Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Entry #4: What a Meanie!

Practicing with Mr. Johnny Yu

Well, after my English class, that was about 11:30, I quickly headed over to my former school, St. Stephen's High School for the practice with Mr. Johnny Yu for the Dec. 24 stuff. I arrived early, so I decided to go in the school premises. There was an annual fair on-going. I first looked for some friends, and after saying hi and hello, loitering around, literally doing nothing, it was time for me to go to the church. I might be late for practice. I don't want to be late. I arrived just on time, because Mr. Johnny Yu just came in the church. We actually talked for a while, he needed to rest, for he was not feeling that good. After the "rest" moment, we went on with the practice. I really got out-of-place when we were practicing. I felt that I was not playing the accompaniment correctly. After playing the accompaniment, we rested again for we needed to wait for another person, Gregory. Wait a minute, I think I know him! I think he is my godfather's son! Woo! ^_^ Anyway, we practiced again, and then, we went to the fair.

Friends at the Fair.

I forgot to write here about my friends that I saw as I was about to enter the school grounds. I saw Audrey and company. But something caught my eye. It was a male. Someone new? Oh! I remember! He's the one Audrey was talking about... Her BOYFRIEND!!! WOOOOOO! Anyway, lets get back to the fair. It was fun, because I saw a lot of friends, though I did not entertain most of them because I was expecting to see someone, someone I don't know who. I just sat around with Rachelle and company for a while. We talked about our scheduled going to the M.V. Doulos and Global Fun this coming Thursday. If you want to join us, ask Rachelle, Kristine, or Me about the details! After the chit-chat, I had to go buy food, but I ended up somewhere I don't want to be.

Meanie!!! MEANIE!

I was just strolling around the fair, looking for some cheap food, when I came across a booth. I saw a friend and said hello to her. I wanted to help her in doing things like making signboards or something. But as this other person went into the scene, this MEANIE was very mean. I was just helping them, but he was so mean. If you were there, you would've punched this guy already. Anyway, I won't go into details. ^_^

Successful Major! YAY!!!

It was a Monday. Time again for My major! This time, I was very well-prepared for my assignments. For the first time in my history, I did a good job! yay ^_^


I am so sorry that I wrote only little for my entry for this week. Its just that I'm so tired today. I only had 3 hours of sleep because of my theology assignment that was not even submitted because our professor was not there. Sorry.!

That's It!

Well, I can conclude that this week was very tiring for me because of all the efforts I have exerted in practicing for my Major. ^_^ I hope that some day, I will be able to practice my Major and finish it within 5 hours ^_^. Someday.

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