Saturday, August 22, 2009

Entry #29: ♪ Staying Alive ♪

Indeed, I Am

Yep, I'm still alive and kicking all right. It's just that.. I don't have enough time to write on anything these days; but to tell you the truth, I missed writing here. I just noticed that this blog has been on for like three years already. That's cool. I've been blogging for three years now! It's just about the same time as I finished High School! Isn't that amazing? ^_^ Before I continue with this very much needed post to revive my poor, dead blog, I would first like to thank my English / Lit Professor, Hon. Wilfredo Valois, for actually finding this blog, and telling me that he has found my blog. I wouldn't remember writing here if it weren't for him ^-^. Well, off we go to a Mondie-riffic post! :D

The Reading Addictivity Activity

Wee! I think I love this part. In the previous post, I have mentioned that I have read some books on James Patterson, mostly about love stories. Guess what? Now I'm reading crime and suspense novels of James Patterson! Ha! ^^; I have finished quite a lot of books already, namely: The Women's Murder Club series (from Book One to Eight, still waiting for the new books in this series), and I'm in the process of finishing the Alex Cross Series (I already read four books, nine more to go!) which is pretty exciting. They're pretty "suspensive" [LOL] and there are a lot of twists which make the story quite unpredictable. Rawr. I think I would be able to finish the Alex Cross series within the school year, if time permits.

Rawr!! I am Back!! Ha-ha-ha

Lol. I am back in the Granado Espada and Dragonica community! yay! It's been so long since I'm able to play these two games; I kinda missed them. That's all. lol.

Sundays at Stephen's

Haha. Yeah, I got it from Sundays at Tiffany's, but what the heck. I've been teaching new instrumentalists for Joy fellowship in the past few weeks. I've been teaching about music theory, and guess what? They don't quite understand what I'm teaching! Ha! I knew it. I really don't know how to explain stuffs, so maybe they don't understand how I'm explaining it. *insert sigh of choice here, please make it a good one to fit the next sentence.* But one thing's for sure, they're still learning. That made me happy somehow. Somehow.

Can't Think.

Of anything else to write. Sorry. Looks like this post is gonna be short. It was nice meeting ya. I'll see you again next time. May you have a Mondie-riffic day! :D


Dianne K. said...

hahahaha lemme tell you, I also love James Patterson! He writes so well. Hindi boring. DIBA? Like, next chapter agad! hahaha. Ung teaching mo, dahan-dahan lang, baka naman kasi nano-nosebleed sila sayo eh. haha! Ikli naman ng post mo. BITIN.
Take care parati! :D

visit ka din sakin! go!

Mondie said...

Haha, XD James patterson books are so kewl, natatapos ko agad at nalulungkot ako after, kasi wala nang kasunod T_T so sad. Okay I visit XD