Saturday, July 7, 2007

Episode Seven: Over The Limit

Still the wrong day?!

I wore yellow today, and when I came in, the guard actually sermoned me for not wearing the uniform -- I thought today was the REAL yellow day for conservatory students!? *scratches head* I guess not. -_-

ULEns (Unexposed Large Ensemble)

We had vocalization exercises today. ^_^ Pretty exciting, somehow tiring. Somehow, I noticed that we were only few. Later on, our teacher explained why we were only few: there was some person who wrote at some board that we won't have L-Ens today; but anyway, we were pretty much many(ooh, repetitiveness ^_^ I like it LOL) After the class, me and my blockmates went down already, for English.

"Lucky for Those Who Have Worksheets" -- Wilfredo Valois

Yep, we sure are lucky. I'm happy that I did my assigment (even if it's only a part of it) because I get grades -- my hard work payed off somehow. ^_^ A part in our assignment that I didn't answer, was acutally the most interesting one -- too bad I didn't answer it, it would've been fun ^_^. Anyway, After english, I ate somewhere and proceeded to school(H.S.)

GE Again!

My, I guess I'm addicted to G.E. Already. After playing the piano, practicing my Bach, I went to the internet shop. This time, I played on Vivaldi (The Last time, I was on Pachelbel) It's fun.. ^_^

And Again... SORRY!!! T_T

I don't remember events after this moment. I remember fragments, but they're incomplete. Don't worry next time, I'll write about it on the day. ^_^

In Conclusion...

I'm so much tired today, maybe because of yesterday -- sleeping late and waking up early. I just hope that I wake up early for tomorrow's Worship Service. ^_-

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