Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entry #8: A Lot of Catching

Sorry, I got stricken with a very bad fever for the past couple of days. A very, very bad fever. It's called the LF. Lazy Fever. XD

A Major Worry..?
Some few things just can't get out of my poorly overpopulated brain. Like my major. lol. I may be able to get a 'passing' grade with all my past lessons with my teacher but I don't think I'd pass if it were by my own standards. I always leave the lesson room wondering why I never got the change to study everything properly. And then I remembered where I went for the past two Saturdays. LOL. I know that contributed a lot to my lack of time, and maybe some other things like gaming. GAH. Let's just forget about those ugly things. Good thing is, I'm still keeping up a bit with my teacher's minimum required expectations. (That is, approximately 10% of the way she wanted me to play a certain passage. LOL)

Oh dear. I think God has been blessing me with wayyy too many vacation opportunities this year. Probably to compensate for the lack of real vacation for the past 4 years?  Maybe so, but I thank Him nonetheless for the chances of having a nice R&R(Recreation and relaxation.. right? XP) away from the H&S(Hardships and Stressful Situations. LOL). Last Saturday was the first time, in many years, to get out of bed very early. The Friday Group, (we weren't so many due to people not being able to be able.) about seven i think... went to Camaya Coast in the very faraway land of Mariveles, Bataan! It was a whopping three-and-a-half hour travel from Manila. We could've slept on the way, but heck, it was like a very rocky and roady roller coaster ride that we weren't able to fall asleep for long periods of time. I guess the driver was rushing because of some people who arrived late. XD But anyway, we got there finally. I'm just taking this picture from a friend of mine, no need for recognition, since the name is on the picture. Prepare for a photo input (for the first time in my blogging history!? The cats were not considered, as they were 'emoticons' lol)

"Yipee! Camaya Coast!"

That picture was taken by Judith Unsay (yeah, what a waste of typing energy for me saying i'm not gonna mention the name. lol) but a friend of mine took it and vividized the colors (thanks Val Cabigting :D) and I added the brush thing effect (forgot the name. lol)

That will be the only picture I'll be posting. XD To cut it short again, I had a nice time and a nice wound from the said adventure (due to sharp things under a diving pad). It was kind of sizzling out there with the temp, but when you jump in the very salty seawater, everything turns out to be okay. :D We also did go to a mini-waterfalls somewhere, and its kind of nice. Should I post a picture? REALLY? Hmm... Let me think about it.
"NOES! Why are you taking a picture of me climbing the bamboo stairs?!!" (said in 1.5 seconds)

Gah, there you have it. Its time to end this part of the post. My brain is all spread out today. Can't write properly. lol. I know you noticed it! YOU DID! YOU CAN'T LIE TO ME! I CAN SEE YOU!

That's IT!
I really just wanted to update the blog, since I think I'm getting well from the LF. :D I Hope to see you soon, hopefully with a post that won't be as brain splattering as this. XD

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entry #7: Nearly Sleepless Nights

Yeap. The past few days have been very... un-sleepy. LOL.

The Water-pool
=.=; of course its a pool filled with water. What do you expect? Sand? Scorpions? MONEY? (O how I wish it could've been money. *sigh*) Like I said about a few days ago, I'd be going out of town for a few days; and as much as I did NOT anticipate it, I actually enjoyed it.

April 28th, Daylight. The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow, I'm still alive. *gasp*

Well, if it were April 28th, it would've been better; but oh well, we said goodbye to our humble home last April 30th. Too bad my Resident Evil 3 line memorabilia didn't fit. *sigh* Our journey started at about 8pm. There was really heavy traffic anywhere and everywhere, we thought it was probably due to the many 10-wheelers out in the street because of the month ending. I don't know what relation there is, and I really don't care that much. LOL. We stopped over at Wai Ying Masangkay branch to eat dinner, for we were inhumanely hungry when we left home. Expecting traffic to dissipate after eating, we anticipated and expected to arrive at the event scene at about 10:30 -- but we were wrong. T_T. 

