Monday, July 9, 2007

Episode Nine: The Fire is Already Big


I woke up late today because I wasn't able to sleep early last night -- it also means that I will arrive at school quite late. Surprisingly, I wasn't late -- I was even earlier than usual. Anyway, I sat down there with Leslie, and we were somewhat chatting about our subjects, we even made fun of some events that had happened in our subjects. Just after a few minutes, I already said goodbye to her, for I needed to start my journey to the third floor(where my major is at). Last week, we were simultaneous in going to the third floor; but this time, I had to go earlier, because she told me that her major was divided into two sessions, which means that she only has 30 mins of lesson today, and 30 mins of lesson tomorrow.

Arsonist... O_O

My lesson, started quite roughly because I wasn't able to study my Hanon because it went on a makeover last week. But anyway, as we neared the end of my assignments, I performed good. My, when she gave the assignments for next week, my lungs fell out, my heart overpumped, my mind nearly exploded -- but she didn't notice. I just agreed to everything that she said, thinking of a solution to actually practice everything within less than a week. As My teacher went out to have a C.R. break, I looked at my watch, it was already Nine in the morning, the time for my next subject.

(the F's are supposed to be a somewhat dashing effect.)

When she came back, I didn't absorb much of what she had said, because I needed to teleport to my classroom within 5 mins. After getting out of the room, I tried to teleport, but sadly, I'm not Hiro Nakamura(or was it Takamura) that I can teleport anywhere I like; besides, it's so fictional ^_^ so I just ran my way to the 5th floor again from the 3rd floor. When I got in class, I gave my apology to out professor and explained why I was late. Good thing, she understood. ^_^ And so I sit down in my chair, obviously exhausted from sprinting all the way from the 3rd floor. She asked us to get a sheet of paper. I got scared -- I haven't studied the history of Filipino yet T_T. Good thing, our Professor told us that the paper was a reaction paper [Dumb Comment: If it was a reaction paper, it must contain reactions. But what kind of reactions?]. I jumped in joy deep within, relieved from the stress of actually having a quiz. I didn't know what to write actually, but I just wrote what I first thought of; in the end, I was able to write quite a long reaction about the concert last friday (I'm glad I didn't tune out during the concert. ^_^). Finally, Filipino was finished -- but I was hungry already T_T.

Irritating Scoops

A Scoop is what you get when you buy ice cream from an ice cream store. But the scoop I'm talking about is the Musical scoop, it's where a singer goes through a series of notes before hitting the correct note (Imagine two points, one higher than the other. Instead of actually going directly to the point, the line goes to a some sort of curve before actually going to the point.). It was quite irritating because I hate scoops. ^_^ But at least I have progressed in listening intellectually in musical pieces. When our professor was discussing about the song that we were listening to, I wanted to take down notes; however, as I try to get my pen and write, I felt the blistering pain of my tummy -- I was already nearly almost dying from hunger. But because of my perserverance of telling myself and actually instilling in my mind that I am not hungry, and I won't be hungry till lunchbreak, I managed to write a few notes.

Hear-Write Ability Slower

It was time for Philippine History already, a session where my hear-write ability is absolutely needed. I tried to remember everything that she said, but my mental capacity was quite small because of hunger. I wasn't able to write a lot of notes, I even missed some important things. But anyway, I still managed to keep myself calm and unhungry throughout the session. We were just dismissed after she recapped us with the things that we have studied in the past meetings.

I Not Like.

I was rushing to eat, but I got problematic of my new task: a leader in a group in Filipino, wherein we are supposed to make a program that will perform something for the month of August. I didn't even notice my classmates that were already in front of me unless they called me. We ate at some place far away from the entrance because Mabsy's was quite full of consumers. The food was quite not OK with me, but I still ate it anyway. ^_^ After that, we were walking towards school when something bad happened.

Peer Pressured 100%

Man, those evil guys... T_T they actually succeeded in making me cut class. I was so guilty T_T. But anyway, it has already been done, so I can't do anything about it anymore. I promised myself that that was the first and last time I'll cut class because I just went off to play. I will never do it again because it made me really, really guilty. But it's OK if we play after classes. I'm not angry at them because they pressured me, I'm angry at myself because I let myself get into trouble. I guess I should eat a lot more so I can think straight on important matters. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today was a day of Guilt. I didn't expect that I would cut class. But I learned from my mistake now, I thank God for He has given me a lesson to learn. I somehow forgot my goal in studying in the conservatory of music: to graduate and be a concert pianist. ^_^ I remembered this thanks to Mr. Conrado Ong. I just hope that in the following days, I won't forget my goal. ^_^

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episode Eight: Good Timing

Evil Brain!!

