Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode Two: Success! ^_^

Yay, I did it!

All my hard work the past week payed off! I got a compliment from my teacher: "Very goood! ^_^" I was so happy, so happy that I forgot that I was already late for my next class. She gave me a very ancient book entitled: "Bela Bartok Mikrokosmos Vol. IV". She asked me to recopy some of the numbers that we were going to use for the following meetings. After all the nonsense, I quickly climbed the stairs (My lesson is at the 3rd floor, My class at the 5th floor) without even looking back(Err... why look back? O_O).

Ghost Town

When I finally reached the 5th floor, I noticed something... There were no students wearing the conservatory of music uniform! I ran to our room to check if I'm already late(of which I am) and not a classmate was inside. EEEK! They went somewhere! What about my attendance, I won't even get a late! T_T Anyway, I noticed that the Recital Hall near to our classroom was sort of noisy, so I checked it out.


The first thing that I saw as I entered the hall was a foreigner. He was wearing a khaki polo (can I use khaki on polos? ?_? Nevermind, I'll just use them) and navy blue with 4 red stripes pants; later on, I realized that we were having a some sort of program, and the U.S. Marines Pacific Corps Band was the star of the show. I had to stand a long time because I didn't want to interrupt the people who were watching. The first part of the show, the quintet, was nice, but I felt sleepy; but the following performance, they call it as the party band, was very enjoyable, but deafening. They asked a volunteer at one time, and our class president, Leslie, was the lucky person to be picked. She was asked to do this tambourine solo, and my, she was hilarious -- funnily hilarious. They ended with a very cute song entitled: "Killing me softly". They were all so funny, making jokes at the wrong place, but at the right time. ^_^

Reaction Paper

We actually thought that there wouldn't be any Music Listening class today, since there was only 15 mins left for the subject; but when we got in the classroom, we see her waiting for us. She asked us to write a reaction about what we have just listened to. I don't know if I wrote in correct grammar actually -- maybe because I just had my piano lesson? I don't know. My answers were even off topic I think. T_T Doesn't matter now, since it's already done. ^_^ (After this moment, I remember absolutely nothing now. I'm actually amazed that I remember such things after more than 2 days ^_^)

In Conclusion...

Today is pretty unexpected. I don't know why I keep on rushing when walking(OFF TOPIC AGAIN!! T_T) Anyway, back to the topic: I think I should take other things more seriously, like my other subjects. I've been focusing on my major too much that I forget that I have assignments in my other subjects. ^_^ I know I can do it with God I can! ^_-

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