Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First Post: From my PDA phone! Yay!

this. is. epic. I'm posting on the blog from my own phone! yay! expect more fun coming your way =)
as you might notice, i'm using a different font since i'm too lazy to copy and paste html codes, but hey. I guess you could differentiate the PDA phone posts from the PC posts! ^_^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entry# 32: The 100th Post Celebration!

Happy Celebration!!! WOOO!!!

Hello there everyone! Today, I make the first 100th post in this blog. I'm kind of amazed I got this far. And I really can't believe that this blog has been up for more than three years already! Wow! =) I'd like to thank everyone who made this post possible: Bill Gates, Blogger, whoever invented internet, and of course, ME!

Why So Early?

I know you didn't notice, but I did. And what did I notice? I noticed that I'm posting this in the afternoon, not during nights and in the wee hours of the morning. That's because I'm using someone else's laptop just to post right here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Entry #30: Boo.


Its sad. It truly is sad. Sad. Sad, isn't it? Sad. No sad word will be enough to describe how sad I am right now. Sad. Meh, nevermind the sadness! (sad.) lol~. We must keep on staying happy despite being sad. Sad. I'm gonna tell you why in a few moments. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Why So Sad?

I'm not really sad. Just kinda depressed. All the pressure of the pressure cooker exploded right in front of my face; but of course, you knew that was a joke right? *insert laughing sound of choice here*. Apparently, my major professor kind of scolded me just a few days ago (maybe something like yesterday) And it had somehow affected me for the whole day. Almost. I would have to definitely agree that my major was kind of bad, but it really wasn't that bad at all. ^^; She probably got mad with the last eeeevil and deadly pages of my piece, Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6 in D-flat major. Yes, I'm aware that its kind of hard, but I'm trying my best, as always, to keep up with her expectations. So there.

The After Effects! >:)

Of course, if you get scolded by your teacher, you'd feel bad. And when you feel bad, the way you think, the way you act, and the way you look at things would be a lot different. I was mostly passive and unapproachable most of the morning, because I'm still in shock with what has transpired earlier that morning. When afternoon came, I was a little bit approachable, just a little bit, and I felt kind of sick (maybe due to the stress of the thingies). But..

In Literature.

During lit class, I somehow felt 'energized' in a sense. I don't know how you did it, Mr. Valois, but you did it! XD I was a lot more energetic during the gruesome discussion of Love's Suicide at Sonezaki. I just feel like I shouldn't think about my major too much. I might get a lot of new neurodermatitis hotspots. And that's not fun. Gah. Show's over for the sad and absolutely, totally, really, very depressing part of the post. It's time to go happy!

Fun Stuff? Where?!

Weird. I don't recall any fun or memorable happy things that had happened since the last time I posted. Let me try and recall some, if I do remember them. *rustle rustle*..... Oh dear. I really don't remember anything! haha. That's just funny.

Since I don't Remember.

So I guess this would be my first rant post in my supposedly Mondie-riffic blog! Let's all rejoice! XD

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Entry #29: ♪ Staying Alive ♪

Indeed, I Am

Yep, I'm still alive and kicking all right. It's just that.. I don't have enough time to write on anything these days; but to tell you the truth, I missed writing here. I just noticed that this blog has been on for like three years already. That's cool. I've been blogging for three years now! It's just about the same time as I finished High School! Isn't that amazing? ^_^ Before I continue with this very much needed post to revive my poor, dead blog, I would first like to thank my English / Lit Professor, Hon. Wilfredo Valois, for actually finding this blog, and telling me that he has found my blog. I wouldn't remember writing here if it weren't for him ^-^. Well, off we go to a Mondie-riffic post! :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entry #28: My Vacation - for Real!


