Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Entry #24: Wooo!

First of all.

What a senseless title. XD The reason behind the title you may ask? .... Nothing. Sheer nothingness is blended in within the vast distant and probably unseen space within my cute and cuddly brain that cannot feel a thing. Maybe that's the main point of this entry: to tell you about the nothingness.

What to write.

Ha, I've been wanting to write a blog post for so long; but now that I actually have the chance to do it -- of which I am doing right now -- I seem to have one big problem. WHAT DO I WRITE?!! O_O!!! How surprised I was when I began this entry. Maybe because there are a lot of distractions around me? Oh, I don't know. I just don't know what to write. Maybe I would be able to write something as we progress through this entry.

Addicted to...

NO. Its not what you think! It's not Granado Espada!! (Because I'm already addicted to it. LOL). Its about the songs that the UST Singers sang in CCP for the UST Symphony Orchestra & UST Singers concert two Saturdays ago. Its from Requiem by Karl Jenkins. I presumed its a series of songs, because it is.. really. XD Maybe its for a mass or something of the Roman Catholic Religion. I'm not a Catholic myself, and I respect their religion, but what I only like about the songs is about their.... let's say brillianceyness :D. It really sounds good. Trust meee. ^_^. I got the album and started listening to them everywhere I go! ^_^ [I just noticed that I have something to write now. Good.] Its really gooood. That's it. Period. Listen to iz zoo vee amazeth.

Summer Camp.

Oh no, I should say. This year, the SSP Junior Youth Summer Camp : Breakthrough apparently collides with the summer classes. I do have to take summer classes if I don't want to be an irregular student, but what do I do? This has been a question in my own mind ever since I was invited to be a pianist in the said camp. There were supposed to be quite a lot of pianists going, but it turns out, in the end, only I and a certain someone (sorry I forgot your name) could tentatively go. I have to choose. Do I go or not?!!! O_O!! This is quite a hard decision, I'm praying for an answer, somehow what I get is to go to the camp. Frankly speaking, I have an academic burnout! Burnouts for me last months, it could extend up to 2 months. I'm really excited about the vacation maybe because I really do need a rest from the academics, even for a while. (This entry has been continued after about 3 hours of literally doing nothing, as In NOTHING at all, I just stared at it.) So where were we? Oh right, the summer camp or summer class thing. It'll just be okay actually, if it was only my Major (piano), because I do know that my Major professor would surely let me go for a week-off. But a week-off for like.. 3 subjects, I'm not so sure they'd like it. Going loco should be my opinion on this excruciating matter.


Honestly, I don't care so much about the academics, although I still study for them, of course; but what I'm really concerned about is the exam I'll be taking for the first time ever. It would actually be the first time that I will take a piano exam. And what's worse, it'll be already a 'full' jury exam!! I don't feel so much pressure right now, I never feel nervous for that day, because I know that whatever that will happen, it will happen. So if I miss a note, forget a whole melodic passage, make a 'touch' mistake, or make the wrong dynamics, its FINE. Completely FINE. I will not feel that bad, maybe I'll scold myself a bit (probably) and tell myself that I should've practiced more (and played less!! haha.) But I won't take it so badly. If I fail? So be it. Fail is fail. I guess i'll shift to voice instead. Cool. But not so cool because being a voice major usually takes longer than being a piano major, so.. yeah. If the voice department doesn't like me too.... well, that means its goodbye Music for me. Time to look at another course, I'd also like to try composition or even conducting, but I believe I wouldn't have as much 'interest' in music the way I had when I was to be a piano major; but WHAT THE HECK!! ^_^ Let's not jump into conclusions shall I? I'll think of that scenario WHEN it comes around. But there's nothing wrong on knowing what could happen actually; that way, it wouldn't hurt as much as it does when you never expected it to happen. So you people out there, (including you whom we talked to two days ago [this post was made on a sunday, pre-posted on tuesday. I didn't want to wreck the blog title, so yeah! XD]) if there's something that's about to happen in your life, like exams, lovelives, family thingies, career -- even games, try to think of the worse case scenario; but be careful, never draw fear or doubt from such fabricated ideas. Do take note that these are only the things that COULD happen, and, in my own opinion, it helps me 'get over it' easier when I knew I had it coming -- somewhere. ..... :P

What Else...

Rawr! I don't think I have anything more to write, so I guess my post ends here. ^_^; I know (oh yes I do), that I don't write regularly, but at least I write. :D Its better than having a blog and not updating it in like... 1 year?!! LOL! Thanks for reading. Do read again. Enjoy your shopping. :D


Dianne said...

nako Mondie! decide well about your academics, do what you gotta do ;) GRABE naman palang mag-process yang utak mo...GRABE talaga, lahat na inisip na pala. haha! Rest ka Mondie, para makapag-isip ka naman ng mabuti HAHAHA!

Irrisse said...

wow you have a weird way of ranting initially about nothing and ending up touching on everything hahahaha :)