My, my alarm isn't that effective anymore. I don't wake up even if it's loud; well, I guess I have to change my alarm tune to a more unfamiliar and most probably noisy one. Because of this unexpected phenomena, I was quite late for practice at the church today. We were about four all in all at that time, and people started coming in when we were already done practicing, and needed to go to the church already for the service is about ti start. I was quite sleepy because I slept late yesterday -- my sleep wasn't even enough that I started acting as if I was drunk.


This was the first time that I prayed a long prayer in a worship service. I don't know why, but I feel that I need to pray to God and tell Him a lot of things that had happened this week. Well, I guess I have pity for myself. I've been working on my assignments all day this week, and somehow, I feel that I don't give time for myself(Oh no, I hope I don't exaggerate on this one next week.. T_T). I also prayed for time management, that I won't waste a single minute. And the best(est) prayer I made was that I will learn to trust Him more often because this week, I don't know why, but I seem to have lost faith in God at some point in the week. Maybe I'll be able to find the culprit of this merciless doubt this week. ^_^ Anyway, after the offertory, I just felt that I needed to go to Joy Fellowship because I need to help someone.

Good Timing

My feeling was right -- I really needed to help someone. I t was Gillian. She was the pianist for today, and she was having a hard time in one of the songs top be played in the singspiration today, so she asked me to play it instead. If I didn't arrive earlier, then I would not have the chance to help a friend in need because the early Morning Worship Service today ended quite late. During singspiration, I was astounded by the efforts being made by Gillian; however, the song leaders got quite confused on what to sing so I played the melody so that they won't sing the wrong note. After singspiration, we had a thanksgiving prayer for the singspiration and we seated in our chairs.

The Body is There; But The Mind is Where?

I listened to all the words that the speakers, both in the worship service and in Joyi Fellowship, but I don't remember a thing when I tried to recall what topic was discussed, I couldn't remember a thing -- literally. And during care group, I dozed off with my eyes open. I only came back to my consciousness when we discussed about something which I don't remember now O_O.

Granado Espada Time!

When I played Granado Espada(MMORPG) after eating, I finally decided that every Sunday will be a Granado day -- I will not play computer games except on Sundays. ^_^ Anyway, I had a nice time again. I played on Vivaldi this time because the Pachelbel server was somewhat malfunctioning; but I had fun playing anyway. After playing, I went home of course.

Off-Topic: It's back to normal

Now as you can see, my episode is longer than before. this is because I have time now to write my episodes -- good thing. I just hope that I will still have more time throughout the week so I will be able to write episodes as long as this.

In Conclusion...

I was amazed by how God worked in my life today. I just prayed about what's happening to my life, and here He comes, with a platter of solutions. I'm thankful for what I have experienced today. IS A MIRACLE!! ^_^(Grammatical Error was not an incidence of forgetfulness, I just wanted it that way.)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Episode Seven: Over The Limit

Still the wrong day?!

I wore yellow today, and when I came in, the guard actually sermoned me for not wearing the uniform -- I thought today was the REAL yellow day for conservatory students!? *scratches head* I guess not. -_-

ULEns (Unexposed Large Ensemble)

We had vocalization exercises today. ^_^ Pretty exciting, somehow tiring. Somehow, I noticed that we were only few. Later on, our teacher explained why we were only few: there was some person who wrote at some board that we won't have L-Ens today; but anyway, we were pretty much many(ooh, repetitiveness ^_^ I like it LOL) After the class, me and my blockmates went down already, for English.

"Lucky for Those Who Have Worksheets" -- Wilfredo Valois

Yep, we sure are lucky. I'm happy that I did my assigment (even if it's only a part of it) because I get grades -- my hard work payed off somehow. ^_^ A part in our assignment that I didn't answer, was acutally the most interesting one -- too bad I didn't answer it, it would've been fun ^_^. Anyway, After english, I ate somewhere and proceeded to school(H.S.)

GE Again!

My, I guess I'm addicted to G.E. Already. After playing the piano, practicing my Bach, I went to the internet shop. This time, I played on Vivaldi (The Last time, I was on Pachelbel) It's fun.. ^_^

And Again... SORRY!!! T_T

I don't remember events after this moment. I remember fragments, but they're incomplete. Don't worry next time, I'll write about it on the day. ^_^

In Conclusion...

