Monday, July 9, 2007

Episode Nine: The Fire is Already Big


I woke up late today because I wasn't able to sleep early last night -- it also means that I will arrive at school quite late. Surprisingly, I wasn't late -- I was even earlier than usual. Anyway, I sat down there with Leslie, and we were somewhat chatting about our subjects, we even made fun of some events that had happened in our subjects. Just after a few minutes, I already said goodbye to her, for I needed to start my journey to the third floor(where my major is at). Last week, we were simultaneous in going to the third floor; but this time, I had to go earlier, because she told me that her major was divided into two sessions, which means that she only has 30 mins of lesson today, and 30 mins of lesson tomorrow.

Arsonist... O_O

My lesson, started quite roughly because I wasn't able to study my Hanon because it went on a makeover last week. But anyway, as we neared the end of my assignments, I performed good. My, when she gave the assignments for next week, my lungs fell out, my heart overpumped, my mind nearly exploded -- but she didn't notice. I just agreed to everything that she said, thinking of a solution to actually practice everything within less than a week. As My teacher went out to have a C.R. break, I looked at my watch, it was already Nine in the morning, the time for my next subject.

(the F's are supposed to be a somewhat dashing effect.)

When she came back, I didn't absorb much of what she had said, because I needed to teleport to my classroom within 5 mins. After getting out of the room, I tried to teleport, but sadly, I'm not Hiro Nakamura(or was it Takamura) that I can teleport anywhere I like; besides, it's so fictional ^_^ so I just ran my way to the 5th floor again from the 3rd floor. When I got in class, I gave my apology to out professor and explained why I was late. Good thing, she understood. ^_^ And so I sit down in my chair, obviously exhausted from sprinting all the way from the 3rd floor. She asked us to get a sheet of paper. I got scared -- I haven't studied the history of Filipino yet T_T. Good thing, our Professor told us that the paper was a reaction paper [Dumb Comment: If it was a reaction paper, it must contain reactions. But what kind of reactions?]. I jumped in joy deep within, relieved from the stress of actually having a quiz. I didn't know what to write actually, but I just wrote what I first thought of; in the end, I was able to write quite a long reaction about the concert last friday (I'm glad I didn't tune out during the concert. ^_^). Finally, Filipino was finished -- but I was hungry already T_T.

Irritating Scoops

A Scoop is what you get when you buy ice cream from an ice cream store. But the scoop I'm talking about is the Musical scoop, it's where a singer goes through a series of notes before hitting the correct note (Imagine two points, one higher than the other. Instead of actually going directly to the point, the line goes to a some sort of curve before actually going to the point.). It was quite irritating because I hate scoops. ^_^ But at least I have progressed in listening intellectually in musical pieces. When our professor was discussing about the song that we were listening to, I wanted to take down notes; however, as I try to get my pen and write, I felt the blistering pain of my tummy -- I was already nearly almost dying from hunger. But because of my perserverance of telling myself and actually instilling in my mind that I am not hungry, and I won't be hungry till lunchbreak, I managed to write a few notes.

Hear-Write Ability Slower

It was time for Philippine History already, a session where my hear-write ability is absolutely needed. I tried to remember everything that she said, but my mental capacity was quite small because of hunger. I wasn't able to write a lot of notes, I even missed some important things. But anyway, I still managed to keep myself calm and unhungry throughout the session. We were just dismissed after she recapped us with the things that we have studied in the past meetings.

I Not Like.

I was rushing to eat, but I got problematic of my new task: a leader in a group in Filipino, wherein we are supposed to make a program that will perform something for the month of August. I didn't even notice my classmates that were already in front of me unless they called me. We ate at some place far away from the entrance because Mabsy's was quite full of consumers. The food was quite not OK with me, but I still ate it anyway. ^_^ After that, we were walking towards school when something bad happened.

Peer Pressured 100%

Man, those evil guys... T_T they actually succeeded in making me cut class. I was so guilty T_T. But anyway, it has already been done, so I can't do anything about it anymore. I promised myself that that was the first and last time I'll cut class because I just went off to play. I will never do it again because it made me really, really guilty. But it's OK if we play after classes. I'm not angry at them because they pressured me, I'm angry at myself because I let myself get into trouble. I guess I should eat a lot more so I can think straight on important matters. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today was a day of Guilt. I didn't expect that I would cut class. But I learned from my mistake now, I thank God for He has given me a lesson to learn. I somehow forgot my goal in studying in the conservatory of music: to graduate and be a concert pianist. ^_^ I remembered this thanks to Mr. Conrado Ong. I just hope that in the following days, I won't forget my goal. ^_^

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