Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Entry #2: Today is a Major Day. :O

Lol. Today surely is a ‘major’ day for me. XD I went to school today for my summer lessons with my piano teacher, Ms. Suaco. Good thing I studied 2 of 3 pieces. She didn’t scold me that much, but she did scold me when I forgot to bring my other book (the Beethoven Concerto No. 1). I really thought that I didn’t need to bring the book; I even thought that we were only going to do pieces for the competition today. *sigh*, When I played my nocturne today(Chopin’s Nocturne in E minor… I think it was opus 19 lol), she said it was really good; and because of that, she wanted me to choose a different nocturne. Ironic isn’t it? XD. I loved that nocturne for its simplicity yet difficulty of playing, due to those pedal markings which took me quite a while to manage; but oh well, I guess I need to follow her advice. Haha. She asked me to choose between No. 4, and No. 13; and guess what I chose? :D! Of course, I chose my lucky number: the awesome thirteen! *Echoes for the word thirteen* It actually does sound nice, if you’ll listen to it.

Here, let me give you a link to it! :D!

I hope that works, since I’m only sending this through the email. XD I’m a lazybum to go to blogger and make a post, sorry. *insert a peculiar laugh here, or a sneer if you want*

That’s IT!

Oh well, I’m kind of sleepy right now, and not much has happened today except me being able to copy a 5CD thing of Chopin. Thanks Hannah for those :D! I’ll be now off to sleep, and probably play a little when I wake up, or just go on with my practicing, whatever my feelings want me to do. << with that sentence, please understand that it was my exact trail of thought, and if there are grammatical errors, please understand that this is how my brain works, and forgive me. XD next time, I’ll make it a point to think it out first before writing okay? :D! Well, see ya. I really hope that youtube embed thing works, or I’ll have to go to blogger to fix it. *sigh*, a lazy bum. Truly. Bye.

Edit: Boo. It didn't work. T_T. Anyway, I fixed the link. lol

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