Yep, my fault. I sort of 'forgot' this blog for the past weeks due to a lot of things happening around my life. Let me try to recount everything, before we go on to the title of this Mondie-riffic post.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Entry #27: Boro-day-o


Forgive me, but this day (I think) is one of the most unfruitful, and uneventful day in my life. I really wasn't able to do anything, until the evening, because one of my brothers is actually preventing me from using the computer. I know, its sort of unfair, but I get the point! I really shouldn't be in front of the computer that much. Well, come to think of it, after this week, I won't be in front of the PC that often, because I'll probably be focusing on the piano stuff. Anyway.

This Deserves a Laugh Out Loud.

Well, apparently, after I turned on the PC later tonight, I also played GE for a wee bit. And in that wee bit, something interesting happened. Its a really funny event. Too bad I was not able to take a screenie of it, but what the heck, I'll try and narrate everything that had happened. So there, I logged in my account, and was leveling at this place called "Rion Dungeon Hollow" (This is where high level characters usually level up their lowbies.) So okay, everything was going smoothly, when this family, helllegend, came out of nowhere, and started to murder my poor lowbies. This is what he said after the alleged murder-y:(not exact, but not exaggerated as well~!) "Ha, you're a faction leader? Why are you so weak?!". I replied, with great kindness: "Who told you my faction is strong anyway?" and then he changed channel, I logged off -- to change to my high level characters. >:) So there, I went back to the spot, went to the other channel, and looked for him. Good thing was that he was still at that area. Ha, I murdered his characters one by one. He has got to suck XD. Well, he was successful at killing my Vicente Rio (named Vincie) and my Emilia-the-Sage (named Emilie), but he did not, and could not kill my Catherine (named Cathie!) XD!. I murdered his 3-Musketeer team. Barons (Player Killers in GE) when killed, drop items from their inventory; well, its amazing, because what I got from this helllegend family was a whopping 466 pieces of enchantment chip lv 64! XD Enchantment chips are really hard to make or find, and finding so much enchantment chips by just retaliating from a player kill just made my day! XD

Someone Became an Addict! (A Presumption.)

Oops. I guess I have successfully made Remedios Katherine Consunji an addict to World of Goo! XD Ever since I gave her the cute little game, she has never come online since. Ever since she has successfully installed that game, she has never talked to me ever since! LOL! I know its just like less tan 24 hours, but it seems alarming somehow. Haha. Maybe she got sooo addicted to the game, she didn't sleep, or didn't eat, or didn't move, or didn't breathe! haha. Well, truth is, World of Goo is really one hell of an entertaining game. Yeah, its quite short, but its really worth your time to play, if you ask me.

Something Noticeable in My Before-Entry

Woohoo. I noticed it just now. The abundance of two capitalized letters: yes. You got that right! Its XD!!!!! XD!!!! I never noticed the entry had a lot of XD's all over. Maybe because I was too excited to write? Or maybe because someone or some people were actually talking to me during the writing of that fantastic entry? (Oh yes, I'm looking at you, F & M! XD)! Well, anyway, XD's should be decreased in this post, so I'll be putting all the XD's here. XD!

Boredom End! (That's It!)

Ha! XD I couldn't write anymore about stuff that had happened today. Yea, it was a little boring today. I sure hope it wouldn't be as boring tomorrow; but deep inside, I hope that it won't be too much lively tomorrow. I only like it in between. Not too boring, and not to lively / exciting / whatever. XD

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Entry #26:The Summer Transformation!

Welcome, New Blog Title!**

** - That is, for this summer only! XD Yes, I have decided to actually change the title for the summer, since I think I would be able to write not only on tuesdays this time. XD I was doing a dialogue with myself just a while ago (wh-wha? O_O That's Impossible! XD) if I should make more posts every week, and guess what!? More posts got the epic win! XD This is the reason why I changed the title.

In Continuation...

Oh yeah! This post is probably a continuation of my other post 2 days ago, so well, here we go!

Its Sad..

