Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode Eight: Summing Up, and Closing the Book of May

A new beginning

Yeah, it's the end of may already. And it's the start of June. This is the last episode for May. Ack, I'm nearing my first day of school. I don't feel like going to school yet, but what the heck. ^_^ From this day on, I will post my the day's events on the day (Actually, still on the next day, but what I'm going to do is to move the date of posting a day back, like this very post -- this was done June 1, 2007 around 10AM[GMT+8]; but, when I already have my classes, i think the on the day blogging will take effect already ^_^)

What Happened So Far...

Hmm... let's see what happened in the past episodes: I got unlucky, I got stuffed with tasks i don't need to do, and -- nevermind! I got one big thing to thank for -- I'm alive. If I'm not alive, then who would make this last episode in the Book of May? ^_^ One more thing, i also would like to thank God and Blogger to enable me to share my daily experiences. Somehow, I'm like sharing openly to a very close friend, God maybe? ^_^
Since I think I'm done summing up all the things that happened this month, I think i should now write about today's events.

Ivan Arlantico, absent-minded?

When I was talking to Ivan at first, it seemed normal. But when i asked on what games does he have on his computer, he answered a very mind-blowing, breath-taking: "What do you mean? Di ko gets (What do you mean, I don't get it)" OH NO!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Luckily, i was still able to "expound" the question by adding one word, 'installed'. And he finally got it -- yay!

I am late, I am late!! >_<; This morning, i woke up at 7. I'm supposed to be going to school at 7am because I have a practice at 8, and i woke up at 7! I finished everything that i needed to do by 7:35. As i was walking fast towards the main road, i kept telling myself: "I'm late, I'm late!!" I was so disappointed with myself at that time. If only i woke up earlier, then i would be able to go there earlier and have the chance to play the piano in the music room while waiting for my other classmates. But suprisingly, i came to school 5 mins before 8am. The first time i saw this wonderful clock with its minute-hand at the number 11, and its hour-hand nearly at the number eight, I jumped in joy and praised the Lord -- all in my mind. I started to think of me dancing and rejoicing like crazy, thanking the Lord for this awesome miracle! Thank You Lord again ^_^.

The Practice Proper

When I arrived in the music room, the first person that I saw was... i think Isen. He was wearing this polo, and I asked him why he was dressed so nicely. He told me that he was going to tour some people, to the school grounds. O_O Why does the school call students who've already graduated to tour people around the school grounds? Anyway, we were done practicing a few minutes after 9am, and we're supposed to end at 10, so... i had the chance to play! Yay! I can practice my offertory piece for this Sunday! ^_^ After which, Achi Pat played a piece for me entitled "He will carry you". I'm not supposed to sing on that day, but i was forced to >_<. But it's ok, i just sang quite soft, a volume which only achi pat can hear audibly -- i think. It was almost 10am when the many members of the CMLI(Children's Music Library Inc.) Group came in.

Tenors, practice more!

I don't mean to offend the tenors of this year's group, but they -- well, some of them, are not on-pitch and on-harmony. The tenors got about 33 mistakes in their first song >_<. Practice more ok? And when, you're the melody, sing out, don't soften you voices, because you are the melody.

CMLI overall performance

If I will score the CMLI's performance in their first song, i will give it a 4 out of 10 (Sorry, I'm sadistic when it comes to scoring >:D) Of course, i have my reasons. First, the sopranos were always being overpowered by the altos O_O. It should be the other way around right? Secondly, no feeling. I didn't sense love in the air (LOL). Thirdly, the dynamics are not quite present. There should be a crescendo-decrescendo to dynamic markings right? Well, i guess i should consider that you haven't been able to practice a lot, so I guess i should not tell bad things about them. To CMLI members: I'm not telling this because i want you to feel bad, I'm telling you these things so that you will become better, possibly the best singing group! Always believe in God, and most of all, don't dislike me because i made this comment!! T_T

In Conclusion..