Heavy traffic, weighing about over a thousand tons (probably that heavy, but I think it should be more. And lol, if you didn't get the 'over a thousand tons' part, that's just a description of how 'heavy' the traffic was. LOL) made us drop half-dead almost instantly. Extremely powerful ouchy-red lights blinded our chances of getting to our location early. We waited for maybe one and a half hour before getting past that little area travellable by just a few minutes without traffic. Oh wait, I didn't mention where we were going? OH NO! XD Sorry. We were going to some resort in Laguna. Laguna. Laguna.. Laguna...? OMGBBQBBQ! That's going through the South Luzon Expressway! OH NOEZ! You got that right. It's as epic as an epic movie. 

Gah, let's just take that not-so-memorable memory away. =.= Well, we finally got to the said resort at about 12:30AM of May 1, and tired as we are (well, not really tired because i wasn't the one driving) we went to the pool to swim! It was warm by the way. Not the warm-due-to-nighttime warm, the hot water warm (but not too hot. lol). It was very relaxing, if i may say. It's like taking a hot water bath on a big, big, big bathtub. XD I got out of the water at about 2AM, slept around 3AM, woke at about 8AM. from 9AM till 11AM, I went out to swim again; 2PM - 8PM was the epic win part. There was only probably a total of 2 hours out of the pool during that time frame, so that would be about 4 hours in the pool. Hahaha. Well, there were 4 pools really, and I was transferring between all four for the duration of my stay. Gah. The entry is getting too long. Stop here. LOL

That's It.
Just to make it short, for the first time in probably many years, I was finally able to relax a bit (which is a very, very, very good thing) and it helped me think about a few things (which I don't remember now.) It was a de-stressing thing. :D Oh and yeah, the purpose of going there was for a clan reunion. lol. See you guys later. Sorry if the entry is quite long; but don't worry, I think there's an old entry 2 or 3 times longer than this one. LOL. Bye~

Friday, April 30, 2010

Entry #6: The Sound of Metal

Hey there! Haha. I should have written this yesterday, but I never got the chance to write because I was extremely sleepy by the time we got home. So here it is. :D

First Premiere Movie Watching Thing

I guess it would be safe to say that what I watched yesterday was my first ever premiere screening of a movie; and boy, it took so long =.=. There was only one big difference (if your aim is to ONLY watch the movie and not look upon beautiful foreign people far away), and that is the very time consuming mention-ing of the sponsors for the said advance screening. I think its safe to say that it took more than 20 minutes just to finish the whole gibberish thing to the audience. And then there was the entertaining set of trailers for other upcoming movies. I think it was in this order. 1) I forgot the name of the movie, 2) The last Airbender, i think. 3) Shrek 3D. There. after that, was the start of Iron Man 2.

As a general review, I would say that Iron Man 2 is somehow entertaining. It has some story into it, but that doesn't make Iron Man 2 stand out from other movies. Maybe it would for Iron Man fanatics, but not for me. I would say that there are quite a lot of talking in the movie, but that doesn't make it less entertaining. And if my memory serves me right, I think the most laugh-able parts in the movie are those dialogs. The movie is sometimes hilarious with the metal to metal battles; but hey, I don't think it would be a lot more interesting with those metal clanking sound effects :D! Haha. Overall, the movie is worth watching; but if you're looking for a lovely story, this movie ain't for 'ya dawg. XD

That's It.

Well, that's the only thing I really want to blog about, since that's the only thing i remember today. haha. :D Well, see you guys after 3 days (i think). Because I'll be away from home today, but hey, I'll be writing my entries through my email and when I get back, you'll see them all posted in a jiffy. Yay! See you all guys later, and thanks for peeking. :P

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entry #5: Lolwut?

Oh yeah. I forgot I had a blog. Again! hahah. Oh well, time to submit an entry.

