Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episode Eight: Good Timing

Evil Brain!!

My, my alarm isn't that effective anymore. I don't wake up even if it's loud; well, I guess I have to change my alarm tune to a more unfamiliar and most probably noisy one. Because of this unexpected phenomena, I was quite late for practice at the church today. We were about four all in all at that time, and people started coming in when we were already done practicing, and needed to go to the church already for the service is about ti start. I was quite sleepy because I slept late yesterday -- my sleep wasn't even enough that I started acting as if I was drunk.


This was the first time that I prayed a long prayer in a worship service. I don't know why, but I feel that I need to pray to God and tell Him a lot of things that had happened this week. Well, I guess I have pity for myself. I've been working on my assignments all day this week, and somehow, I feel that I don't give time for myself(Oh no, I hope I don't exaggerate on this one next week.. T_T). I also prayed for time management, that I won't waste a single minute. And the best(est) prayer I made was that I will learn to trust Him more often because this week, I don't know why, but I seem to have lost faith in God at some point in the week. Maybe I'll be able to find the culprit of this merciless doubt this week. ^_^ Anyway, after the offertory, I just felt that I needed to go to Joy Fellowship because I need to help someone.

Good Timing

My feeling was right -- I really needed to help someone. I t was Gillian. She was the pianist for today, and she was having a hard time in one of the songs top be played in the singspiration today, so she asked me to play it instead. If I didn't arrive earlier, then I would not have the chance to help a friend in need because the early Morning Worship Service today ended quite late. During singspiration, I was astounded by the efforts being made by Gillian; however, the song leaders got quite confused on what to sing so I played the melody so that they won't sing the wrong note. After singspiration, we had a thanksgiving prayer for the singspiration and we seated in our chairs.

The Body is There; But The Mind is Where?

I listened to all the words that the speakers, both in the worship service and in Joyi Fellowship, but I don't remember a thing when I tried to recall what topic was discussed, I couldn't remember a thing -- literally. And during care group, I dozed off with my eyes open. I only came back to my consciousness when we discussed about something which I don't remember now O_O.

Granado Espada Time!

When I played Granado Espada(MMORPG) after eating, I finally decided that every Sunday will be a Granado day -- I will not play computer games except on Sundays. ^_^ Anyway, I had a nice time again. I played on Vivaldi this time because the Pachelbel server was somewhat malfunctioning; but I had fun playing anyway. After playing, I went home of course.

Off-Topic: It's back to normal

Now as you can see, my episode is longer than before. this is because I have time now to write my episodes -- good thing. I just hope that I will still have more time throughout the week so I will be able to write episodes as long as this.

In Conclusion...

I was amazed by how God worked in my life today. I just prayed about what's happening to my life, and here He comes, with a platter of solutions. I'm thankful for what I have experienced today. IS A MIRACLE!! ^_^(Grammatical Error was not an incidence of forgetfulness, I just wanted it that way.)

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