Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entry #3: Major Problem

Finally, No more Concerts!

Yeah, I'm so happy that there are no more concerts that I need to attend because I am participating in it. I'm so happy that I am now free of late-night practices and nearly restless nights(thanks Ivan.) If you want to watch the concert, it will be aired at Dec. 24, I don't know what time(I think it's 6pm or 4pm... not sure), on ABC 5. Woot, my face was actually projected on screen! I felt embarrassed, and a little proud(just little, as in minute). But anyway, I'm so happy that its all over now.

The "Major" Problem

Because of the concert last Thursday and Friday, and because of the rehearsals that was done a few days before that, I did not have the chance to practice my major (not until Saturday, though) and I really got scared because the last time I had my major, I was scolded by my professor(uhh, you know it already.. O_O It's ion the last entry) and I fear that I was to be scolded again. I really don't want to be scolded because I always do my best on everything(even on playing, lol). Well, I got to practice Saturday and Sunday, but it wasn't enough. I would've practiced more at Sunday, when someone bugged me, asking if I can turn on the server. I really don't want to get in touch with the computer at that moment, because I was so frustrated already with the current piece I'm working on. It was soooooo H-A-R-D. ^^ I don't know how will I be able to finish that piece because it was a piece that involves techniques. This person then told me that he did not join his/her family so that he can just play. Imagine! That makes things harder. Now I can't just say: "No, I don't want to go to the computer because I am not yet done with my Major assignments. When I'm done with them, then that would be the time when I can open up the server so you can play in it." I asked myself for a few moments, thinking if I should just give up the assignment and just open up the server for him/her. Then it finally hit me. The answer to my question was yes. I don't know how it happened, but it did. I opened the computer, and started to play. There was a reason for opening the computer, it was to actually have a break. But I knew, that "break" would be very, very long. Well, it was already late, and I had to go sleep already. I decided to sleep early that night, so I would have the chance to practice the next morning. The next day came, I woke up. I looked at my watch and I found out that it was already six in the morning. I got angry with my mom at first, thinking that she forgot to wake me up; but a few moments later, I realized that it was me, my subconscious self, that was not waking me up. I really got frustrated and angry at myself. Why did I not wake up? Why did my subconscious decline the call of nature? WHYYYY!!? As I was trying to review my assignments, I really couldn't think that much. I just feel so angry at myself. A few moments later, I just felt tears flowing down through my eyes. A few minutes more, and I was already crying like a baby. How embarrassing. The reason? Maybe because it was really my fault for not being able to finish those assignments. Let's just skip the other details, too embarrassing to tell. ^_^ Let's just go to the part where I'm already having my lesson. I got scolded again. Punished for not doing my assignments, but this time, I felt that the scolding was lighter than before. She was not that mad as before, and I felt a little relieved. ^_^ Well, the problem was solved, for now.

Somewhat lucky

Monday. Lots of things were supposed to happen that day. Lots of quizzes, recitations, and many more that involves grades. I really didn't have the chance to study because of my Major assignments, so I was prepared to fail them all. Let's go and meet the Subjects: Filipino was the first in line with a quiz. It was already nine in the morning. She was supposed to be there before I even got to class. But I noticed that there were a lot of my classmates in the hallway, so I presumed that the professor was not yet there. A few moments(about 35 mins) later, she finally showed up. She told us that something was wrong with her eye along with her news that the quiz will be moved to Wednesday. Yay. The Music Listening was... somehow good, cause I knew most of the answers to the questions. Solfeggio on the other hand, was quite lucky. I got an easy number, and I got about 80% of the thing correct. I also finished the assignment for Solfeggio and Theology that day, so I won't worry about anything else.

Not Again.

I finally arrived at home. It was already seven in the evening. I was tired already, and after I finished my assignments in theology, I received a phone call from Mr. Johnny Yu. He told me that we were going to have a practice this Saturday for the Christmas Eve Service. After that, I opened the computer to listen to the song that I was to play in the service. It was quite hard, but when I got the chords for it, well, I knew how to play it almost instantly. Then, I was tempted to play again, and I did(Thanks people who were online that time). Because of this, I woke up late a while ago. T_T Good thing, there was no classes. Ooh, let me tell you what happened yesterday, when I was playing. Allister asked me to send him a bot, to edit his character, and to cheat the game. I don't want my server to be a cheat-zone! I, myself, don't give stuff to my chars(legitimate chars) in-game, and yet this person wants to cheat?! O_O.

That's It!

I just conclude that I should learn from my mistakes, and that I should just get over these things, these problems that I have been experiencing. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to manage time more efficiently, and I pray, that all the persons around me, will also manage their time more efficiently, and be more understanding with my situation. I have hidden the person's name in the Major problem, because he/she is not really a bad person, and I don't want our friendship to change. To the person who was affected by my writings right now, please do not be affected. I hope our friendship doesn't change ^_- I know that you are thankful for my sacrifices, and I appreciate that, but please understand my situation.. ok? ^^

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