A Summer Job?
Well, someone texted me just this afternoon, offering me a job @ yamaha music school somewhere out there. I considered it for a while, but then I had to prepare for the competition so I turned it down. Haha. I even doubt that would only be for summer. I did not go into details with the person because... well, I don't want to get tempted haha. :D

Book 6 of 11, DOWN!! >:)
Yay, I finished book 6 today, at about 4:50AM. I must say that the book surely did keep me hanging until the end. I read it the whole day yesterday and I was like... OMG? ITS EVENING ALREADY? When I looked outside. I was reading since afternoon, up until the next day. I guess this book 6 of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series is probably one of the best, because it kept me up till late early morning. (yes, late early morning.) You should read it. I'm serious.

Well, as I look back on all the posts I made, I noticed that they were funny, and this wasn't. WHYY? I can't believe my posts are not that interesting anymore. Lol. Maybe I should read James Patterson's Maximum Ride series again, so I'll have that way of writing once more. *sigh* how i wish the series were finished already so I won't get wrinkles waiting every single time for the next book in the series to come out. =.=

That's It.
Oh well, I think I'm done here. Next time you see me, remind me to write here okay? If you do, I'll give you a prize: a blog entry! :P See you later guys. :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Entry #4: Something to blog about.

All is finally well and good. Why? Because I finally have something to blog about! lol.
Book 5 of 11 DOWN!
Lately, I've been going loco over a book series made by Terry Goodkind. I think there's a TV series made from the book, but as far as the story is concerned, I think its not based on the book totally. Well, the series is about magic, wizards and whatnot; and I liked it because I do. I really can't explain why I like it, I guess you'll just have to read it! :P I've been starting to read the series 2 weeks before April, and have never stopped since. I'm not sure when to start book 6 though, maybe early next week. :D Promise me, whoever you are, dear blog reader, that you will at least try  to read book 1, which is... uhh..... Wizard's First Rule (Wow. that took quite a while to remember. LOL). Read it, okay? *wink*

Practice, practice.
As unexpected as it seems, I practiced today. After finishing book 5 of the series, which I don't remember what the title is, I practiced. :D! Took me a little while to get into the mood of practicing though. I have learned one thing today from a friend; practice should not only be about quantity, it should also be about quality! :D! I got it from a friend who never told me anything about this, but I got the reasoning from our chat. Yeah, I know its bizarre. haha. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what I did before practicing!

The Korean Language O.o
Yeah yeah, I'm learning the language, but I guess I'm far from speaking it. :D! I've been reading the Korean alphabet today, and I guess I did learn a few. I must learn the Korean alphabet fully before I go into intense language training. *sigh* I hope to learn this language before school starts and surprise those Korean peepz out of their unsurprised faces! LOL.

That's It.
No thought to ponder for today, OH WAIT. I guess I'll just leave you with what I learned today! "Practice is not about quantity, its about quality." Have a great day everyone!. Oh wait. This post was finished 12:32AM, 24th of April. Oops. I should've written this earlier. Haha, I'll just change the post time to that of April 23rd okay? :D!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Entry #3: A Peaceful Day. I guess.

LOL. Surely, today is a very peaceful day; or should I say BORING. :D 

Well, gaming ain't that much fun today, since none of my brothers are here at home right now to help with my other poor chars' leveling. LOL. And since they're not at home, I couldn't do anything with the other games.  *sigh*

School Stuff
Wohoo. I think I need to study my school stuff instead huh. Since I really don't have anything to do except from trying to make myself look fit, (LOL) I guess I'll just go over to the piano and practice. *grins* Oh well.

