Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Episode One: The Start of a New Journey

It truly is a start of a new Journey!

I dont know what to write here actually, but Here i am!
Sorry for the "corniness" of my title, i couldnt think of any other title.
Today, a new day, a new life. God has been on my side so far *grins*.
Well, at lease i can start a brand new day with a good news about my journey everyday!

I'm So Happy!

I am finally able to use the Item Creator for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack! Now my character is INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! *evil laugh*

In other news...

Sigh, i miss YSC. I miss my counselor *its not what you think.* i mean, i miss the counseling *laughs*, i also miss the place -- well... because it's Cold out there! ^_^. I sure hope that our group will be able to have a bible study(That was supposed to be my proposal! ^_^) So that we can learn more about Him.

In Conclusion...

Today.. somehow, it made me remember of the Good Days i had in camp, with comparison to PBTS, i like it more there because it's cold.. (Ang babaw! O_o)

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AUdZ said...

oi eto oh comment moh! ayan mag tambling kna at nag comment nako!!!
bwahahahahaha! pag pray m din me na sana payagan ulit ako mag ypf!