Sunday, May 27, 2007

Episode Three: Unbelievable Events

Tried to go to school early...

Yep. I went to school early because... i really don't know what time to go there. Jeremiah hia -- head of Joy Script, told me to go to yutiam hall yesterday around 1-4.. but he didnt say a specific time.. and for me, i dont like unknown schedules!! T_T they surprise you all of a sudden, and it destroys your set schedules after that activity.

Wow, what a surprise!

When i thought i was near school -- because it's the last jeep ride before i walk to school, a shocking event has come my way -- TRAFFIC!!! T_T The absolutely excruciating traffic lasted for about more than 30 mins! And i walked more than i usually walk.

I'm finally there!

As i opened the door to yutiam hall, a blinding light caught my eye -- a blinding light of.. people O_O THEY SO MANY!!! Well, maybe because i really wanted to practice piano pieces before my actual reason of going there. And this was the exact words that i heard Jere hia say -- i think: "Tamang tama ang dating mo *grins*(In english, "You're just in time *grins*")". After which, i sat down at my favorite chair, the piano chair! ^_^

I really wanted to suggest something!

Actually, i wanted background music in the play. It really sounded nice when i tried it -- even on a soft tone. But i am a shy person, i don't want to barge into anyone's ideas just like that.. So, i played quite louder (just a bit louder) so that he can notice.. But guess what
, he didnt notice! But anyway, i didnt suggest it.. but i don't feel bad. It's their loss!! wahahahaha (joke ^_^)

Finally, a touch of online games after a long time!

After the practice of the 10-minute play -- it ended roughly 4:30pm(GMT + 8!) ^_^, i invited Ivan Arlantico (Marching band-mate, choir-mate also ^_^) to play at some internet shop. By God's grace, he said yes ^_^. When we were on our way to the internet shop, we talked about what game to play. I actually wanted to play Dance Battle Audition with him.. because he doesnt want to play o2jam with me; and i quote: "Magaling ka na dun eh!("You're already good at that!")". And eventually, we finally came to a conclusion -- we play our own games. O_o. After telling th OIC of the internet shop how long we were going to play, we finally sat down on the very comfy chairs, and started playing. I first played o2jam, my ever-favorite online game, and then audition, my second fave music game.

In conclusion...

Today... is a day of surprises. I learned that sometimes unknown skeds are good, and also, i realized that.. God is always there. I didnt notice Him when i woke up, but as the day ended, i saw His work over all the things that had happened on that day. I'm thankful for that.


AUdZ said...

ganda na ng nangyayari sa adventure! hahahah! dont worry ponge blog ko nd kasing ganda ng sayo..hihihi..pero lets olweys read each oders blog para connected parin tyo at least..hihihi..tnx 4 d comment sa blog! keep up the gud work serving d Lord..i'll du my best din! GAMBATENE! GODBLESS!

Mondie said...

I do not want to post a comment on my own blog but i guess it's ok. In response to your message, yeah. Let's read each other's blog always.. i hope that our friends will also have blogs so that we can still remain connected even if we're in different colleges. =D