I'm so much tired today, maybe because of yesterday -- sleeping late and waking up early. I just hope that I wake up early for tomorrow's Worship Service. ^_-

Friday, July 6, 2007

Episode Six: Surprises

Oops, Wrong Day ^_^

Yesterday, during english, the speaker announced that we were supposed to wear yellow today; but when I came in school, I later discovered that the announcement was for the students of the College of Education. O_O


We had the discussion about our assignment today. I volunteered to recite; luckily, I didn't say a 'bleh' -- YAY ^_^ I can't explain how happy I am. ^_^ After Filipino was a break, so we went to buy a book for english. When we got back, we were still early for our next subject.

Philippine History

Again, it's a time of mind-blowing hear-write session with Ms Fule. And.. Blah Blah Blah ^_^

I'll Skip a few events..

I just want to get to important events today, since I don't remember much because I was very tired today.

Aww, I didn't see my grade

We were going to have our exam on solfeggio today. We were quite anxious because we didn't know what number will our professor give us. It was an individual exam, lucky us, because we were one of the last people -- we didn't get much nervous because allour other classmates went home already (It was a few minutes past the end of our subject) When it was my turn, I just sang a part of number 14, and he stopped me. I thought I sang wrongly so.. I got quite scared, but he told me I was already done. O_O After a few chitty chatties with my last-mates(the 'left-behind' people), I went to the office to get a studio. After practicing contemporary stuff, I gave back the keys and proceeded to my mom's office.

The Concert

Overall, the concert was excellent. The flutist was so virtousic with his flute. ... That's all ^_^ After the concert, we went home already.

P.S. English

I still had to do my assignment in english for tomorrow because we still have english tomorrow. Sigh, I really wanted to sleep already, but I had no choice, I answered 60% of the assignments and just slept. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today, I don't remember anything much, perhaps maybe because I was too tired today... I just hope that days like these won't happen again. ^_^

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Episode Five: First Touch

No Theology!! ^_^

Today was supposed to be a normal day. We should have had Theology today, but something came up all of a sudden, and we had to go to the CFAD Building(College of Fine Arts and Design). When we got there, we noticed a lot of paintings around the lobby. Our professor asked us to look around while waiting for our turn at a room called "Gallery" which ended up to be a some sort of AVG(Audio-Visual Gallery) ^_-. As we settled down, the painter introduced himself. He also told us his testimony: when he started painting, where he gets his ideas, when he paints the painting, and how the his own paintings changed his life. He showed to us a documentary about one of his paintings, which he made all by himself. It was very interesting, and very heartwarming. But something ruined the momentum of feelings -- some class that's late. They were ducking, yes they were, but they ended up blocking the whole thing because they duck IN FRONT of the LCD projector. -_- Anyway, after that, we went back to our building and waited for our next subject -- English.... which reminds me, I forgot to do the assignment in English!!!! T_T


Sigh, what a waste, I forgot to do my assignment in English yesterday; but somehow, I got a few more answers before our class started. We passed our assignments in class, and we ended somehow earlier, because we started late. Anyway, I went to the foodstore beside Mabsy's T_T to eat. After that, I went to school.

I'm Finally Able to Play G.E.!

After practicing piano for an hour, I went out to take a break. I tried to find an Internet shop to play o2jam, but I ended up playing GE(Granado Espada) for the first time. Wow, it's soooo good. ^_^ I hope you can play it sometime too. We have this game at home; but with the current status of our PC, we can't run GE pretty well, but it's updated. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today, I thank God for giving me the chance to be able to play a game which is soo good. I just pray that our computer at home can run this awesome game, so I won't spend too much money on it.^_^

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode Four: A Missing Professor

Eek, So Repetitive!

I have been writing this episode for more than 4 times already. I just can't get past the 1st topic of this episode. Hopefully, I can now.

A Forgotten Pa--... Pages

I forgot to do my assignment in Filipino again. I just wonder why I always keep on forgetting assignments in Filipino. -_- Anyway, I didn't try to cram now, because I deserve the punishment that I will receive from not doing my homework. As the teacher entered the room and took her seat, she started calling our names alphabetically, asking us to recite what we have written in our Book; for some reason, she gave us a chance to write one while we weren't called, so I took the pretty much platinum opportunity. I was already finished by the time my name was called. I wanted to recite my work with feeling, but because of nervousness, I 'bleh'-ed T_T. I got an additional deduction for every bleh that I say. In the end, I got three bleh's. I must control this 'bleh'-ing as soon as possible T_T. She gave us another assignment: it's just reading a few pages(10 pages). After Filipino, I stayed in the room for a while to warm up for my next subject, my trumpet lesson.

