Thursday, April 2, 2009

Entry #26:The Summer Transformation!

Welcome, New Blog Title!**

** - That is, for this summer only! XD Yes, I have decided to actually change the title for the summer, since I think I would be able to write not only on tuesdays this time. XD I was doing a dialogue with myself just a while ago (wh-wha? O_O That's Impossible! XD) if I should make more posts every week, and guess what!? More posts got the epic win! XD This is the reason why I changed the title.

In Continuation...

Oh yeah! This post is probably a continuation of my other post 2 days ago, so well, here we go!

Its Sad..

How sad it is for me, and probably for a lot of other players of AegisRO2, to find out that the servers are down. I'm really saddened by this fact, and I continually await Elixa (the server's administrator) to come online, so I could ask her why the server was down, and what should I say to the members of the forum. Its scary, really. I want to fulfill my role as the Event GM (Yes, I have claimed it! XD) mainly because its really a fun job (well, at least for me. =)) I so-ever-hope that the server will be back on, so I could actually suggest remote desktop connection to prevent those not-so-neccessary server restarts, which will probably make players happy, and in the end-run, will attract more and more and more and more (and it continues, till I actually run out of typing-breath! XD) players from all over the world, making AegisRO2 the most popular Ragnarok Online 2 English EVAR!! XD

In Other Games...

Well, I have learned that you really shouldn't leave the other games that you have fallen in love with at least once in your life. You should visit them at least once, every year! Its fun! ^_^ Well, since AegisRO2 is offline, and I'm too lazy to actually make an RO2 server, because it needs mySQL, I've decided to revisit Ragnarok Online 1! (Thanks Fhaye, for like entertaining my idea, even though you couldn't actually play in it.) It was really fun to go back to; well, at least for a while, I got to bring back those memories, when I was an event GM(game master, i think I forgot to put it at the AegisRO2 part. Sorry!) in an RO1 private server called bRO (brother RO i think) hosted by someone I knew. I helped him improve the server, and probably advertise it too (I remember the site I made for it. LOL). Meh. I guess its time to stop this reminiscin' thing. XD

In Granado Espada

Ah yes, this lovely game called Granado Espada. That kewl control-three-persons-at-the-same-time innovation. That awesome 3d graphics... That amazing recruitable NPCs(Non-playable characters, well, not for GE! XD)... And some other things I really couldn't think of right now. Well, I'm still pretty much enjoying the game, but I'm also pretty sure the gaming flamingness is not that as strong as it was before. I like this game, yes I do, but my in-game friends have become few. They have left the game, without even saying goodbye; and of course, that would be a little hurtie for me. The game was never the same. All my factionmates are.. dead (well, not literally! XD You know what I mean.). Its scary. But hell, I'm still playing this game. I've invested a little already, and stopping would be not so unethical. (or is it?! XD)

The Pianist Adventure

Wow, that title seems to fit in! XD Well, I'm pretty much taking a break from the piano life for just a few days. Why only a few days, you might ask? Sure, I'll gladly answer that. Last year, my vacation was purely vacation - not much piano-ing happening at home; but this year is different. This year, I'm joining a Beethoven piano competition (not awesome, its EPIC awesome! XD) this November, and my pieces for Level 6 (6 of 8 levels) is not as fun as it should be: Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6. My Beethoven Competition piece, by the way, is Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1. I'll leave all the searching for some audio to you, because I don't want to listen to them for now, because, well, it is still my piano vacation. XD. After this week, I'll probably focus on them. I'll still write entries, I will. I hope. I wish. Oh, I forgot to tell you everyone, I got 1.0 (that's 97 of 100) in my piano exam last March 23! Yay! Its my first exam, and its cool to get 1.0 =).

So it ends here...***

** - for now. XD Well, I hope this will mark a start of another new journey through summer, a Mondie-riffic summer! XD By the way, there's a poll at your right side, feel free to answer =).

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