Today has been nice, and quite entertaining. Today i had the chance to listen to the CMLI, and I'm happy on their progress because they almost have all notes harmonized, except the long notes. I pray that they will have more chances of practicing so that they will be able to sing a song with their whole heart. ^_^

Episode Seven: Tasks I "Need" to Do

Thanks for the Comment!

Thanks for putting up your comment, Dianne. You better get a blogger account, it's also a gmail account. do you want me to invite you to gmail? Because if I will invite you, you'd be able to customize your username. Just leave me a message if you want it ^_^.

I think I'm angry!

I just can't bear the way my brother's treating me! He always teases me, little he knows i'm very annoyed. He keeps on saying "You're so short-tempered!". Uhm, excuse me!! If i'm so short tempered, then why am i staying in one place, not doing anything harmful to you? It's a big, big proof that I'm not short tempered! If you were in my place, with my own personality, i guess you could've punched me in an instant.

Nevertheless, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Yep. I must love my neighbor -- in this case, my brother, as myself. I will try my best to love him as a brother. I don't plant anger on him, which is a very good thing! ^_^ And this should apply to each and every family member of the house... I think we're gonna have a problem there O_O. Nevermind, as long as I treat them fairly, I guess they will also treat me fairly ^_^

Errands -- a LOT of errands.

What a "fun-filled" day I had yesterday! It was so filled with lots and lots of things to do -- things that i shouldn't be doing! >_< All of them -- i really mean all of them, asked me to do errands for them, namely:
1) Doing some ID stuff of some "small town lottery" thing O_O
2) Feeding our pet dog, chubby
3) Closing the lights
4) Securing "anti-dog zone", and;
5) Filling up water containers -- which i have not even used that day
A lot that i should not be doing, i have done O_O. It doesn't matter anymore, since God has already given my rewards ^_^.

Yay! They're finally online, my friends are finally online!! ^_^

It has been 3 hours past lunch, i feel hungry, lost, ashamed of myself( O_o) and most of all, i feel bored. No friends to talk to, no games to play, no nothing! But as i look onto my Yahoo messenger, a very familiar sound ran through my ears... the sound of a wonderful door knock! It was a friend! Yes, a friend at last! After that very heartwarming event, a question nudged me within: "How come they always go online when it's 3 o' clock!(+8 GMT)" I got some answers when i asked them that. Some of them say that they got bored of watching television; others were saying they just got home from school, or they have just finished doing their homework for today. But it's so intriguing that they come online
at the SAME time! O_O Unbelievable! God really works in mysterious ways!

How come they're still... busy!?

They're online, that's a nice thing -- but how come they're still busy? Sigh, i wished they didn't go online in the first place if all of them were not going to talk with me. It's OK if they dont want to talk with me, but the point that they don't want to play a game with me called Toki Toki Boom, that was out of their league!(Or maybe I'm the one out of my league.. O_O) But anyway, after celebrating friends coming online, i went back to my earlier state: hungry, lost, ashamed of myself, and most of all -- bored.

In Conclusion...

Today is evenly divided into two parts: A mess, and a blast! A mess because of all the tasks which I "needed" to do; a blast because even if i have to do all of the tasks, God blessed me with friends, which i can turn to ^_^

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Epidsode Six: Problems win over Enjoyment

Problem #1: "Video Card"

This has been my problem yesterday, i couldn't make the Noteworthy composer work properly! At first, yeah it was aright, i can place notes correctly on the staff, but a few moments later, when the only display was the staff -- no clefs or brackets, the staff disappeared! There was only one way to solve this tremendous problem, and it is to un-zoom the whole thing! Well, at first it was quite easy, because i can still see the spaces and lines, but just a moment later, all i can see is a big line with some scribbles on it. O_O By the way, our "video card" is built-in. That's because our REAL video card got some garbage on it [garbage - messes up your display]But I'm thankful that we still have a video card thatwe can use O_O.