The Missing Professor

I went up the stairs to check if my teacher was there. He wasn't again. I expected that he would be already there waiting for me; but I ended up waiting for him O_O. I always see him around during other days, but it's very odd that he doesn't show up on Wednesdays. I wanted to talk to him every time I see him, but I didn't get the chance to talk to him because he always goes somewhere when I go near. I then went to the office to ask if my teacher was in, they said he wasn't, so I just went back to class and concluded that he wouldn't show up again.

A Test of Memory Skills

When it was the time for Philippine History, I quickly grabbed my notebook and pen -- it was because it's another episode of write-all-you-hear. She was speaking so fast that I wrote so fast that I couldn't understand my writing that I needed to rewrite my writing that she told us.(too many 'that's :D) Good thing, I was able to cope up with what she was saying. After a few hours(just an hour actually), the terror finally ended, and I was so hungry.


This day, we ate at chowking. I never got full, but at least I ate food. ^_^ That's all. O_O I went to our school after that.

A 'Replay'

We had another exercise at our Rudiments of Music class today. I can say that I didn't learn anything from this subject today, because all we did was to convert from a treble clef to an alto or tenor clef. I just hope that we will be able to learn something next meeting.

In Conclusion...

Today, I thank God for He has given me the chance to actually make up for my assignment in Filipino. I learned from my lesson now. I actually did the assignment in Filipino ON the day. ^_^ I'm so happy for myself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Episode Three: Un-wasted Free Time!

Guidance & Conseling Woman

Our theology subject today has turned into the orientation of the guidance & conseling center, led by Mrs. Gina. She was discussing about a lot of things, things which I forgot already; near the end of the orientation, we were given strips of paper. The strips of paper contains messages -- positive messages. Most of my friends gave me a "You're inspiring" strip; I started wondering how I made them inspired, and I don't remember anything. Maybe it's something that I didn't realize. ^_^ Anyway, after the tour to the guidance & counseling office, we went to this Master Class of a pianist named Roberta Rust.

The Master Class of Roberta Rust

We are already late for the class; it started at 9am, but because of the Guidance stuff, we came in quite late. She was teaching a student from the conservatory on how to improve the piece that she has played. Well, I presumed that the piece was a Chopin because it sounded so difficult. The next one who played was very... amazing O_O he used all of his fingers, pushed many keys, and added dynamics. If you were there, you'll certainly drop your jaw (careful, you might spill the water you're drinking or the food you're eating) I presumed that it also was a chopin. Anyway, we left early because we were really hungry. We ate at KFC, nothing special, and we went back to reserve myself a studio.

Finally, I got a Studio!!

I thought that I wouldn't get a studio today, because there were a lot of people standing in the table wherein you can reserve studios; but in just a few seconds, 7 seconds if I'm not mistaken, most of them disappeared. I then talked to the officer in charge of the renting of studios and asked for one. Luckily, I got one; but sadly, I only got 1 hour to use it. I actually wanted to max it out to 2 hours, but for some reason, he just gave me an hour T_T. I don't mind actually, because I had a studio, and it was a good thing ^_^. My studio is at the 6th floor. Syntia was watching me as I play my compositions, but I didn't tell her that that was my composition; later on, she asked me to play my composition, and I told her that I just played it. She whipped me.. ouch, but she was amazed ^_^ good thing. After all those practicing at the piano, we parted ways, and I went to my P.E. for today.

Early Dismissal

It was good. We started late, but we ended early! Our professor taught us the basic moves of the sepak takraw. It was progressively hurting: the feet, the legs, the chest, and finally, the head. Everytime we recieve the "ball" with our head, we immediately ouch in pain. ^_^ After the early dismissal, I just went to school, to practice the assignments once more.

In Conclusion...

Today was a happy day. I finally got to rent a studio, and felt the cool aircon(with ionizers) through my face. I hope that I can soon finish my assignments, so I will have at least a little free time.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode Two: Success! ^_^

Yay, I did it!