How sad it is for me, and probably for a lot of other players of AegisRO2, to find out that the servers are down. I'm really saddened by this fact, and I continually await Elixa (the server's administrator) to come online, so I could ask her why the server was down, and what should I say to the members of the forum. Its scary, really. I want to fulfill my role as the Event GM (Yes, I have claimed it! XD) mainly because its really a fun job (well, at least for me. =)) I so-ever-hope that the server will be back on, so I could actually suggest remote desktop connection to prevent those not-so-neccessary server restarts, which will probably make players happy, and in the end-run, will attract more and more and more and more (and it continues, till I actually run out of typing-breath! XD) players from all over the world, making AegisRO2 the most popular Ragnarok Online 2 English EVAR!! XD

In Other Games...

Well, I have learned that you really shouldn't leave the other games that you have fallen in love with at least once in your life. You should visit them at least once, every year! Its fun! ^_^ Well, since AegisRO2 is offline, and I'm too lazy to actually make an RO2 server, because it needs mySQL, I've decided to revisit Ragnarok Online 1! (Thanks Fhaye, for like entertaining my idea, even though you couldn't actually play in it.) It was really fun to go back to; well, at least for a while, I got to bring back those memories, when I was an event GM(game master, i think I forgot to put it at the AegisRO2 part. Sorry!) in an RO1 private server called bRO (brother RO i think) hosted by someone I knew. I helped him improve the server, and probably advertise it too (I remember the site I made for it. LOL). Meh. I guess its time to stop this reminiscin' thing. XD

In Granado Espada

Ah yes, this lovely game called Granado Espada. That kewl control-three-persons-at-the-same-time innovation. That awesome 3d graphics... That amazing recruitable NPCs(Non-playable characters, well, not for GE! XD)... And some other things I really couldn't think of right now. Well, I'm still pretty much enjoying the game, but I'm also pretty sure the gaming flamingness is not that as strong as it was before. I like this game, yes I do, but my in-game friends have become few. They have left the game, without even saying goodbye; and of course, that would be a little hurtie for me. The game was never the same. All my factionmates are.. dead (well, not literally! XD You know what I mean.). Its scary. But hell, I'm still playing this game. I've invested a little already, and stopping would be not so unethical. (or is it?! XD)

The Pianist Adventure

Wow, that title seems to fit in! XD Well, I'm pretty much taking a break from the piano life for just a few days. Why only a few days, you might ask? Sure, I'll gladly answer that. Last year, my vacation was purely vacation - not much piano-ing happening at home; but this year is different. This year, I'm joining a Beethoven piano competition (not awesome, its EPIC awesome! XD) this November, and my pieces for Level 6 (6 of 8 levels) is not as fun as it should be: Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6. My Beethoven Competition piece, by the way, is Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1. I'll leave all the searching for some audio to you, because I don't want to listen to them for now, because, well, it is still my piano vacation. XD. After this week, I'll probably focus on them. I'll still write entries, I will. I hope. I wish. Oh, I forgot to tell you everyone, I got 1.0 (that's 97 of 100) in my piano exam last March 23! Yay! Its my first exam, and its cool to get 1.0 =).

So it ends here...***

** - for now. XD Well, I hope this will mark a start of another new journey through summer, a Mondie-riffic summer! XD By the way, there's a poll at your right side, feel free to answer =).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry #25: YAY!

Hello there.

Lol yea, its been one hell of a long time ever since I wrote in this lovely, very, very old blog. Its neat actually. I tried reading my former posts back then, and I realized that this blog has gone quite a long way already. Never noticed I had over a hundred entries already. ITS cool! XD

Noticed Something

Haha. I noticed something very... strange. XD Left 4 Dead is popular now! XD I don't know why, but after like a few months, a lot of my classmates and friends like it now O_O. Its really one hell of a good game, but I found it repetitive after a few many lots of times playing XD. Its a nice game. I want to play it with my friends sometime. XD

