Saturday, May 26, 2007

Episode Two: The Search... for the Missing Uniform


I am finally able to write on my blog again! You know why? Our computer somewhat has an illness -- it wont start sometimes; and it happened yesterday. It wouldn't open for the whole day. But now, look! i did this post on the same computer that was not working yesterday! ^_^

The Search...

Yeah, I've been searching for one thing the past few days -- it's my UST Uniform. Last tuesday, that's about may 22 I think, i was supposed to get my uniform. The bad news is that the sewer of the uniform forgot to bring my uniform along with the other custom made uniforms; but, the good news is that we live at the same place! Navotas ^_^. She told me that she would just deliver it the next day, but it didn't come, the next next day, but it didn't came, and finally, just yesterday, i went to UST -- to get it myself! O_O After all the "convenience" that i would have had, it turned out that i still went to school to get it myself! T_T. But it is OK, the search for my missing Uniform has ended at last. :D


Sometimes i wonder, what should i pursue when i finish music? Should i pursue my concert pianist career? My composition career? or should i study more? I really don't know T_T. But you know what? I don't care. If God wanted me to be a concert pianist, or a composer of anime-ish music, it's all fine by me. I'm not the one who knows where my path is going, it is God that knows all things.

I couldnt sleep...?

Yeah.. last night, i had a hard time sleeping. I couldn't sleep. I don't know why actually. Maybe because of the problems that i really forgot to remember. Yeah.. because i forget my problems, accidentally O_O. But i wonder what was that problem... could it be the sermon that i got from Mr. Conrado Ong? Maybe... but i really don't know. Anyway, that's all over now. i woke up pretty early today - 9am O_O.

In Conclusion

Thank you Lord for you have brought this computer back to life! I hope that I'll soon find out what my future career is.. well.. i don't know. And hopefully, i'll sleep a bit early today, for it is Sunday tomorrow, a church day, i must sing, and play and practice for next week! Watch out for the next adventure of --- Mondie! ^_^

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