Problem #2: ... No FOOOD!! T_T

Yesterday, i thought i was going to have fried chicken for breakfast and lunch, but all i found was a 2-day old tocino! I had to eat it, even if it's 2 days old, but suprisingly, it still tastes good. But i wanted chicken!! T_T

Problem #3: Dormant Social Life

Truly it is a boring day. No friends to talk to all morning. Not a soul went online in YM all morning. That's just so... BORING!! I couldn't do anything on the computer so i just turned it off and watched T.V.. But guess what? The shows on television were also boring! I just couldnt bear not talking to anyone.. But wait! As i go online at about 3:13pm(+8 GMT), BEHOLD! A horde of friends have come online! I was so happy, i talked to them, invited them to read my blog -- which only one agreed to read,(i hope you read everything though!) and most of all, i invited them to play a game with me! But all that was about to change. After a few minutes, all of them started to disappear one by one! When i ask them what's the reason why they're going already, they either tell me that someone's going to use the computer, or they're going to do their assignments now! Ack, that was so... sad.

Problem #4: "Can you do me a favor?"

Last night, someone told me to do him a favor. I have to make this "ID" thing.. i don't want to do it actually, but i have no choice. I'm not supposed to do it, but I have no choice. He's the one supposed to do it, but i think, even if he has time, he won't do it. I guess i have to do it. !!! Which brings me to another thing, I'm forgetting JSC stuff now! >_< I should be the "peacemaker" of this house! But... I'm being the starter of wars!

Problem #5: I forgot Him.

Yes, I'm so guilty I forgot Him. I forgot to do my devotion yesterday. I even forgot to love my family members. And now, I'm so ashamed of myself. O Lord, have mercy on me! Let me go back into Your prescence.. I promise to read my devotion starting today. ^_^

Too many problems, only 1 reason to be happy..

And that one happy thing is that i found the shortcut for my ?/ key. It's because that's the only key in our keyboard that doesn't work, and the past few days, I'm having a hard time in sentences that need a question mark "?" and sites that have a forward slash "/" But now, all those is solved. It may be quite hard, but its harder to open the character map, search for the symbol, and copy it right? ^_^

In conclusion...

I don't know why, but God has given me a lot of challenges today, most of them i have failed. I must change. Yes, i must change. By the way, I'm sorry that I couldnt write a lot today, i really don't know why.. maybe because i'm fed up at the moment. I'll tell more about it tomorrow, on my next post ^_^

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode Five: Past Becomes Present

A new idea...

When i was writing yesterday's blog, I finally thought about downloading Elysium Diamond (21mb) -- It's an online RPG maker, and for a dial up person like me, it would take about 2 hours, but i write long blogs i think.. anway, today, i have thought of yet another thing. i disconnected from the internet! I did it so i can conserve my internet load.

Playing a "new" old game

I played a newly installed old game today, it's Diablo I, it pretty much sucks O_O.. but, yeah, somehow, it's cool in a way, I imagined this game being in the 1995's, it must've been a very cool game back then ^_^.

Elysium Diamond...

After i finished downloading it, finally, i installed it. At the first try, it got stuck on 72%, i got scared. What if it didn't download fully? Ack, what a waste of load!! I tried for the second time, it got stuck again! And as i open the installer for the last time, it was like a miracle! It went straight like an arrow hitting the bull's eye! I tried to start it, and i forgot that i still need one more thing to download. So i downloaded it, though its quite big(4mb), i still downloaded it, because i needed it.
It's been a while. I planned on making my own oRPG, Boink Online, with my friends. I think i remembered it because... i couldn't do anything today. All the things that i have thought about -- the gameplay, the level up system, the jobchange system, i hope i can make them come true! But it's not all that easy, i have noticed that its harder than i can imagine. I never thought that you even have to make your own engine in order to accomplish a 2d side scrolling RPG. T_T But, never mind that. I will try to make it on a 2d even if it doesn't achieve the 2d sidescrolling effect :).

