Monday, May 28, 2007

Episode Four: An "early" day.

Woke up very early....!

I don't believe it myself, well maybe because it was a sunday yesterday, and on sundays, the aircon is always -- i mean always comfortable, makes you want to sleep more than you usually do. Well, anyway, when i got down, i was surprised with a hello from my mother; she woke up early too!

The effect of waking up early

Because i have been awaken from my deep slumber early than i have expected, i came to church... earlier than i really expect. I felt absolutely awkward. The church was not yet opened at that time! And just like on any sunday morning, i headed over to Yutiam hall. I sat down for a while, waiting for something... a sign maybe? O_o. After being an absolute statue for about 3 mins., I finally remembered something. Today is the day of the 10-minute play! I hurried over to the piano and started practicing -- another song which wasn't included in the play! O_O

A different aura...

When achi pat came in, i noticed something different.. she didn't say hello.. it's like, hmm.. i can't quite explain. It's as if she had a different aura. I actually don't know why. I started to think if there was a situation yesterday wherein i have done something wrong to offend her, but i couldnt think of any! After a few seconds, i finally came to a conclusion... that i may not be the cause of her different aura today.

A "new" singing experience

Because i woke up early, it meant two things for my voice: one, a voice that has a limited range. when you sleep late, and wake up early, you usually have a more limited range on your vocal pitches, i sorta had that that morning. Two, automatically warmed-up voice. Also, when you wake up early, you tend to speak more, like me :D. And when you speak more, your vocal chords will be almost like warming up -- it's like doing the mi..oh.. thingies. ^_^. Anyway, back to the reason of the subtitle. We started practicing the song that was to be sung that day. After practicing once, achi pat made a comment about tenors. There weren't any tenors at that time. On our second practice, instead of singing the bass part, which was my part, i sung the tenor part. When it was finished yet once again, achi pat made a very startling statement: "Almond, you sing tenor today." !!!!!!! I was shocked i couldnt say a word. O_O To make the long story short, i really sung the tenor part in the anthem -- for the first time ^_^. I sounded quite soft, because i feared that i would hit the wrong note(because i woke up too early), but it didnt matter. What mattered is that i sung a part which i have never even practiced(well maybe just once), on the day! O_O what a new singing experience!

The "Don't go yet!"

After the most inspiring message of the Rev. Dr. Patrick Tanhuanco, i needed to go down the choir loft. It's because i need to practice for the singspiration on Joy fellowship. I wasn't supposed to be playing today, but they asked me to, and it's just fine for me. When i was about to go down, Jerry Ting hia, my conselor in the JSC, told me: "Dont' go yet, later ka na bumaba.(you go down the choir loft later)" And since i'm a very, very obedient member of the choir (really... O_O) i stayed.

My heart tells me, Don't go yet!

This sunday is truly amazing.. O_O I saw her! she looked nice in her outfit. She was sitting at the rearmost part of the congregation. How i wished i could've talked to her, but i couldn't. Sad.. T_T i had to go practice for the singspiration.

I am obliged to sing... T_T

After the fellowship, Jerry hia told me to wait for him by the piano to practice for the activity next week.
After practicing for next week, he made me remember about the piece that he gave me... that i was supposed to sing O_O. Ack, i didnt want to sing! T_T. But there was nothing that i could do. Well, Aaron and I started practicing, and later on, i found out that the song wasn't that bad at all. It's acutally a very wonderful song. So after that practice, i kept on practicing myself.

In conclusion...

Today, is such a wonderful day... well.. because i saw her, and most of all, God has always been there. Stay tuned for more of "The Adventures of... Mondie!" (These events happened on Sunday, and I write my blog on things that had happened the past day, not today :D) Please post comments! ^_^ thanks

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