Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entry #28: My Vacation - for Real!


Yep, my fault. I sort of 'forgot' this blog for the past weeks due to a lot of things happening around my life. Let me try to recount everything, before we go on to the title of this Mondie-riffic post.


Let's see. Basically, I was at Baguio this specific week. I went to the Youth Summer Camp entitled 'A Life that Counts' where I was not a delegate, but an officer >_<. And of course, as most of you probably know, when I become an officer at a camp, it would mean one thing: I'm the pianist! XD. Well, I did have some fun out there. It was fun, and kinda cool as well, maybe because it is cold up there! LOL. Okay, let's move on. The Following Week.

Woohooo~ This week I called addiction week. Addiction not to playing online games (because I'm already addicted to them, no doubt about it) but to books! I have actually started reading Christopher Paolini's 'Eragon' even before the Youth Summer Camp started, and it was kinda fun to read -- interesting for me actually. This was the first time for me to read something of this genre, and so far, it has been quite interesting. Its about Eragon(duh!), and Saphira, his dragon. They were the only free riders left in all of Algaesia. I actually finished all of them in a week [all of the Inheritance Cycle, which were available, of course]. I'm so eagerly anticipating the arrival of the last book, I want to see how it ends. I really want to! Its so exciting, once you get to read all three books. After reading all three, I sort of watched the movie, and I realized that they changed a lot of details in there. It would've been better if they followed the book. The effects were good, but the storyline? Nevermind. I also read Sunday's at Tiffany's, by James Patterson. Kinda cool, also the first time I read something of those love stories genre. Its about Jane Margaux, and Michael, which was Jane's imaginary friend when she was a child. They actually met again after many years, Jane older now, but Michael still looked the way he was when he left Jane (faded away) when she was already 9 years old back then. Such a cool story, you peeps should read it. :)

After That Week.

Well, the following week, something I did not expect to happen just happened. Guess what? Elixa is back! XD! After quite a long while actually, when I almost forgot about AegisRO2 (I still visit the forums once in a while, because I don't want spammers to make spam threads on my forums). She was kinda sorry that she left without even saying anything, but its okay for me. I perfectly understand her situation. Real life comes first anyway, before something like this (this AegisRO2, i mean) well, since she was back, I'd have to work on the forums again. I actually made a newsletter for all the registered members, telling them about Elixa's return, which actually marks the return of AegisRO2. Many things have happened after that, the server being back online, getting a glimpse of new things that are to come to the server, some new features, new maps, and new GM's as well. Come on, join us as we ressurect AegisRO2 from the depths of the top 100 RO2 private servers! XD.

And Finally. The Title.

Yep, that I want to tell all of you. This week, the final week of the summer vacation [which I would like to remind you, was all work, meaning I really didn't have a vacation =.=] is kinda free from work. There are quite a few things I should do within the next few days, but this week had no major. No practicing piano after a long while. Just so you know, I've been piano-ing the whole summer vacation. It's actually okay for me, kinda fun actually, to practice; but actually, I don't want to practice too much during vacation, because... duh! It's vacation! I'm supposed to be away from all the busyness of this world, of my academic (kinda musical as well) life, and a little from church life as well. Whoa! Hold on your horses! I don't mean that I want to take a break from church. What I'm trying to say here is that I want to take a break from playing the piano in church. Bah~

La la la~

I shall end it here now. Nothing more I could say about my feelings. Anyway, thanks for reading my post, whoever you are. Please leave a comment! ^_^ You can just leave it here with this post, or feel free to type at the shoutbox right there at the right side. Till then, I'll see you around!

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