Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode Eight: Summing Up, and Closing the Book of May

A new beginning

Yeah, it's the end of may already. And it's the start of June. This is the last episode for May. Ack, I'm nearing my first day of school. I don't feel like going to school yet, but what the heck. ^_^ From this day on, I will post my the day's events on the day (Actually, still on the next day, but what I'm going to do is to move the date of posting a day back, like this very post -- this was done June 1, 2007 around 10AM[GMT+8]; but, when I already have my classes, i think the on the day blogging will take effect already ^_^)

What Happened So Far...

Hmm... let's see what happened in the past episodes: I got unlucky, I got stuffed with tasks i don't need to do, and -- nevermind! I got one big thing to thank for -- I'm alive. If I'm not alive, then who would make this last episode in the Book of May? ^_^ One more thing, i also would like to thank God and Blogger to enable me to share my daily experiences. Somehow, I'm like sharing openly to a very close friend, God maybe? ^_^
Since I think I'm done summing up all the things that happened this month, I think i should now write about today's events.

Ivan Arlantico, absent-minded?

When I was talking to Ivan at first, it seemed normal. But when i asked on what games does he have on his computer, he answered a very mind-blowing, breath-taking: "What do you mean? Di ko gets (What do you mean, I don't get it)" OH NO!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Luckily, i was still able to "expound" the question by adding one word, 'installed'. And he finally got it -- yay!

I am late, I am late!! >_<; This morning, i woke up at 7. I'm supposed to be going to school at 7am because I have a practice at 8, and i woke up at 7! I finished everything that i needed to do by 7:35. As i was walking fast towards the main road, i kept telling myself: "I'm late, I'm late!!" I was so disappointed with myself at that time. If only i woke up earlier, then i would be able to go there earlier and have the chance to play the piano in the music room while waiting for my other classmates. But suprisingly, i came to school 5 mins before 8am. The first time i saw this wonderful clock with its minute-hand at the number 11, and its hour-hand nearly at the number eight, I jumped in joy and praised the Lord -- all in my mind. I started to think of me dancing and rejoicing like crazy, thanking the Lord for this awesome miracle! Thank You Lord again ^_^.

The Practice Proper

When I arrived in the music room, the first person that I saw was... i think Isen. He was wearing this polo, and I asked him why he was dressed so nicely. He told me that he was going to tour some people, to the school grounds. O_O Why does the school call students who've already graduated to tour people around the school grounds? Anyway, we were done practicing a few minutes after 9am, and we're supposed to end at 10, so... i had the chance to play! Yay! I can practice my offertory piece for this Sunday! ^_^ After which, Achi Pat played a piece for me entitled "He will carry you". I'm not supposed to sing on that day, but i was forced to >_<. But it's ok, i just sang quite soft, a volume which only achi pat can hear audibly -- i think. It was almost 10am when the many members of the CMLI(Children's Music Library Inc.) Group came in.

Tenors, practice more!

I don't mean to offend the tenors of this year's group, but they -- well, some of them, are not on-pitch and on-harmony. The tenors got about 33 mistakes in their first song >_<. Practice more ok? And when, you're the melody, sing out, don't soften you voices, because you are the melody.

CMLI overall performance

If I will score the CMLI's performance in their first song, i will give it a 4 out of 10 (Sorry, I'm sadistic when it comes to scoring >:D) Of course, i have my reasons. First, the sopranos were always being overpowered by the altos O_O. It should be the other way around right? Secondly, no feeling. I didn't sense love in the air (LOL). Thirdly, the dynamics are not quite present. There should be a crescendo-decrescendo to dynamic markings right? Well, i guess i should consider that you haven't been able to practice a lot, so I guess i should not tell bad things about them. To CMLI members: I'm not telling this because i want you to feel bad, I'm telling you these things so that you will become better, possibly the best singing group! Always believe in God, and most of all, don't dislike me because i made this comment!! T_T

In Conclusion..

Today has been nice, and quite entertaining. Today i had the chance to listen to the CMLI, and I'm happy on their progress because they almost have all notes harmonized, except the long notes. I pray that they will have more chances of practicing so that they will be able to sing a song with their whole heart. ^_^

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AUdZ said...

oi cmli kparin until now grbe ka! well keep up the good work, sa blog m n sa singing m! basa my blog narin n mag comment kanarin, gud luk sa pasukan nyo!