Another New Addiction O_O

Yea, I got another new game where I go loco over. Its Ragnarok Online 2! Yay! There are no English servers for RO2 yet, because its still in beta stage even in Korea. With that in your minds now, I play on an RO2 Private Server. Its called AegisRO2. Well, I'd have to say, its one of the most updated RO2 English P-servers out there. What's cool with me playing on the server, is that I'm a GM! yay! Event Gm actually, my favorite job. So if anyone of you guys want to join me, It would be really nice :D, but I won't give you itemz! XD. Here's the site: (, or if you'd like, the forum [which i made, by the way XD]

Extremely Short Post O_O

Yeah, I know its short. But I'm sleepy now XD so... yeah, I'm off to sleep now. I'll just write more tomorrow. If i can :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Entry #24: Wooo!

First of all.

What a senseless title. XD The reason behind the title you may ask? .... Nothing. Sheer nothingness is blended in within the vast distant and probably unseen space within my cute and cuddly brain that cannot feel a thing. Maybe that's the main point of this entry: to tell you about the nothingness.

What to write.

Ha, I've been wanting to write a blog post for so long; but now that I actually have the chance to do it -- of which I am doing right now -- I seem to have one big problem. WHAT DO I WRITE?!! O_O!!! How surprised I was when I began this entry. Maybe because there are a lot of distractions around me? Oh, I don't know. I just don't know what to write. Maybe I would be able to write something as we progress through this entry.

Addicted to...

NO. Its not what you think! It's not Granado Espada!! (Because I'm already addicted to it. LOL). Its about the songs that the UST Singers sang in CCP for the UST Symphony Orchestra & UST Singers concert two Saturdays ago. Its from Requiem by Karl Jenkins. I presumed its a series of songs, because it is.. really. XD Maybe its for a mass or something of the Roman Catholic Religion. I'm not a Catholic myself, and I respect their religion, but what I only like about the songs is about their.... let's say brillianceyness :D. It really sounds good. Trust meee. ^_^. I got the album and started listening to them everywhere I go! ^_^ [I just noticed that I have something to write now. Good.] Its really gooood. That's it. Period. Listen to iz zoo vee amazeth.

Summer Camp.

Oh no, I should say. This year, the SSP Junior Youth Summer Camp : Breakthrough apparently collides with the summer classes. I do have to take summer classes if I don't want to be an irregular student, but what do I do? This has been a question in my own mind ever since I was invited to be a pianist in the said camp. There were supposed to be quite a lot of pianists going, but it turns out, in the end, only I and a certain someone (sorry I forgot your name) could tentatively go. I have to choose. Do I go or not?!!! O_O!! This is quite a hard decision, I'm praying for an answer, somehow what I get is to go to the camp. Frankly speaking, I have an academic burnout! Burnouts for me last months, it could extend up to 2 months. I'm really excited about the vacation maybe because I really do need a rest from the academics, even for a while. (This entry has been continued after about 3 hours of literally doing nothing, as In NOTHING at all, I just stared at it.) So where were we? Oh right, the summer camp or summer class thing. It'll just be okay actually, if it was only my Major (piano), because I do know that my Major professor would surely let me go for a week-off. But a week-off for like.. 3 subjects, I'm not so sure they'd like it. Going loco should be my opinion on this excruciating matter.


