Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode Five: Past Becomes Present

A new idea...

When i was writing yesterday's blog, I finally thought about downloading Elysium Diamond (21mb) -- It's an online RPG maker, and for a dial up person like me, it would take about 2 hours, but i write long blogs i think.. anway, today, i have thought of yet another thing. i disconnected from the internet! I did it so i can conserve my internet load.

Playing a "new" old game

I played a newly installed old game today, it's Diablo I, it pretty much sucks O_O.. but, yeah, somehow, it's cool in a way, I imagined this game being in the 1995's, it must've been a very cool game back then ^_^.

Elysium Diamond...

After i finished downloading it, finally, i installed it. At the first try, it got stuck on 72%, i got scared. What if it didn't download fully? Ack, what a waste of load!! I tried for the second time, it got stuck again! And as i open the installer for the last time, it was like a miracle! It went straight like an arrow hitting the bull's eye! I tried to start it, and i forgot that i still need one more thing to download. So i downloaded it, though its quite big(4mb), i still downloaded it, because i needed it.
It's been a while. I planned on making my own oRPG, Boink Online, with my friends. I think i remembered it because... i couldn't do anything today. All the things that i have thought about -- the gameplay, the level up system, the jobchange system, i hope i can make them come true! But it's not all that easy, i have noticed that its harder than i can imagine. I never thought that you even have to make your own engine in order to accomplish a 2d side scrolling RPG. T_T But, never mind that. I will try to make it on a 2d even if it doesn't achieve the 2d sidescrolling effect :).

Composition to Music Notebook

Actually, i planned to encode my composition long ago.. but today was the day that i was doing it again! Erk, it's so hard to encode my composition. All those syncopated notes make me feel dizzy all of a sudden O_o. But i must continue to write it, for i must write the other song, it's so... sad, and i like how i made it, so, i must quickly finish this current song that i may start working on my next song. And dino hia, yeah, after i finish the song, i'm going to put a vocal melody for solo singers, and for choirs, in a theme of... i don't know yet. :( I wanted it to be oohs and aahs at first, but it wouldnt express the real meaning of the song. So, i have to think on choosing the subject of the lyrics -- on the subjects, i will not tell ^_^. I have to decide on my own about this problem. And i pray that i will choose the right one.

"Who cleaned thy house?"

Even before my mother called to scold me, i really planned to clean the floor of the house today. But because i was so excited on finding a music notation tool, my plans got delayed for about 30 mins. After which, i started to clean the house. First, I swept the floor. Noticed a lot of hairs O_o. I wonder whose hair were those... >:) Next, i mopped the floor, with a wet rag-and-foot combination. IT was SOOOO tiring!! After which, i cleaned the windows, the window panes, and finally sat down to rest.

Her Sufferings..

While i was resting, i thought about my mom. I thought about how much she gets tired by cleaning the house, cooking food, and working for us.. it must be very hard. BUT ANYWAY, ^_^ i will do my best in my studies for her (I hope she doesn't read this, i might be embarassed and not write here again about her >_< )

The weird rice

I really couldn't figure out what's wrong with the rice i'm cooking. My mom told me i should only put little water, and i did. But now it looks as if it lacks A LOT of water... So, i put water on it, and decreased the heat to very, very low. After about 30 mins, i check back on it. It still looked the same, but the quantity somehow increased. I put water in it again, and waited another 15 mins, and turned it off. IT STILL looked the same!! O_o When my mom finally arrived, i asked her to look at the rice, she said that it's ok, it doesnt look that bad O_O. When i was about to eat, i took rice from the one i cooked, and i noticed something! It was only the crust that was 75% cooked, but the mantle and the core of the rice was.... so soft, and yummy! ^_^

In conlcusion...

Today, things that happened in the past somehow revived itself in the present time: my playing of old games, making games, and cleaning the house. It somehow made an impact on me, i couldnt explain it, but i think it made me a better person somehow. I just hope that i can help my family someday, not only financially, but sdpwiqrsicteuhahlulfy. Sorry, i can't let them see that word! But it has somehow a pattern, you can figure it all out :D.

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