Friday, April 23, 2010

Entry #4: Something to blog about.

All is finally well and good. Why? Because I finally have something to blog about! lol.
Book 5 of 11 DOWN!
Lately, I've been going loco over a book series made by Terry Goodkind. I think there's a TV series made from the book, but as far as the story is concerned, I think its not based on the book totally. Well, the series is about magic, wizards and whatnot; and I liked it because I do. I really can't explain why I like it, I guess you'll just have to read it! :P I've been starting to read the series 2 weeks before April, and have never stopped since. I'm not sure when to start book 6 though, maybe early next week. :D Promise me, whoever you are, dear blog reader, that you will at least try  to read book 1, which is... uhh..... Wizard's First Rule (Wow. that took quite a while to remember. LOL). Read it, okay? *wink*

Practice, practice.
As unexpected as it seems, I practiced today. After finishing book 5 of the series, which I don't remember what the title is, I practiced. :D! Took me a little while to get into the mood of practicing though. I have learned one thing today from a friend; practice should not only be about quantity, it should also be about quality! :D! I got it from a friend who never told me anything about this, but I got the reasoning from our chat. Yeah, I know its bizarre. haha. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what I did before practicing!

The Korean Language O.o
Yeah yeah, I'm learning the language, but I guess I'm far from speaking it. :D! I've been reading the Korean alphabet today, and I guess I did learn a few. I must learn the Korean alphabet fully before I go into intense language training. *sigh* I hope to learn this language before school starts and surprise those Korean peepz out of their unsurprised faces! LOL.

That's It.
No thought to ponder for today, OH WAIT. I guess I'll just leave you with what I learned today! "Practice is not about quantity, its about quality." Have a great day everyone!. Oh wait. This post was finished 12:32AM, 24th of April. Oops. I should've written this earlier. Haha, I'll just change the post time to that of April 23rd okay? :D!

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