Composition to Music Notebook

Actually, i planned to encode my composition long ago.. but today was the day that i was doing it again! Erk, it's so hard to encode my composition. All those syncopated notes make me feel dizzy all of a sudden O_o. But i must continue to write it, for i must write the other song, it's so... sad, and i like how i made it, so, i must quickly finish this current song that i may start working on my next song. And dino hia, yeah, after i finish the song, i'm going to put a vocal melody for solo singers, and for choirs, in a theme of... i don't know yet. :( I wanted it to be oohs and aahs at first, but it wouldnt express the real meaning of the song. So, i have to think on choosing the subject of the lyrics -- on the subjects, i will not tell ^_^. I have to decide on my own about this problem. And i pray that i will choose the right one.

"Who cleaned thy house?"

Even before my mother called to scold me, i really planned to clean the floor of the house today. But because i was so excited on finding a music notation tool, my plans got delayed for about 30 mins. After which, i started to clean the house. First, I swept the floor. Noticed a lot of hairs O_o. I wonder whose hair were those... >:) Next, i mopped the floor, with a wet rag-and-foot combination. IT was SOOOO tiring!! After which, i cleaned the windows, the window panes, and finally sat down to rest.

Her Sufferings..

While i was resting, i thought about my mom. I thought about how much she gets tired by cleaning the house, cooking food, and working for us.. it must be very hard. BUT ANYWAY, ^_^ i will do my best in my studies for her (I hope she doesn't read this, i might be embarassed and not write here again about her >_< )

The weird rice

I really couldn't figure out what's wrong with the rice i'm cooking. My mom told me i should only put little water, and i did. But now it looks as if it lacks A LOT of water... So, i put water on it, and decreased the heat to very, very low. After about 30 mins, i check back on it. It still looked the same, but the quantity somehow increased. I put water in it again, and waited another 15 mins, and turned it off. IT STILL looked the same!! O_o When my mom finally arrived, i asked her to look at the rice, she said that it's ok, it doesnt look that bad O_O. When i was about to eat, i took rice from the one i cooked, and i noticed something! It was only the crust that was 75% cooked, but the mantle and the core of the rice was.... so soft, and yummy! ^_^

In conlcusion...

Today, things that happened in the past somehow revived itself in the present time: my playing of old games, making games, and cleaning the house. It somehow made an impact on me, i couldnt explain it, but i think it made me a better person somehow. I just hope that i can help my family someday, not only financially, but sdpwiqrsicteuhahlulfy. Sorry, i can't let them see that word! But it has somehow a pattern, you can figure it all out :D.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Episode Four: An "early" day.

Woke up very early....!

I don't believe it myself, well maybe because it was a sunday yesterday, and on sundays, the aircon is always -- i mean always comfortable, makes you want to sleep more than you usually do. Well, anyway, when i got down, i was surprised with a hello from my mother; she woke up early too!

The effect of waking up early

Because i have been awaken from my deep slumber early than i have expected, i came to church... earlier than i really expect. I felt absolutely awkward. The church was not yet opened at that time! And just like on any sunday morning, i headed over to Yutiam hall. I sat down for a while, waiting for something... a sign maybe? O_o. After being an absolute statue for about 3 mins., I finally remembered something. Today is the day of the 10-minute play! I hurried over to the piano and started practicing -- another song which wasn't included in the play! O_O

A different aura...

When achi pat came in, i noticed something different.. she didn't say hello.. it's like, hmm.. i can't quite explain. It's as if she had a different aura. I actually don't know why. I started to think if there was a situation yesterday wherein i have done something wrong to offend her, but i couldnt think of any! After a few seconds, i finally came to a conclusion... that i may not be the cause of her different aura today.