Honestly, I don't care so much about the academics, although I still study for them, of course; but what I'm really concerned about is the exam I'll be taking for the first time ever. It would actually be the first time that I will take a piano exam. And what's worse, it'll be already a 'full' jury exam!! I don't feel so much pressure right now, I never feel nervous for that day, because I know that whatever that will happen, it will happen. So if I miss a note, forget a whole melodic passage, make a 'touch' mistake, or make the wrong dynamics, its FINE. Completely FINE. I will not feel that bad, maybe I'll scold myself a bit (probably) and tell myself that I should've practiced more (and played less!! haha.) But I won't take it so badly. If I fail? So be it. Fail is fail. I guess i'll shift to voice instead. Cool. But not so cool because being a voice major usually takes longer than being a piano major, so.. yeah. If the voice department doesn't like me too.... well, that means its goodbye Music for me. Time to look at another course, I'd also like to try composition or even conducting, but I believe I wouldn't have as much 'interest' in music the way I had when I was to be a piano major; but WHAT THE HECK!! ^_^ Let's not jump into conclusions shall I? I'll think of that scenario WHEN it comes around. But there's nothing wrong on knowing what could happen actually; that way, it wouldn't hurt as much as it does when you never expected it to happen. So you people out there, (including you whom we talked to two days ago [this post was made on a sunday, pre-posted on tuesday. I didn't want to wreck the blog title, so yeah! XD]) if there's something that's about to happen in your life, like exams, lovelives, family thingies, career -- even games, try to think of the worse case scenario; but be careful, never draw fear or doubt from such fabricated ideas. Do take note that these are only the things that COULD happen, and, in my own opinion, it helps me 'get over it' easier when I knew I had it coming -- somewhere. ..... :P

What Else...

Rawr! I don't think I have anything more to write, so I guess my post ends here. ^_^; I know (oh yes I do), that I don't write regularly, but at least I write. :D Its better than having a blog and not updating it in like... 1 year?!! LOL! Thanks for reading. Do read again. Enjoy your shopping. :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entry #23: A New ?

What's New?

Honestly, I don't feel anything 'new' in the new year. Maybe because of stress?! >_<

What's NOT New?

Ha! if there was supposed to be something 'new', then there should also be something 'not' new. ^^ Lets see. What's not new? I still play Granado Espada, and I still do enjoy the lovely adventures I experience everytime I play. So far, I think that's what's NOT new XD.

What's Happening Right Now?

Whoa, this entry is turning into a Q & A portion! What's happening right now? Well, I could say that I'm procrastinating some very important stuffs (like my Natural Sciences 'project' which should be done by the end of the month, and my piano exam, coming up.) because... I want to?! Ugh, its tough to search articles online (science journals, and articles). And imagine, I need like.. 20 of them! (and I only got one so far). What I'm planning to do is to actually ask my friends to assign a day wherein we'll all go to the library to search for journals -- together, as a group; but if they don't want to, well then, I'll guess I'll have to assign a day on my own. VERY SOON. I should tell myself not to procrastinate any longer. It will wreck my schedules. In other news, this month is actually the NSTP LTS Lakbay Turo Nueva Ecija thing for me. We go to Nueva Ecija (bongabon, that's like... nearly 5 hours of travel from the University of Santo Tomas) to teach cute little kids academics. I know, that's pretty far; but it has been fun actually. The kids are kind, (well, mine is. I don't know about the other kids. LOL) and so is the environment (meaning not too hot, but cold. XD). This week would be the last time I'll go there, and we're supposed to prepare a program for the kids. I'm assigned to host a game; and frankly speaking, I don't know what kind of game to host, since all the other games on my mind were already taken by the other people assigned to games as well. I guess that's about it.

Are You Okay?

I think I am. :) Though there are a lot of problems going on around me (major, friends, a little on family, church), everything still seems okay on me. Stress is building up, that I'm sure. Oh! I remember. I still have that neurodermatitis working on me (did I mention it in my previous entry? Well, if I didn't, I have neurodermatitis, a some sort of skin 'asthma' [but not really an asthma] related to stress.) I went to the doctor just last week, and she gave me new prescriptions for drugs and a new ointment to apply on the area of 'infection' (ouch, that sounds bad. haha) In conclusion, I'm pretty much okay right now. As of now.

Do You Have Anything Else to Say?

I believe I'm already out of words. I don't have anything else to say, that I'm sure. Its really been a while since I writed an entry, and my 'interestisation' level to write about everything has been lowered dramatically. It would take time for the level to go back up, but I should write more. I know I should. :) Well, that's it. Just watch out. I'll be posting another one soon. I hope. :)