Thursday, April 22, 2010

Entry #3: A Peaceful Day. I guess.

LOL. Surely, today is a very peaceful day; or should I say BORING. :D 

Well, gaming ain't that much fun today, since none of my brothers are here at home right now to help with my other poor chars' leveling. LOL. And since they're not at home, I couldn't do anything with the other games.  *sigh*

School Stuff
Wohoo. I think I need to study my school stuff instead huh. Since I really don't have anything to do except from trying to make myself look fit, (LOL) I guess I'll just go over to the piano and practice. *grins* Oh well.

That's It!
I'm going to leave you guys with a thought to ponder for today, since as you can see, this is one of those posts when I couldn't write about anything, and so, I let my mind wander off into the unknown boundaries of the universe in my brain. Thought to ponder: "Why ask me to do it when you can O_O?!" There you go, see ya. :D!

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