-chat, I had to go buy food, but I ended up somewhere I don't want to be.

Meanie!!! MEANIE!

I was just strolling around the fair, looking for some cheap food, when I came across a booth. I saw a friend and said hello to her. I wanted to help her in doing things like making signboards or something. But as this other person went into the scene, this MEANIE was very mean. I was just helping them, but he was so mean. If you were there, you would've punched this guy already. Anyway, I won't go into details. ^_^

Successful Major! YAY!!!

It was a Monday. Time again for My major! This time, I was very well-prepared for my assignments. For the first time in my history, I did a good job! yay ^_^


I am so sorry that I wrote only little for my entry for this week. Its just that I'm so tired today. I only had 3 hours of sleep because of my theology assignment that was not even submitted because our professor was not there. Sorry.!

That's It!

Well, I can conclude that this week was very tiring for me because of all the efforts I have exerted in practicing for my Major. ^_^ I hope that some day, I will be able to practice my Major and finish it within 5 hours ^_^. Someday.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entry #3: Major Problem

Finally, No more Concerts!

Yeah, I'm so happy that there are no more concerts that I need to attend because I am participating in it. I'm so happy that I am now free of late-night practices and nearly restless nights(thanks Ivan.) If you want to watch the concert, it will be aired at Dec. 24, I don't know what time(I think it's 6pm or 4pm... not sure), on ABC 5. Woot, my face was actually projected on screen! I felt embarrassed, and a little proud(just little, as in minute). But anyway, I'm so happy that its all over now.

The "Major" Problem

Because of the concert last Thursday and Friday, and because of the rehearsals that was done a few days before that, I did not have the chance to practice my major (not until Saturday, though) and I really got scared because the last time I had my major, I was scolded by my professor(uhh, you know it already.. O_O It's ion the last entry) and I fear that I was to be scolded again. I really don't want to be scolded because I always do my best on everything(even on playing, lol). Well, I got to practice Saturday and Sunday, but it wasn't enough. I would've practiced more at Sunday, when someone bugged me, asking if I can turn on the server. I really don't want to get in touch with the computer at that moment, because I was so frustrated already with the current piece I'm working on. It was soooooo H-A-R-D. ^^ I don't know how will I be able to finish that piece because it was a piece that involves techniques. This person then told me that he did not join his/her family so that he can just play. Imagine! That makes things harder. Now I can't just say: "No, I don't want to go to the computer because I am not yet done with my Major assignments. When I'm done with them, then that would be the time when I can open up the server so you can play in it." I asked myself for a few moments, thinking if I should just give up the assignment and just open up the server for him/her. Then it finally hit me. The answer to my question was yes. I don't know how it happened, but it did. I opened the computer, and started to play. There was a reason for opening the computer, it was to actually have a break. But I knew, that "break" would be very, very long. Well, it was already late, and I had to go sleep already. I decided to sleep early that night, so I would have the chance to practice the next morning. The next day came, I woke up. I looked at my watch and I found out that it was already six in the morning. I got angry with my mom at first, thinking that she forgot to wake me up; but a few moments later, I realized that it was me, my subconscious self, that was not waking me up. I really got frustrated and angry at myself. Why did I not wake up? Why did my subconscious decline the call of nature? WHYYYY!!? As I was trying to review my assignments, I really couldn't think that much. I just feel so angry at myself. A few moments later, I just felt tears flowing down through my eyes. A few minutes more, and I was already crying like a baby. How embarrassing. The reason? Maybe because it was really my fault for not being able to finish those assignments. Let's just skip the other details, too embarrassing to tell. ^_^ Let's just go to the part where I'm already having my lesson. I got scolded again. Punished for not doing my assignments, but this time, I felt that the scolding was lighter than before. She was not that mad as before, and I felt a little relieved. ^_^ Well, the problem was solved, for now.

Somewhat lucky

Monday. Lots of things were supposed to happen that day. Lots of quizzes, recitations, and many more that involves grades. I really didn't have the chance to study because of my Major assignments, so I was prepared to fail them all. Let's go and meet the Subjects: Filipino was the first in line with a quiz. It was already nine in the morning. She was supposed to be there before I even got to class. But I noticed that there were a lot of my classmates in the hallway, so I presumed that the professor was not yet there. A few moments(about 35 mins) later, she finally showed up. She told us that something was wrong with her eye along with her news that the quiz will be moved to Wednesday. Yay. The Music Listening was... somehow good, cause I knew most of the answers to the questions. Solfeggio on the other hand, was quite lucky. I got an easy number, and I got about 80% of the thing correct. I also finished the assignment for Solfeggio and Theology that day, so I won't worry about anything else.

Not Again.

I finally arrived at home. It was already seven in the evening. I was tired already, and after I finished my assignments in theology, I received a phone call from Mr. Johnny Yu. He told me that we were going to have a practice this Saturday for the Christmas Eve Service. After that, I opened the computer to listen to the song that I was to play in the service. It was quite hard, but when I got the chords for it, well, I knew how to play it almost instantly. Then, I was tempted to play again, and I did(Thanks people who were online that time). Because of this, I woke up late a while ago. T_T Good thing, there was no classes. Ooh, let me tell you what happened yesterday, when I was playing. Allister asked me to send him a bot, to edit his character, and to cheat the game. I don't want my server to be a cheat-zone! I, myself, don't give stuff to my chars(legitimate chars) in-game, and yet this person wants to cheat?! O_O.

