Friday, July 6, 2007

Episode Six: Surprises

Oops, Wrong Day ^_^

Yesterday, during english, the speaker announced that we were supposed to wear yellow today; but when I came in school, I later discovered that the announcement was for the students of the College of Education. O_O


We had the discussion about our assignment today. I volunteered to recite; luckily, I didn't say a 'bleh' -- YAY ^_^ I can't explain how happy I am. ^_^ After Filipino was a break, so we went to buy a book for english. When we got back, we were still early for our next subject.

Philippine History

Again, it's a time of mind-blowing hear-write session with Ms Fule. And.. Blah Blah Blah ^_^

I'll Skip a few events..

I just want to get to important events today, since I don't remember much because I was very tired today.

Aww, I didn't see my grade

We were going to have our exam on solfeggio today. We were quite anxious because we didn't know what number will our professor give us. It was an individual exam, lucky us, because we were one of the last people -- we didn't get much nervous because allour other classmates went home already (It was a few minutes past the end of our subject) When it was my turn, I just sang a part of number 14, and he stopped me. I thought I sang wrongly so.. I got quite scared, but he told me I was already done. O_O After a few chitty chatties with my last-mates(the 'left-behind' people), I went to the office to get a studio. After practicing contemporary stuff, I gave back the keys and proceeded to my mom's office.

The Concert

Overall, the concert was excellent. The flutist was so virtousic with his flute. ... That's all ^_^ After the concert, we went home already.

P.S. English

I still had to do my assignment in english for tomorrow because we still have english tomorrow. Sigh, I really wanted to sleep already, but I had no choice, I answered 60% of the assignments and just slept. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today, I don't remember anything much, perhaps maybe because I was too tired today... I just hope that days like these won't happen again. ^_^

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