Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Epidsode Six: Problems win over Enjoyment

Problem #1: "Video Card"

This has been my problem yesterday, i couldn't make the Noteworthy composer work properly! At first, yeah it was aright, i can place notes correctly on the staff, but a few moments later, when the only display was the staff -- no clefs or brackets, the staff disappeared! There was only one way to solve this tremendous problem, and it is to un-zoom the whole thing! Well, at first it was quite easy, because i can still see the spaces and lines, but just a moment later, all i can see is a big line with some scribbles on it. O_O By the way, our "video card" is built-in. That's because our REAL video card got some garbage on it [garbage - messes up your display]But I'm thankful that we still have a video card thatwe can use O_O.

Problem #2: ... No FOOOD!! T_T

Yesterday, i thought i was going to have fried chicken for breakfast and lunch, but all i found was a 2-day old tocino! I had to eat it, even if it's 2 days old, but suprisingly, it still tastes good. But i wanted chicken!! T_T

Problem #3: Dormant Social Life

Truly it is a boring day. No friends to talk to all morning. Not a soul went online in YM all morning. That's just so... BORING!! I couldn't do anything on the computer so i just turned it off and watched T.V.. But guess what? The shows on television were also boring! I just couldnt bear not talking to anyone.. But wait! As i go online at about 3:13pm(+8 GMT), BEHOLD! A horde of friends have come online! I was so happy, i talked to them, invited them to read my blog -- which only one agreed to read,(i hope you read everything though!) and most of all, i invited them to play a game with me! But all that was about to change. After a few minutes, all of them started to disappear one by one! When i ask them what's the reason why they're going already, they either tell me that someone's going to use the computer, or they're going to do their assignments now! Ack, that was so... sad.

Problem #4: "Can you do me a favor?"

Last night, someone told me to do him a favor. I have to make this "ID" thing.. i don't want to do it actually, but i have no choice. I'm not supposed to do it, but I have no choice. He's the one supposed to do it, but i think, even if he has time, he won't do it. I guess i have to do it. !!! Which brings me to another thing, I'm forgetting JSC stuff now! >_< I should be the "peacemaker" of this house! But... I'm being the starter of wars!

Problem #5: I forgot Him.

Yes, I'm so guilty I forgot Him. I forgot to do my devotion yesterday. I even forgot to love my family members. And now, I'm so ashamed of myself. O Lord, have mercy on me! Let me go back into Your prescence.. I promise to read my devotion starting today. ^_^

Too many problems, only 1 reason to be happy..

And that one happy thing is that i found the shortcut for my ?/ key. It's because that's the only key in our keyboard that doesn't work, and the past few days, I'm having a hard time in sentences that need a question mark "?" and sites that have a forward slash "/" But now, all those is solved. It may be quite hard, but its harder to open the character map, search for the symbol, and copy it right? ^_^

In conclusion...

I don't know why, but God has given me a lot of challenges today, most of them i have failed. I must change. Yes, i must change. By the way, I'm sorry that I couldnt write a lot today, i really don't know why.. maybe because i'm fed up at the moment. I'll tell more about it tomorrow, on my next post ^_^

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AUdZ said...

hey you, madami kpa atang problems kaysa sakin ah! hahaah..anyhow, cgurado busy k din pag may pasok na kyo. Accept m nlng ung mga problems as if they wer gifts from God na extra special! bwahaha, watever the rison kung sad or depressed ka, ibuhos m lng sa blog m, at let God carry your burden for you. Just keep on doing your blog para kht bc kna mababasa ko parin life mo!