That's It!

I just conclude that I should learn from my mistakes, and that I should just get over these things, these problems that I have been experiencing. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to manage time more efficiently, and I pray, that all the persons around me, will also manage their time more efficiently, and be more understanding with my situation. I have hidden the person's name in the Major problem, because he/she is not really a bad person, and I don't want our friendship to change. To the person who was affected by my writings right now, please do not be affected. I hope our friendship doesn't change ^_- I know that you are thankful for my sacrifices, and I appreciate that, but please understand my situation.. ok? ^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Entry #2: Too Tired

Batangas Stop

That's a literal stuff. We had to go to Batangas last Friday because we had to deliver some things to the relatives of my sister's friend. Well, we travelled about 10 hours in total, but we only spent a couple of mins(maybe around 15 mins.) at the actual place. It was a very tiring day, especially if I could just stay at home and sleep(or play ^_^). I really don't want to go back there again, it's just too tiring.

H3 Convention

I have never been this tired ever. Well, all because of that Hero conference stuff. I really wanted to get a jacket, a GE jacket. They did tell me that there will be GE merchandises for sale, but I really wonder why there was no jackets. I did ask the people selling the stuff, but I got a very disappointing answer -- "We're currently out of stock." I did respond with a question, asking them if it would be available the following day(Sunday, because it was Saturday at that time.) The following day, that's Sunday, I went again to the convention not to just grab a hold of the jacket, but to actually enjoy the convention in itself. Well, after knowing that the jacket would not be sold because its still out of stock, I went over to the GE booth to actually submit my perfect attendance thingy. After getting the in-game stuff, which was a combat manual (beginner)[Eew! I don't like beginners lol, but thanks anyway], I proceeded around the vicinity of SMX. I really got tired because I was strolling around endlessly, trying to find someplace to sit down and rest a bit. I was sooo sooo tired because of standing the whole 3-4 hours T_T.(I'm not thinking while I'm writing these stuffs because.. I need to meet with some friend at 11:15 maybe, so I'm rushing typing right now.


After the convention, I was really, really tired but I still needed to go watch the Choral Competition(Voices in Harmony) joined by my former school. It was the finals night already, and I really wanted to watch it. And so, I was there, listening to all the contestants, counting their mistakes. I really don't know how the Ramon Magsaysay(Cubao) won, but I guess, its just my own opinion. ^_^ I don't want to write my opinion about our school, because I do not want to hurt or make them proud of themselves. ^_^ Anyway, I did not have the chance to finish the contest because it was already late at night, and I really need the sleep. Disappointingly, I had to stay up that night because I needed to finish my Major Assignments for the following day. I was really tired(*gasp* I keep on stressing this lol), but I still did it.

First Major Mistake

Still literal in meaning. My first major mistake.. T_T I felt so bad after being scolded by my professor in my major yesterday. "Nothing I could do there", I thought. But it was really my fault in the first place. Oh no, I mean, it was the conservatory's fault! You see, they have been asking us to attend practices late in the afternoon for a concert I didn't even volunteer to join. How funny. I am really, really disappointed and afraid that I won't be able to practice again this week because of this evil concert. ITS JUST A UNIT. A unit only takes 30 mins in college, 30 mins A WEEK. Basing from my own calculations, I therefore conclude that after this event, I can actually not attend all of my Large Ensemble classes, because this week has already made up for every single meeting of the Large Ensemble. But one thing is for sure, I will still attend the stuff, I don't want to have an FA anyway. ^_^ Okay, back to the main topic of this sub-topic. I was scolded by my professor because I was late and I forgot my notebook. She forgave me this time, and told me that I have to bring my notebook next time, or I won't be able to have my Major next time. I was really disappointed at myself. My self-esteem dropped about 20 points(out of 120, LOL). I really wanted to kill myself at that time, for giving in to Ivan's temptations. Ivan, if you are reading this, I won't be able to play with you this week, I need to redeem myself. I need to practice a lot this week, hopefully.

Theology Oopsie.

Today was theology. Yesterday, our professor posted an online activity on the yahoo groups. I thought it was supposed to be done by today, but it wasn't so I was happy that I didn't do it(When I should have done it so I won't have problems... right?) But just about an hour ago, we had an exam. I think I failed it, but I trust in God, I believe that whatever happens with that paper, it was God's will, and it would be for the betterment of myself.

That's It!!

Well, all I can say about this week? I just don't want bad things to happen again. But guess what? They'll keep on coming. Someone told me(I think it was a speaker somewhere) that if we are not suffering, then we are not Christians, because Jesus Christ told us that we will be persecuted and such. I just want to persevere more, WORK HARDER!! ^_^ and, of course, study harder too!