That's It!
I'm going to leave you guys with a thought to ponder for today, since as you can see, this is one of those posts when I couldn't write about anything, and so, I let my mind wander off into the unknown boundaries of the universe in my brain. Thought to ponder: "Why ask me to do it when you can O_O?!" There you go, see ya. :D!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Entry #2: Today is a Major Day. :O

Lol. Today surely is a ‘major’ day for me. XD I went to school today for my summer lessons with my piano teacher, Ms. Suaco. Good thing I studied 2 of 3 pieces. She didn’t scold me that much, but she did scold me when I forgot to bring my other book (the Beethoven Concerto No. 1). I really thought that I didn’t need to bring the book; I even thought that we were only going to do pieces for the competition today. *sigh*, When I played my nocturne today(Chopin’s Nocturne in E minor… I think it was opus 19 lol), she said it was really good; and because of that, she wanted me to choose a different nocturne. Ironic isn’t it? XD. I loved that nocturne for its simplicity yet difficulty of playing, due to those pedal markings which took me quite a while to manage; but oh well, I guess I need to follow her advice. Haha. She asked me to choose between No. 4, and No. 13; and guess what I chose? :D! Of course, I chose my lucky number: the awesome thirteen! *Echoes for the word thirteen* It actually does sound nice, if you’ll listen to it.

Here, let me give you a link to it! :D!

I hope that works, since I’m only sending this through the email. XD I’m a lazybum to go to blogger and make a post, sorry. *insert a peculiar laugh here, or a sneer if you want*

That’s IT!

Oh well, I’m kind of sleepy right now, and not much has happened today except me being able to copy a 5CD thing of Chopin. Thanks Hannah for those :D! I’ll be now off to sleep, and probably play a little when I wake up, or just go on with my practicing, whatever my feelings want me to do. << with that sentence, please understand that it was my exact trail of thought, and if there are grammatical errors, please understand that this is how my brain works, and forgive me. XD next time, I’ll make it a point to think it out first before writing okay? :D! Well, see ya. I really hope that youtube embed thing works, or I’ll have to go to blogger to fix it. *sigh*, a lazy bum. Truly. Bye.

Edit: Boo. It didn't work. T_T. Anyway, I fixed the link. lol

Monday, April 19, 2010

Entry #1(that is, for year 2010): Yipee

Check Format Complete! :D
Oh hey there. I sent one just a while ago to check how the format would be, and it seems it looks okay. :D

A Few Changes.

It’s been so long since I last wrote on this blog. I guess I’ll just start anew: what I mean is, since this is a new year, I suppose I should start a new ‘book’ in my blog. Haha.I looked at the blog entries for the past years, and it seems to get lesser and lesser every year! *sigh* I hope to change all of those soon, now that I have a laptop. Probably, this is my dream coming true. I can now blog anywhere (well, if I would be bringing it anywhere, that is :D) And I’ll be able to blog a lot too! So maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to put up a lot of entries in a day :D. Lol.

It’s Summer! :D!!

Summer it is. I’m playing a lot of a few MMORPGs lately. Well, if I’m going to make a numbered list about it, I’d say that Ragnarok Online would be taking most of my gaming time these days. Granado Espada would be at second place, and Aion would probably be the last. :D


I do play a lot this summer, but it’s not like last year. Last year, I focused more on gaming; but this year, I focus more on my career: my being a musician. I’m joining a Chopin Piano competition come November XD. I’m working hard this time. Working extra hard to prove to my teacher (and myself) that I would be extra prepared. :D!

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Nothing. I really forgot what I was gonna say. Hahaha. Oh well, I gotta go eat now. I’ll see you guys later. ;)

Email Entry #1: Haha. Testing.

This is actually a test message. I’m sending it from my email. :D

Lazy man is lazy.

Haha. I think I totally forgot about this blog for a long, long, long, long, long time. =s Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make it up to anyone who’s still reading my blog =) Here I go.

I has lappy nao.

Lol. Yep, I have a laptop now. It’s a gift for me by my Tita Echie; but I needed to add a little bit to be able to buy a better laptop. I promised myself that when I buy a laptop, I should be able to play my games. And well, I did. :D

End of Test Email message.

I shall end this here and now, I’ll be checking the layout actually, so I didn’t want it to be too long :O. Bye.