All my hard work the past week payed off! I got a compliment from my teacher: "Very goood! ^_^" I was so happy, so happy that I forgot that I was already late for my next class. She gave me a very ancient book entitled: "Bela Bartok Mikrokosmos Vol. IV". She asked me to recopy some of the numbers that we were going to use for the following meetings. After all the nonsense, I quickly climbed the stairs (My lesson is at the 3rd floor, My class at the 5th floor) without even looking back(Err... why look back? O_O).

Ghost Town

When I finally reached the 5th floor, I noticed something... There were no students wearing the conservatory of music uniform! I ran to our room to check if I'm already late(of which I am) and not a classmate was inside. EEEK! They went somewhere! What about my attendance, I won't even get a late! T_T Anyway, I noticed that the Recital Hall near to our classroom was sort of noisy, so I checked it out.


The first thing that I saw as I entered the hall was a foreigner. He was wearing a khaki polo (can I use khaki on polos? ?_? Nevermind, I'll just use them) and navy blue with 4 red stripes pants; later on, I realized that we were having a some sort of program, and the U.S. Marines Pacific Corps Band was the star of the show. I had to stand a long time because I didn't want to interrupt the people who were watching. The first part of the show, the quintet, was nice, but I felt sleepy; but the following performance, they call it as the party band, was very enjoyable, but deafening. They asked a volunteer at one time, and our class president, Leslie, was the lucky person to be picked. She was asked to do this tambourine solo, and my, she was hilarious -- funnily hilarious. They ended with a very cute song entitled: "Killing me softly". They were all so funny, making jokes at the wrong place, but at the right time. ^_^

Reaction Paper

We actually thought that there wouldn't be any Music Listening class today, since there was only 15 mins left for the subject; but when we got in the classroom, we see her waiting for us. She asked us to write a reaction about what we have just listened to. I don't know if I wrote in correct grammar actually -- maybe because I just had my piano lesson? I don't know. My answers were even off topic I think. T_T Doesn't matter now, since it's already done. ^_^ (After this moment, I remember absolutely nothing now. I'm actually amazed that I remember such things after more than 2 days ^_^)

In Conclusion...

Today is pretty unexpected. I don't know why I keep on rushing when walking(OFF TOPIC AGAIN!! T_T) Anyway, back to the topic: I think I should take other things more seriously, like my other subjects. I've been focusing on my major too much that I forget that I have assignments in my other subjects. ^_^ I know I can do it with God I can! ^_-

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Book Three, Episode One: The 'Effortless' Search

I'ts an Offertory Day Again!

Which means, I have to wake up earlier again, and go to church earlier again. ^_^ It's OK since I'm doin it for the Lord; yet again, I did a pretty good job, a few mistakes won't hurt you know ^_^. Today, I'm also the pianist for Joy Fellowship so I had to literally run to practice the song leaders today. The singspiration is not what I expected it to be; they should've asked me to practice during the week, but they asked me to practice a day before, which is actually pretty bad; nevertheless, I understand that they're busy, and so am I. ^_^ Anyway, after the Fellowship, there was the Care group. Joshua wasn't around today. Sad. But at least, I got to finish the care group discussion for the week today ^_^. I went to the church after that.

Offertory, The second installment

I came in pretty early, so I was able to relax myself while actually waiting for my turn. My second play was quite bad; but again, what's matters is that I played it for God, not for the people. ^_^ I think after that, I went back to the Yutiam Hall to practice a little, then to the Lumpia house, where my mom was. After eating, we proceeded to National Bookstore, located along Quezon Avenue.

Czerny Opus 299

That's the name of the book we were looking for. Sadly, we didn't find it in the bookstore. The bookstore was really huge O_O -- my friend was right; but what's shocking is that there's only one rack for piano books. How saddening. We just went out the bookstore and ended up at the Siomai House. Their "Coolant" (in Tagalog, Palamig) was really delicious. I wanted to buy the new bread pan today, because I missed it's taste. As I stepped inside the supermarket, which was about 4 stpes from the siamai house, I looked for the bread pan; luckily, I found it -- but it was only one. It was meant for me, i guess. ^_^ A funny thing while I was paying at the counter was that I used 100 pesos to pay for 3.75 pesos. I even chuckled as I gave the paper bill. Anyway, we went back home to call the other National bookstore branches to ask if they have the czerny opus 299. There was one finally, at the Harrison plaza. We came to get it a few hours later. What a waste of gasoline.. -_-

In Conclusion...

Today, I didn't expect that I would find the book that I was looking for at a near place. Another proof of the saying: "How can you solve the problem, the problem is your face?" --- Is that even a saying? O_O Anyway, you get what I mean, I hope. ^_^