Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry #25: YAY!

Hello there.

Lol yea, its been one hell of a long time ever since I wrote in this lovely, very, very old blog. Its neat actually. I tried reading my former posts back then, and I realized that this blog has gone quite a long way already. Never noticed I had over a hundred entries already. ITS cool! XD

Noticed Something

Haha. I noticed something very... strange. XD Left 4 Dead is popular now! XD I don't know why, but after like a few months, a lot of my classmates and friends like it now O_O. Its really one hell of a good game, but I found it repetitive after a few many lots of times playing XD. Its a nice game. I want to play it with my friends sometime. XD

Another New Addiction O_O

Yea, I got another new game where I go loco over. Its Ragnarok Online 2! Yay! There are no English servers for RO2 yet, because its still in beta stage even in Korea. With that in your minds now, I play on an RO2 Private Server. Its called AegisRO2. Well, I'd have to say, its one of the most updated RO2 English P-servers out there. What's cool with me playing on the server, is that I'm a GM! yay! Event Gm actually, my favorite job. So if anyone of you guys want to join me, It would be really nice :D, but I won't give you itemz! XD. Here's the site: (, or if you'd like, the forum [which i made, by the way XD]

Extremely Short Post O_O

Yeah, I know its short. But I'm sleepy now XD so... yeah, I'm off to sleep now. I'll just write more tomorrow. If i can :)

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