A "new" singing experience

Because i woke up early, it meant two things for my voice: one, a voice that has a limited range. when you sleep late, and wake up early, you usually have a more limited range on your vocal pitches, i sorta had that that morning. Two, automatically warmed-up voice. Also, when you wake up early, you tend to speak more, like me :D. And when you speak more, your vocal chords will be almost like warming up -- it's like doing the mi..oh.. thingies. ^_^. Anyway, back to the reason of the subtitle. We started practicing the song that was to be sung that day. After practicing once, achi pat made a comment about tenors. There weren't any tenors at that time. On our second practice, instead of singing the bass part, which was my part, i sung the tenor part. When it was finished yet once again, achi pat made a very startling statement: "Almond, you sing tenor today." !!!!!!! I was shocked i couldnt say a word. O_O To make the long story short, i really sung the tenor part in the anthem -- for the first time ^_^. I sounded quite soft, because i feared that i would hit the wrong note(because i woke up too early), but it didnt matter. What mattered is that i sung a part which i have never even practiced(well maybe just once), on the day! O_O what a new singing experience!

The "Don't go yet!"

After the most inspiring message of the Rev. Dr. Patrick Tanhuanco, i needed to go down the choir loft. It's because i need to practice for the singspiration on Joy fellowship. I wasn't supposed to be playing today, but they asked me to, and it's just fine for me. When i was about to go down, Jerry Ting hia, my conselor in the JSC, told me: "Dont' go yet, later ka na bumaba.(you go down the choir loft later)" And since i'm a very, very obedient member of the choir (really... O_O) i stayed.

My heart tells me, Don't go yet!

This sunday is truly amazing.. O_O I saw her! she looked nice in her outfit. She was sitting at the rearmost part of the congregation. How i wished i could've talked to her, but i couldn't. Sad.. T_T i had to go practice for the singspiration.

I am obliged to sing... T_T

After the fellowship, Jerry hia told me to wait for him by the piano to practice for the activity next week.
After practicing for next week, he made me remember about the piece that he gave me... that i was supposed to sing O_O. Ack, i didnt want to sing! T_T. But there was nothing that i could do. Well, Aaron and I started practicing, and later on, i found out that the song wasn't that bad at all. It's acutally a very wonderful song. So after that practice, i kept on practicing myself.

In conclusion...

Today, is such a wonderful day... well.. because i saw her, and most of all, God has always been there. Stay tuned for more of "The Adventures of... Mondie!" (These events happened on Sunday, and I write my blog on things that had happened the past day, not today :D) Please post comments! ^_^ thanks

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Episode Three: Unbelievable Events

Tried to go to school early...

Yep. I went to school early because... i really don't know what time to go there. Jeremiah hia -- head of Joy Script, told me to go to yutiam hall yesterday around 1-4.. but he didnt say a specific time.. and for me, i dont like unknown schedules!! T_T they surprise you all of a sudden, and it destroys your set schedules after that activity.

Wow, what a surprise!

When i thought i was near school -- because it's the last jeep ride before i walk to school, a shocking event has come my way -- TRAFFIC!!! T_T The absolutely excruciating traffic lasted for about more than 30 mins! And i walked more than i usually walk.

I'm finally there!

As i opened the door to yutiam hall, a blinding light caught my eye -- a blinding light of.. people O_O THEY SO MANY!!! Well, maybe because i really wanted to practice piano pieces before my actual reason of going there. And this was the exact words that i heard Jere hia say -- i think: "Tamang tama ang dating mo *grins*(In english, "You're just in time *grins*")". After which, i sat down at my favorite chair, the piano chair! ^_^

I really wanted to suggest something!

Actually, i wanted background music in the play. It really sounded nice when i tried it -- even on a soft tone. But i am a shy person, i don't want to barge into anyone's ideas just like that.. So, i played quite louder (just a bit louder) so that he can notice.. But guess what
, he didnt notice! But anyway, i didnt suggest it.. but i don't feel bad. It's their loss!! wahahahaha (joke ^_^)

Finally, a touch of online games after a long time!

