Friday, April 3, 2009

Entry #27: Boro-day-o


Forgive me, but this day (I think) is one of the most unfruitful, and uneventful day in my life. I really wasn't able to do anything, until the evening, because one of my brothers is actually preventing me from using the computer. I know, its sort of unfair, but I get the point! I really shouldn't be in front of the computer that much. Well, come to think of it, after this week, I won't be in front of the PC that often, because I'll probably be focusing on the piano stuff. Anyway.

This Deserves a Laugh Out Loud.

Well, apparently, after I turned on the PC later tonight, I also played GE for a wee bit. And in that wee bit, something interesting happened. Its a really funny event. Too bad I was not able to take a screenie of it, but what the heck, I'll try and narrate everything that had happened. So there, I logged in my account, and was leveling at this place called "Rion Dungeon Hollow" (This is where high level characters usually level up their lowbies.) So okay, everything was going smoothly, when this family, helllegend, came out of nowhere, and started to murder my poor lowbies. This is what he said after the alleged murder-y:(not exact, but not exaggerated as well~!) "Ha, you're a faction leader? Why are you so weak?!". I replied, with great kindness: "Who told you my faction is strong anyway?" and then he changed channel, I logged off -- to change to my high level characters. >:) So there, I went back to the spot, went to the other channel, and looked for him. Good thing was that he was still at that area. Ha, I murdered his characters one by one. He has got to suck XD. Well, he was successful at killing my Vicente Rio (named Vincie) and my Emilia-the-Sage (named Emilie), but he did not, and could not kill my Catherine (named Cathie!) XD!. I murdered his 3-Musketeer team. Barons (Player Killers in GE) when killed, drop items from their inventory; well, its amazing, because what I got from this helllegend family was a whopping 466 pieces of enchantment chip lv 64! XD Enchantment chips are really hard to make or find, and finding so much enchantment chips by just retaliating from a player kill just made my day! XD

Someone Became an Addict! (A Presumption.)

Oops. I guess I have successfully made Remedios Katherine Consunji an addict to World of Goo! XD Ever since I gave her the cute little game, she has never come online since. Ever since she has successfully installed that game, she has never talked to me ever since! LOL! I know its just like less tan 24 hours, but it seems alarming somehow. Haha. Maybe she got sooo addicted to the game, she didn't sleep, or didn't eat, or didn't move, or didn't breathe! haha. Well, truth is, World of Goo is really one hell of an entertaining game. Yeah, its quite short, but its really worth your time to play, if you ask me.

Something Noticeable in My Before-Entry

Woohoo. I noticed it just now. The abundance of two capitalized letters: yes. You got that right! Its XD!!!!! XD!!!! I never noticed the entry had a lot of XD's all over. Maybe because I was too excited to write? Or maybe because someone or some people were actually talking to me during the writing of that fantastic entry? (Oh yes, I'm looking at you, F & M! XD)! Well, anyway, XD's should be decreased in this post, so I'll be putting all the XD's here. XD!

Boredom End! (That's It!)

Ha! XD I couldn't write anymore about stuff that had happened today. Yea, it was a little boring today. I sure hope it wouldn't be as boring tomorrow; but deep inside, I hope that it won't be too much lively tomorrow. I only like it in between. Not too boring, and not to lively / exciting / whatever. XD

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