Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode Seven: Tasks I "Need" to Do

Thanks for the Comment!

Thanks for putting up your comment, Dianne. You better get a blogger account, it's also a gmail account. do you want me to invite you to gmail? Because if I will invite you, you'd be able to customize your username. Just leave me a message if you want it ^_^.

I think I'm angry!

I just can't bear the way my brother's treating me! He always teases me, little he knows i'm very annoyed. He keeps on saying "You're so short-tempered!". Uhm, excuse me!! If i'm so short tempered, then why am i staying in one place, not doing anything harmful to you? It's a big, big proof that I'm not short tempered! If you were in my place, with my own personality, i guess you could've punched me in an instant.

Nevertheless, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Yep. I must love my neighbor -- in this case, my brother, as myself. I will try my best to love him as a brother. I don't plant anger on him, which is a very good thing! ^_^ And this should apply to each and every family member of the house... I think we're gonna have a problem there O_O. Nevermind, as long as I treat them fairly, I guess they will also treat me fairly ^_^

Errands -- a LOT of errands.

What a "fun-filled" day I had yesterday! It was so filled with lots and lots of things to do -- things that i shouldn't be doing! >_< All of them -- i really mean all of them, asked me to do errands for them, namely:
1) Doing some ID stuff of some "small town lottery" thing O_O
2) Feeding our pet dog, chubby
3) Closing the lights
4) Securing "anti-dog zone", and;
5) Filling up water containers -- which i have not even used that day
A lot that i should not be doing, i have done O_O. It doesn't matter anymore, since God has already given my rewards ^_^.

Yay! They're finally online, my friends are finally online!! ^_^

It has been 3 hours past lunch, i feel hungry, lost, ashamed of myself( O_o) and most of all, i feel bored. No friends to talk to, no games to play, no nothing! But as i look onto my Yahoo messenger, a very familiar sound ran through my ears... the sound of a wonderful door knock! It was a friend! Yes, a friend at last! After that very heartwarming event, a question nudged me within: "How come they always go online when it's 3 o' clock!(+8 GMT)" I got some answers when i asked them that. Some of them say that they got bored of watching television; others were saying they just got home from school, or they have just finished doing their homework for today. But it's so intriguing that they come online
at the SAME time! O_O Unbelievable! God really works in mysterious ways!

How come they're still... busy!?

They're online, that's a nice thing -- but how come they're still busy? Sigh, i wished they didn't go online in the first place if all of them were not going to talk with me. It's OK if they dont want to talk with me, but the point that they don't want to play a game with me called Toki Toki Boom, that was out of their league!(Or maybe I'm the one out of my league.. O_O) But anyway, after celebrating friends coming online, i went back to my earlier state: hungry, lost, ashamed of myself, and most of all -- bored.

In Conclusion...

Today is evenly divided into two parts: A mess, and a blast! A mess because of all the tasks which I "needed" to do; a blast because even if i have to do all of the tasks, God blessed me with friends, which i can turn to ^_^

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