After the practice of the 10-minute play -- it ended roughly 4:30pm(GMT + 8!) ^_^, i invited Ivan Arlantico (Marching band-mate, choir-mate also ^_^) to play at some internet shop. By God's grace, he said yes ^_^. When we were on our way to the internet shop, we talked about what game to play. I actually wanted to play Dance Battle Audition with him.. because he doesnt want to play o2jam with me; and i quote: "Magaling ka na dun eh!("You're already good at that!")". And eventually, we finally came to a conclusion -- we play our own games. O_o. After telling th OIC of the internet shop how long we were going to play, we finally sat down on the very comfy chairs, and started playing. I first played o2jam, my ever-favorite online game, and then audition, my second fave music game.

In conclusion...

Today... is a day of surprises. I learned that sometimes unknown skeds are good, and also, i realized that.. God is always there. I didnt notice Him when i woke up, but as the day ended, i saw His work over all the things that had happened on that day. I'm thankful for that.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Episode Two: The Search... for the Missing Uniform


I am finally able to write on my blog again! You know why? Our computer somewhat has an illness -- it wont start sometimes; and it happened yesterday. It wouldn't open for the whole day. But now, look! i did this post on the same computer that was not working yesterday! ^_^

The Search...

Yeah, I've been searching for one thing the past few days -- it's my UST Uniform. Last tuesday, that's about may 22 I think, i was supposed to get my uniform. The bad news is that the sewer of the uniform forgot to bring my uniform along with the other custom made uniforms; but, the good news is that we live at the same place! Navotas ^_^. She told me that she would just deliver it the next day, but it didn't come, the next next day, but it didn't came, and finally, just yesterday, i went to UST -- to get it myself! O_O After all the "convenience" that i would have had, it turned out that i still went to school to get it myself! T_T. But it is OK, the search for my missing Uniform has ended at last. :D


Sometimes i wonder, what should i pursue when i finish music? Should i pursue my concert pianist career? My composition career? or should i study more? I really don't know T_T. But you know what? I don't care. If God wanted me to be a concert pianist, or a composer of anime-ish music, it's all fine by me. I'm not the one who knows where my path is going, it is God that knows all things.

I couldnt sleep...?

Yeah.. last night, i had a hard time sleeping. I couldn't sleep. I don't know why actually. Maybe because of the problems that i really forgot to remember. Yeah.. because i forget my problems, accidentally O_O. But i wonder what was that problem... could it be the sermon that i got from Mr. Conrado Ong? Maybe... but i really don't know. Anyway, that's all over now. i woke up pretty early today - 9am O_O.

In Conclusion

Thank you Lord for you have brought this computer back to life! I hope that I'll soon find out what my future career is.. well.. i don't know. And hopefully, i'll sleep a bit early today, for it is Sunday tomorrow, a church day, i must sing, and play and practice for next week! Watch out for the next adventure of --- Mondie! ^_^

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Episode One: The Start of a New Journey

It truly is a start of a new Journey!

I dont know what to write here actually, but Here i am!
Sorry for the "corniness" of my title, i couldnt think of any other title.
Today, a new day, a new life. God has been on my side so far *grins*.
Well, at lease i can start a brand new day with a good news about my journey everyday!

I'm So Happy!

I am finally able to use the Item Creator for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack! Now my character is INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! *evil laugh*

In other news...

Sigh, i miss YSC. I miss my counselor *its not what you think.* i mean, i miss the counseling *laughs*, i also miss the place -- well... because it's Cold out there! ^_^. I sure hope that our group will be able to have a bible study(That was supposed to be my proposal! ^_^) So that we can learn more about Him.

In Conclusion...

Today.. somehow, it made me remember of the Good Days i had in camp, with comparison to PBTS, i like it more there because it's cold.. (Ang babaw! O_o)