Sunday, July 1, 2007

Book Three, Episode One: The 'Effortless' Search

I'ts an Offertory Day Again!

Which means, I have to wake up earlier again, and go to church earlier again. ^_^ It's OK since I'm doin it for the Lord; yet again, I did a pretty good job, a few mistakes won't hurt you know ^_^. Today, I'm also the pianist for Joy Fellowship so I had to literally run to practice the song leaders today. The singspiration is not what I expected it to be; they should've asked me to practice during the week, but they asked me to practice a day before, which is actually pretty bad; nevertheless, I understand that they're busy, and so am I. ^_^ Anyway, after the Fellowship, there was the Care group. Joshua wasn't around today. Sad. But at least, I got to finish the care group discussion for the week today ^_^. I went to the church after that.

Offertory, The second installment

I came in pretty early, so I was able to relax myself while actually waiting for my turn. My second play was quite bad; but again, what's matters is that I played it for God, not for the people. ^_^ I think after that, I went back to the Yutiam Hall to practice a little, then to the Lumpia house, where my mom was. After eating, we proceeded to National Bookstore, located along Quezon Avenue.

Czerny Opus 299

That's the name of the book we were looking for. Sadly, we didn't find it in the bookstore. The bookstore was really huge O_O -- my friend was right; but what's shocking is that there's only one rack for piano books. How saddening. We just went out the bookstore and ended up at the Siomai House. Their "Coolant" (in Tagalog, Palamig) was really delicious. I wanted to buy the new bread pan today, because I missed it's taste. As I stepped inside the supermarket, which was about 4 stpes from the siamai house, I looked for the bread pan; luckily, I found it -- but it was only one. It was meant for me, i guess. ^_^ A funny thing while I was paying at the counter was that I used 100 pesos to pay for 3.75 pesos. I even chuckled as I gave the paper bill. Anyway, we went back home to call the other National bookstore branches to ask if they have the czerny opus 299. There was one finally, at the Harrison plaza. We came to get it a few hours later. What a waste of gasoline.. -_-

In Conclusion...

Today, I didn't expect that I would find the book that I was looking for at a near place. Another proof of the saying: "How can you solve the problem, the problem is your face?" --- Is that even a saying? O_O Anyway, you get what I mean, I hope. ^_^

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