Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Episode Three: Un-wasted Free Time!

Guidance & Conseling Woman

Our theology subject today has turned into the orientation of the guidance & conseling center, led by Mrs. Gina. She was discussing about a lot of things, things which I forgot already; near the end of the orientation, we were given strips of paper. The strips of paper contains messages -- positive messages. Most of my friends gave me a "You're inspiring" strip; I started wondering how I made them inspired, and I don't remember anything. Maybe it's something that I didn't realize. ^_^ Anyway, after the tour to the guidance & counseling office, we went to this Master Class of a pianist named Roberta Rust.

The Master Class of Roberta Rust

We are already late for the class; it started at 9am, but because of the Guidance stuff, we came in quite late. She was teaching a student from the conservatory on how to improve the piece that she has played. Well, I presumed that the piece was a Chopin because it sounded so difficult. The next one who played was very... amazing O_O he used all of his fingers, pushed many keys, and added dynamics. If you were there, you'll certainly drop your jaw (careful, you might spill the water you're drinking or the food you're eating) I presumed that it also was a chopin. Anyway, we left early because we were really hungry. We ate at KFC, nothing special, and we went back to reserve myself a studio.

Finally, I got a Studio!!

I thought that I wouldn't get a studio today, because there were a lot of people standing in the table wherein you can reserve studios; but in just a few seconds, 7 seconds if I'm not mistaken, most of them disappeared. I then talked to the officer in charge of the renting of studios and asked for one. Luckily, I got one; but sadly, I only got 1 hour to use it. I actually wanted to max it out to 2 hours, but for some reason, he just gave me an hour T_T. I don't mind actually, because I had a studio, and it was a good thing ^_^. My studio is at the 6th floor. Syntia was watching me as I play my compositions, but I didn't tell her that that was my composition; later on, she asked me to play my composition, and I told her that I just played it. She whipped me.. ouch, but she was amazed ^_^ good thing. After all those practicing at the piano, we parted ways, and I went to my P.E. for today.

Early Dismissal

It was good. We started late, but we ended early! Our professor taught us the basic moves of the sepak takraw. It was progressively hurting: the feet, the legs, the chest, and finally, the head. Everytime we recieve the "ball" with our head, we immediately ouch in pain. ^_^ After the early dismissal, I just went to school, to practice the assignments once more.

In Conclusion...

Today was a happy day. I finally got to rent a studio, and felt the cool aircon(with ionizers) through my face. I hope that I can soon finish my assignments, so I will have at least a little free time.

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